Line of Duty thread 4 (No spoilers, please!)

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TedisnotH Sun 11-Apr-21 20:44:32

Ok, I've started a new one in anticipation of Thread 3 filling up tonight, part way through the episode!

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HarrietHardy Sun 11-Apr-21 20:48:20

Checking in, thank you.

I never have a clue what's going on, but love watching it with the MN thread smile

mrsmacmc Sun 11-Apr-21 20:49:09

🪑 saved 🤩

TedisnotH Sun 11-Apr-21 20:49:33

Lets fill up thread 3, first?

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HarrietHardy Sun 11-Apr-21 20:51:34

Yes, I'll see you back here when Thread 3 is full.

OhWhyNot Sun 11-Apr-21 20:51:37

Joining 😁

ServedWithAReg15 Sun 11-Apr-21 20:51:57

See you back here later! 😃

NobbySignaler Sun 11-Apr-21 20:57:04

Checking in. Meant to be a good one tonight. Hope it's true.

I have a feeling Jo might croak it, but clues after her death will lead AC-12 in the right direction. Not sure why.

Wonder what Tedism we will get tonight. I predict a Ted Hastings 2022 calendar in the shops next Christmas.

NobbySignaler Sun 11-Apr-21 20:59:24

Balls - wrong thread!

Whatwouldscullydo Sun 11-Apr-21 20:59:28

I have gin In a tin and I'm.all.set

minou123 Sun 11-Apr-21 21:50:39

Did anyone else shout "Behind You!"

I'm sure I heard my neighbour shout it grin

Violetroselily Sun 11-Apr-21 21:50:43

That was a cracking scene

poorbuthappy Sun 11-Apr-21 21:50:52

I feel so sick

foofooyeah Sun 11-Apr-21 21:50:53

Thread 3 is full

itsalifetimesworkfella Sun 11-Apr-21 21:51:02


TheSpottedZebra Sun 11-Apr-21 21:51:15


Good to have the thread ready!

Whatwouldscullydo Sun 11-Apr-21 21:51:52

Have the IDd the sniper yet. Surely they can find some assosiates/connections

TheSpottedZebra Sun 11-Apr-21 21:52:00

And -yes, another policewoman of colour killed.

TheLODstinkyunderpassAKATits Sun 11-Apr-21 21:52:01

Was flapping my arms around from the minute the first vehicle showed up. Why are they never watching other streets on the route?
Dead Eye Arnott...

littlbrowndog Sun 11-Apr-21 21:52:04


GoneCrazy Sun 11-Apr-21 21:52:31


AngeloMysterioso Sun 11-Apr-21 21:52:32

He didn’t talk... but did he write it down or mouth it or use sign language or some shit?

littlbrowndog Sun 11-Apr-21 21:52:33


SylviaPlath1984 Sun 11-Apr-21 21:52:55

Jimmy is a weasel!!!

AngeloMysterioso Sun 11-Apr-21 21:53:12

Ryan you little shit.

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