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The reign of Caitlyn and the jumping out club it’s I’m A Celeb 2019 thread 2

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AppleKatie Tue 26-Nov-19 23:04:01

New thread. Nice chatting.

Will James and Ian finally have to knuckle down and do some work?

MyNewBearTotoro Tue 26-Nov-19 23:09:36

Unfortunately I think Caitlyn is in with the boys so I don’t think it will change much.

I’ve not watched the show before. Will she now pick a new camp deputy and are James & Jaqueline still exempt? I’d be interested in who she picks, can’t call it.

TheReluctantCountess Tue 26-Nov-19 23:09:40

Aw. I so wanted Andrew to be leader.

It’ll be the Caitlyn show from now on.

AppleKatie Tue 26-Nov-19 23:11:29

Good point about who she’ll pick as deputy. Andy perhaps? She’s a reality professional so it’ll be a calculated decision. Someone popular but not as popular as her (in her mind) I predict.

Maybe Nadine?

InvisibleWomenMustBeRead Tue 26-Nov-19 23:40:34

Caitlin appears much more comfortable with the men and hanging out with them rather than being with the women. Hope she does well as leader and knocks the misogyny on the head!

InvisibleWomenMustBeRead Tue 26-Nov-19 23:41:24

I voted Nadine as I'd like her to get more screen time so hope Caitlyn does pick her.

WotchaTalkinBoutWillis Wed 27-Nov-19 00:35:47

I'm delurking, been following the other thread though smile
My thoughts so far
Thought I'd like James but he's far too bossy, I think he means well with his "chivalry" women first thing, but I'm with Kate on this one, good on her for calling him out - let them speak for themselves FFS!!
The stir fry thing would have given me the rage too where the blokes pretended it was their idea. Just no, knobbers grin
I put the majority of my votes on Roman to be leader as he's really funny and needs more airtime.
Put one on Caitlyn too as she comes across as nice.
Although if you're going to smuggle food back to the camp, you don't just do it for one.
As Andy said, " didn't even get a potato" lol.
Bit harsh! Give him a spud grin

itswinetime Wed 27-Nov-19 00:37:38

Caitlyn smuggler food back for Ian off her head they way the camp talk about him she will think he is a big deal on the outside I can see her going for him! It will definitely be a tactical decision

SpanishFly Wed 27-Nov-19 06:01:24

Roman needs to step back a little from Ian. Itll do him no favours to get involced in his nonsense.
Poor Andrew can't do right for doing wrong.

ellenanora5 Wed 27-Nov-19 07:03:43

Thanks for the new thread AppleKatie.

I'm gone right off James and Ian

Kate has really surprised me.

Think Andrew is getting fed up with it all.

Adele isn't bad at all, just gets on with it.

Quartz2208 Wed 27-Nov-19 07:51:17

You are right roman does it’s odd for a man brought up in his environment he seems Star struck

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 27-Nov-19 08:51:45

Too much food in the camp. Are the trials easier this year
No one is starving

AppleKatie Wed 27-Nov-19 09:00:47

It’s football. Sends people insane.

No other reason for Ian Wright to be so successful given what a pita he obviously is. It’s like a cult.

PrincessHoneysuckle Wed 27-Nov-19 09:11:37

I think Caitlyn will choose Jacqueline for deputy

AppleKatie Wed 27-Nov-19 09:45:51

She can’t I don’t think if she’s already done it.

TheReluctantCountess Wed 27-Nov-19 10:05:02

Roman wants to be one of the big boys, and I think he feels intimidated.

eenymeenyminyme Wed 27-Nov-19 10:11:28

No one is starving

Really? There's a lot of hangry tempers from where I'm watching

Quartz2208 Wed 27-Nov-19 10:39:00

But not in the way before the meal they had last night look substantial and not that dissimilar to what I had (although probably without the sauces and spices)

AppleKatie Wed 27-Nov-19 10:49:38

Hopefully when the numbers thin out able bit Roman will come into his own and grow up a bit.

daffydowndilys Wed 27-Nov-19 10:52:44

I want to see more Roman, he's gone quite quiet. Maybe when there are less people in there he will stand out a bit more.

SpiderCharlotte Wed 27-Nov-19 10:55:32

Love Roman, agree that it would be nice to see more of him.

ArabellaDoreenFig Wed 27-Nov-19 10:56:44

I think it’s interesting to watch someone who was born male and now presents as female act predictably like a male. No, not interesting- entirely predictable.

FrivolousPancake Wed 27-Nov-19 10:59:34

James is VILE, especially the jokes he made about the hidden video him and his pal made-I hope he’s first to go.
Ian is a bully.
Andrew was seeming a bit unhinged but now I’m wondering how it was edited and if Ian has been picking at him even more than was shown.
Kate is getting too much airtime imo and Nadine/Roman and Myles not enough.

Raging the conversation between JJ and Myles wasn’t aired!

IfIShouldFallFromGraceWithGod Wed 27-Nov-19 11:01:23

I would love the big guns to go. If James, Ian and Caitlyn went the others could flourish

FrivolousPancake Wed 27-Nov-19 11:12:22

I actually really like Caitlyn! I wasn’t expecting to at all!

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