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EASTENDERS 36!!! No spoilers EVER NEVER OR ELSE ......

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Blondeshavemorefun Sun 04-Aug-19 08:34:10

I was right. Bobby new head finally came πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Other stories

Purple bag and envelope means Phil or Ben or someone will find our shazza secret

Gray. Will he get his comeuppance soon for domestic abuse

STACEY - farewell till next July - tho be nice to make odd appearance and maybe she will come back after 4mths - I wa back at work then

Max and ruby. Won’t last but another notch for max - how does he do it

Same with jack. Those branding brorhers are sexy !!

Dentist - boring. Think he stays with honey to torment billy and also habbs. He doesn’t want to commit to her - hope they both see him for what for. If I were honey I would talk to her alone / not take dentist word for it

Can’t think of any other storylines. What have I missed ....

The80sweregreat Sun 04-Aug-19 08:45:19

Place marking . thank you blonds.
You missed out Karen as a lesbian who isn't that convincing.
Plus Shirley hanging around Phil : I bet she'll be a shoulder to cry on when he finds out about Ken
Please give Bernie a decent storyline,she is so miserable !

Optimist1 Sun 04-Aug-19 09:04:56

Thanks for new thread Blondes !

youarenotkiddingme Sun 04-Aug-19 09:11:46

Thanks for new thread.

I'm very interested to see where the grooming Bobby storyline is going.

It was introduced and now it's gone quiet so that means it will tear its head with a big storyline at some point.

southeastdweller Sun 04-Aug-19 10:47:21

Thanks for the new thread.

You forgot about Patrick's new wife, Sheree. She's already pissing me off with the crap west indian accent.

iknowimcoming Sun 04-Aug-19 10:47:58

Is bobby being radicalised? And Patrick's got a new wife! (Thanks for new thread Blondes!)

youarenotkiddingme Sun 04-Aug-19 12:16:14

Did I miss an episode?!

Pareick came back with a woman and said this is Sheree. But thought that was literally what we saw if her.

iknowimcoming Sun 04-Aug-19 12:27:15

Thisis - he said this is Sheree ....... my wife! I mean fair play to him, I like Patrick!

Optimist1 Sun 04-Aug-19 12:38:56

Does Patrick know that his wife has a son who works at Holby City Hospital?? grin

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 04-Aug-19 15:21:16

@Optimist1 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Yes PATRICK is married. Yeah man

SalemSpellman Sun 04-Aug-19 17:16:12

Thanks for the new thread

SoupDragon Sun 04-Aug-19 18:35:47

Patrick's new wife was an A&E doctor at Holby, she worked there not her son. Although Claudette of the magnificent bosom had a son that worked there (sadly she is no more)

gingercat02 Sun 04-Aug-19 20:05:03

That was an awful episode! No way would the police just let the Fowler clan just waltz off in a taxi and no father would disappear (possibly forever) without saying goodbye to his very fragile teenage daughter

Optimist1 Sun 04-Aug-19 22:01:39

SoupDragon - I'm pretty sure that Patrick's wife plays Xav's mother in Holby (although I guess she could have had other roles; they seem to resurrect actors across the years)?

The80sweregreat Mon 05-Aug-19 13:15:25

they could have had such a better exit for Stacey really - it seems more about Ben's revenge on his dad and Ken than saying a proper farewell to stacey. i hope she comes back to the soap as i do like her.

SoupDragon Mon 05-Aug-19 13:20:48

Your right, it is Xav's mother - i googled, saw a picture where she looked exactly like Elle from Casualty and didn't look too closely πŸ˜‚

youarenotkiddingme Mon 05-Aug-19 20:30:17

Totally agree that the exit was more about Ben storyline.
Lacy Turner is a fabulous stress. I also hope she returns.

So is Ben gonna squeeze the tube?!

squirrelonapetridish Mon 05-Aug-19 21:06:50

Is no-one bothered about Martin going? I am! The only one in it I fancy, now he's gone, will have to start lusting after Max like everyone else hmm

RLOU30 Mon 05-Aug-19 21:22:21

So Ben has been in prison for murder and they don't seem to hold a record of his fingerprints?

The80sweregreat Mon 05-Aug-19 21:29:57

Dh said that about Ben's fingerprints , but as his ' new head' Ben maybe they don't have them on record πŸ˜€ or maybe they are destroyed after so many years or something? I've no idea.

22Giraffes Tue 06-Aug-19 00:40:24

So many Bens that maybe they haven't got round to updating the prints yet grin
I don't know how much of hearing Patrick called Patty I can take... envy

Excuse my bad manners btw just casually rolling up on a long running thread blush nice to meet you all!

The80sweregreat Tue 06-Aug-19 03:23:10

22giraffes . Everyone one is welcome on here (but no spoilers ! smile)
I am very irritated by Patrick's new beau already! Moving the furniture about is a no no. Poor Ted has been sidelined. He'll have to play chess with Bernie again.

youarenotkiddingme Tue 06-Aug-19 07:35:45

Are you irritated by Patty's new wife 80's winkgrin

Did they really mean to make it so obvious with the owning the house comment?

Lol @ Ben new head needing to update fingerprints. I did laugh when policewoman said it's not the only person close to him to get a whack round the head!

youarenotkiddingme Tue 06-Aug-19 07:36:28

It's clearly still multi posting blush

The80sweregreat Tue 06-Aug-19 09:14:53

Is the blond detective little Annie?
Phil will bounce back : he is the Terminator!

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