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TENNIS THREAD -Sliding in the clay, on the journey to Roland Garros !

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Raahh Fri 19-Apr-19 09:29:31

Just had a slight panic when I saw the thread was nearly full.

I am now off to check the schedule properly- to see what I'll miss todaygrin

PrivateIsles Fri 19-Apr-19 09:46:37

Thanks Raahh brew

magimedi Fri 19-Apr-19 09:46:38

Logging in. tennis

Raahh Fri 19-Apr-19 09:49:44

Hurrah! Thanks magi!

magimedi Fri 19-Apr-19 09:50:02

And I have just realised that I've booked to go & see the family - for the last week of the French Open. Won't see much of that with grandmotherly duties to do!!

Still, I love my DGCs better than tennis !

(About the only thing I do!)

Fizzywinegum Fri 19-Apr-19 09:52:07

Thanks for new thread Raahh - hoping to get my first proper Rafa fix today smile. Dominic and Stefanos are my go to players as well after Rafa. I’m still not entirely convinced by Sascha but I do like his hair grin

JaneJeffer Fri 19-Apr-19 09:59:00

Who's a good boy?

PrivateIsles Fri 19-Apr-19 10:16:30

Aw I love that pic! So cute!

Looking forward to seeing David on the clay - he's playing doubles as well as singles I've heard.

I'm watching the first QF at the mo - well, not really, it's just on in the background. One of them (Sonego I think) really reminds me of Mario Ancic, if anyone remembers him? He used to be one of my faves.

PrivateIsles Fri 19-Apr-19 10:28:09

magi I noticed you did the 1000th post on the old thread!

Jealous envy grin

magimedi Fri 19-Apr-19 10:45:18

Private Ner-ner-ner-ner-ner!! grin

JaneJeffer Fri 19-Apr-19 11:42:11


Fizzywinegum Fri 19-Apr-19 13:01:59

Ooh medvedev has taken the first set against Djokovic - don’t want to tempt fate but at least djok isn’t having it all his own way - I’d rather not see him in the final.

PrivateIsles Fri 19-Apr-19 13:07:15

Yes I wonder if he can hang on - Djok was making a few errors but he usually manages to turn it around doesn't he...

PrivateIsles Fri 19-Apr-19 13:10:52

Petch the voice of doom predicting Novak will win (despite the score being 6-3, 1-0 to Medvedev hmm)

He'll probably be proved right, but it's still annoying though!

JaneJeffer Fri 19-Apr-19 13:16:07

Petch is never right (in my eyes anyway). Come on Medvedev!

PrivateIsles Fri 19-Apr-19 13:34:13

Tsk. Typical.

PrivateIsles Fri 19-Apr-19 13:40:41

Although... I would not mind Novak winning this one really. It's just good for it to be interesting!

Why was Medvedev kicking that "hoarding” thing? I couldn't see if he ran into it, or if it was too close to the court or something. It looked quite near the ball kids anyway.

mama1980 Fri 19-Apr-19 14:11:13

Hi all smile and thanks for the new thread Raahh.
Not watching much tennis as we are out in the garden but keep popping back in to check the scores.
Unfortunately think Novak has this now.

JaneJeffer Fri 19-Apr-19 14:55:14

Ooh well done Medvedev (thanks Petch) grin

Fizzywinegum Fri 19-Apr-19 15:00:17

Yes well done medvedev! I’ve also been in the garden - it’s gorgeous here - just came inside to see Djokovic go out.

Now it’s Rafa time smile

Please don’t make any predictions about Rafa Mama grin. I’ve given up on predictions now.

mama1980 Fri 19-Apr-19 15:18:39

grin I won't fizzy grin

Fizzywinegum Fri 19-Apr-19 15:23:05

grin Eek Pella not looking at all intimidated - he’s broken Rafa’s serve twice now.

Rafa looking very nice in his blue and orange - no sleeves would be good though smile

magimedi Fri 19-Apr-19 15:23:51

Hooray for Medvedev.

Always happy to see Djok out.

Raahh Fri 19-Apr-19 15:26:01

Delighted to see the Djok result, but a Rafa does not need to follow him!

JaneJeffer Fri 19-Apr-19 15:27:29

I've got my fingers crossed for Rafa while cursing Sky Sports.

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