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Our Girl and Captain James XLVI

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Ilovelblue Tue 06-Mar-18 21:27:59

Still waiting out for the start date for the Nigeria tour. Always happy to discuss anything Our Girl and Captain James.

Ilovelblue Tue 06-Mar-18 21:34:24

Continuing our watchalong of Series 2, episode 3.

Rhubarb01 Tue 06-Mar-18 21:43:49

Tearful Elvis - the beer is talking.

Ilovelblue Tue 06-Mar-18 21:43:51

Georgie must wonder what's hit her. This is one hell of a confession!

Rhubarb01 Tue 06-Mar-18 21:44:53

Are you really happy without him Georgie? Fooling yourself that you can be happy with Dr Dull.

Ilovelblue Tue 06-Mar-18 21:45:04

I genuinely don't think you are happy for Georgie Elvis!

Rhubarb01 Tue 06-Mar-18 21:45:58

One little bit of humour - "Weak!"
"I was going to say 'lost'"

She can't help herself though can she. She has to forgive him... I would.

Ilovelblue Tue 06-Mar-18 21:46:04

Don't think you are going to be able to sleep after that Georgie. Go and make your peace with Elvis.

Ilovelblue Tue 06-Mar-18 21:46:37

Hmm, must admit, I have watched this scene more times than I care to remember!

Go for it Georgie, fill your boots!

Ilovelblue Tue 06-Mar-18 21:47:19

I bet he stinks of beer though, sorry to burst the bubble.

Ilovelblue Tue 06-Mar-18 21:47:39

I hope nobody saw her coming out of his room!

Rhubarb01 Tue 06-Mar-18 21:48:06

You're probably right ilove - fiction versus reality.

Ilovelblue Tue 06-Mar-18 21:48:08

Was it pixie who obsessed about Dr Dull's man boobs?

Ilovelblue Tue 06-Mar-18 21:49:21

Fingers makes me laugh here! Talk about jumping on the bandwagon!

Ilovelblue Tue 06-Mar-18 21:49:46

Oh please CJ, I'd like your number too.

Rhubarb01 Tue 06-Mar-18 21:50:01

A hotline to CJ - oh yes my finger would be stuck on speed dial - off to get some super glue right now.

Rhubarb01 Tue 06-Mar-18 21:50:58

Group hug - yippee.

Watch out for that jealous sister, Georgie and don't forget Dr Dull with his moobs!

Ilovelblue Tue 06-Mar-18 21:51:10

Weird the way Marie carries Fingers' helmet!!

Rhubarb01 Tue 06-Mar-18 21:52:23

Yucky bit here - it's not right seeing Dr Dull in the bed which should contain Elvis.

Of course she's not happy.

Ilovelblue Tue 06-Mar-18 21:52:42

Not sure I like what Jamie says about rushing tonight. Definitely too much information.

Ilovelblue Tue 06-Mar-18 21:53:52

Oh dear, Abu is back from Ethiopia.

Rhubarb01 Tue 06-Mar-18 21:54:25 the fiendish Abu is back.

Rhubarb01 Tue 06-Mar-18 21:55:42

And Elvis is on the phone. He's not going to give up now that he realises there is a chance she might just change her mind. He knows you so well...better than you know yourself.

Rhubarb01 Tue 06-Mar-18 21:56:26

See you can't help using his little phrases.

All is NOT well in the world!

Ilovelblue Tue 06-Mar-18 21:56:57

Abu last seen on a tram in Manchester. Be warned Georgie!

And here endeth episode 3.

Same time, same place next week Rhu (and hopefully eejit).

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