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Emmerdale... A new start at Home spoilers please

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ellenanora5 Thu 18-Jan-18 14:48:06

So Joe is the new lord of the manor, but who is Graham really.

Will this be the thread where Moira and Cain finally get back together

Will there be wedding bells for Bob and Brenda, I don't think so

Will Marlon and the head teacher get along nicely or will it end up going nowhere slowly until we all want to scream at the telly

What will Lachlan do next.....................................

ShowerGel9 Thu 18-Jan-18 14:49:21


Like it that home Farm had fresh blood.

MrsDilber Thu 18-Jan-18 15:10:22

I like the Joe character, looking forward to seeing where that leads.

I'm guessing a winter wedding for Bob and Laurel.

Lachlan's psycho side is going to get ramped up.

Cain and Moira definitely get back together, I hope they don't drag this out because that's what's so good about Emmerdale, they keep it moving (unlike Corrie).

Robert and Arron will get back together and, maybe, raise Seth if Lachlan bumps of his Aunt. She's definitely got a target in her back.

Dug irritates the life out of me and Diane, who used to be a strong, matriarchal figure, is just as dopey as Dug these days).

Glad what's his name (Lachlan's grandad) has gone, he was annoying. But I did like Chrissy for a long while, she was getting irritating too.

Jimmy, he's a dope too.

But I love Emmerdale for all my moaning.

Sparklingbrook Thu 18-Jan-18 15:16:12

Please please please can Carly out of the Inbetweeners not make it. Please?!

How's the Harriet stuff going to pan out?

I am still trying to understand the Joe thing. His Mum was Rachel? I don't even remember a Rachel. Although I do think it's a big ask of the show for hus to cast our minds back to Chris Tate & Co...

TheLegendOfBeans Thu 18-Jan-18 15:42:53


TheLegendOfBeans Thu 18-Jan-18 15:59:17

Ah-ha! Just realised who Rachel Tate was...

TheLegendOfBeans Thu 18-Jan-18 16:00:05

Ah-ha! Just realised who Rachel Tate was...

Sparklingbrook Thu 18-Jan-18 16:03:53

OMG Glenda McKay!

I only remember Kathy. Old Malandra Burrows. Named because her parents were Sandra and Malcom. grin

TheLegendOfBeans Thu 18-Jan-18 16:24:13


Rachel Tates mum was Kate Sugden
Married to Joe Sugden
Joe Sugden was brother to Jack Sugden
Jack Sugden is Roberts Dad

So what relationship is Robert Sugden to Joe Tate, as Rachel would’ve been Robert’s cousin...right?!

And yes, LOL at the origins of Malandra

Sparklingbrook Thu 18-Jan-18 16:31:28

<brain explodes>

LoveMySituation Thu 18-Jan-18 16:49:57

Is it a removed thing?grin

Sparklingbrook Thu 18-Jan-18 16:51:49

I would need to draw the family tree.

LoveMySituation Thu 18-Jan-18 16:59:05

Ooh look what I found grin

bonfireheart Thu 18-Jan-18 17:06:18

Well Robert has always been obsessed with getting Home Farm so maybe he will swindle jo, kill Rebecca and reunite with Aaron and live at home farm?

GrooovyLass Thu 18-Jan-18 17:48:43

Checking in on the new thread!

Rachel was Joe Sugden's stepdaughter so Joseph is Robert's step second cousin is think? Confusing innit!

It's like how most of the kids in Emmerdale are related to each other:

Heath and Cathy are uncle and aunt to April and Leo, who are half brother and sister. They were step siblings with Arthur and Gabby. Gabby is the cousin of Angelica and the two boys who I can't remember their names.

Leo is then obviously related in some way to all the Dingles: Samson, Jack and Sarah, Noah, Moses and of course now Isaac.

Eliza's dad is Jay who used to be Noah's stepfather and Amba is her cousin. Jacob is Amba's step brother. Have I missed anyone?

Smidge001 Thu 18-Jan-18 17:53:02

Wowsers. The writers should take note for when this lot become teens!

MrsSteveMcDonald Thu 18-Jan-18 19:00:27

Signing in

MrsSteveMcDonald Thu 18-Jan-18 19:09:46

Inviting the whole village to Home Farm so that he can knock down the Dingle house with nobody around to stop them?

TheLegendOfBeans Thu 18-Jan-18 19:12:34

Joe Tate is first cousin once removed to Robert Sugden.

Massively messed up the children’s bedtime calculating that grin

Lonesurvivor Thu 18-Jan-18 19:18:45

Heath and Cathy are uncle and aunt to April as she's Donnas daughter but they're no relation to Leo.

Smidge001 Thu 18-Jan-18 19:53:29

I agree legendofthebeans . Good skills smile

Littlewhistle Thu 18-Jan-18 19:56:52

Checking in.

Can't say I like the Joe character. I think it's the way he stand with the same wooden expression on his face whilst surveying everything and that ridiculous bouffant/quiff hmm

Sparklingbrook Thu 18-Jan-18 19:58:15

Can I just ask what happened to Robin of Sherwood and her from Corrie? Have they gone off together?

The teacher character is a terrible actress.

Sparklingbrook Thu 18-Jan-18 20:04:33

Oh sorry just saw her from Corrie, it's Robin of Sherwood I'm missing.

qazxc Thu 18-Jan-18 20:12:07

Wtf? Is graham James Bond?

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