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Portrait artist of the year- anyone watching?

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Brontebiscuits Tue 07-Feb-17 20:17:02

Might be a long shot as it's tucked away on Sky Arts but it's really interesting and relaxing to watch.

Brillig Tue 07-Feb-17 20:26:14

I forgot it was on tonight! But it's recording smile. Yes, we're really keen on this, and the Landscape Artist series too.

Brontebiscuits Tue 07-Feb-17 20:31:03

I think I prefer this to the Landscape one- fascinating how the different artists interpret people's faces. Bit of an ego stroke for the celebs who get painted though?!

And I actually quite like Frank Skinner as a presenter on this - generally I can't stand him!

Imfinehowareyou Tue 07-Feb-17 20:31:11

Thank you! I love this show. So inspirational.

CrazyPebbles Tue 07-Feb-17 20:32:34

Oh great it's back on!! Love it so much grin

Brontebiscuits Tue 07-Feb-17 20:34:14

I've not seen it before so new to me.

LIZS Tue 07-Feb-17 22:32:43

Saw the first episode at the weekend. Results were mixed but right person went through.

BeaLola Wed 08-Feb-17 01:42:41

First time watching this series and I love it. Tonight I loved the gold leaf chap. Frank Skinner is a revelation - I usually find him annoying. But he is so suited to this. The Wallis Collection is my face museum anywhere.

BeaLola Wed 08-Feb-17 01:43:12

Oops that should have said favourite museum!

AstrantiaMajor Wed 08-Feb-17 22:41:51

I have just watched the first 3 episodes. I thought it was great.

DramaAlpaca Wed 08-Feb-17 22:46:17

I really enjoy this & have watched it since the beginning. I find it fascinating.

DalekBred Thu 09-Feb-17 16:00:57

1st time this series the painting I liked best went through! FS is brilliant whatever he presents, hes brill on this.

some of the portraits are awful IMO (Im an amateur painter, maybe Im just jealous!) but I don't understand why theyd mix 'proffessianols' and amateurs together, sometimes I cant tell the difference anyway,

I wonder if Sue Perkins chose her painting cos the painter was the only one talking to her though.

and Richard E grant, fab as he is, DOES look like an undertakers assistant (his words!). I thought his portraits made him look like a politician though.

But I do like this programme lot, very entertaining and getting good tips too.

Brontebiscuits Thu 09-Feb-17 17:24:43

I thought that about Sue Perkins! Agree that some of them are really bad and very obviously worse than the others.

Floralnomad Thu 09-Feb-17 22:41:06

Love this show , but let's face it they are not going to find another Christian Hoook with the standard so far ! I really like Frank Skinner as a presenter .

prettywhiteguitar Thu 09-Feb-17 22:43:05

I love this programme! The standard is very mixed I agree but so nice to see painting on the telly!!

Floralnomad Thu 09-Feb-17 22:46:10

For anyone who has not seen them it's worth looking on catch up to see the programmes Christian Hoook made after he won portrait artist , they are excellent .

TheFirstLastKiss Fri 10-Feb-17 15:44:46

I love this! And Landscape artist.
I don't know anyone else who watches them. I love the way they all paint the same subject but they look completely different.

I must be a terrible judge because the ones I like never go through and often hate the ones they pick! blush grin

DalekBred Fri 10-Feb-17 15:47:09

Christian Hook is the best one ever. absolutely excellent artist.

firstlastkiss Im the same as you in the judging thing. grin.

YouWillNotSeeMe Fri 10-Feb-17 15:48:06

I felt sorry for the ones that had the youngest lad with no personality and blue backgrounds, much harder to paint than someone with striking features/a bold personality quirk. I liked watching Sue Perkins.
I don't like that some of them take a photo then draw a grid and do the outline that way, seems wrong

DispatchReady Fri 10-Feb-17 15:48:34

Same here TheFirst smile

I draw stick figures so think they're all amazing!

Floralnomad Fri 10-Feb-17 16:18:48

The judging is pretty horrendous sometimes , particularly on Landscape artist .

Idratherhaveacupoftea Fri 10-Feb-17 16:25:43

One of my favourite programmes.

Davros Sat 11-Feb-17 13:47:49

We love this too. Just watched ep 3 and must go back to see the other two. Have you all seen that the BBC is going to do an art-based show? I'll probably watch both

NellVarnish Sat 11-Feb-17 13:55:43

Oh I love it too, the moment when a face appears out of a burst of brushstrokes is amazing. Us arty farty types are being spoiled at the moment what with the Landscape, The Pottery Throwdown and upcoming BBC one!

Floralnomad Sat 11-Feb-17 14:36:52

The BBC did an art based competition a couple of years ago , the quality was very mixed and because it ran on a similar format to bake off where one gets knocked off each week the quality stayed mixed for a good few episodes .

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