M&S Summer Beauty Bag 2021

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TokyoSushi Thu 27-May-21 20:01:05

I didn't realise this was out today until I was in M&S earlier. I picked one up but haven't really had a chance to look at it yet. Anybody else got one? What do you think?

(Apologies if there's already a thread, I did look but couldn't find it!)

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TokyoSushi Thu 27-May-21 21:55:21

OK well let me tell you then, I've looked now and it's lovely, lots of really nice things to try, would reccommend!

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Pinklemons52 Thu 27-May-21 22:06:05

Thanks, I didn’t realise there was one - off to have a look smile

ElderMillennial Thu 27-May-21 22:10:14

I ordered one today

I think it's worth it for the full size aveda product and the eye cream

TokyoSushi Thu 27-May-21 22:15:17

Yes the Aveda & the eye cream would be a lot more than £20 by themselves, the nail varnish is a nice summery colour and there's also some l'occitane shower oil in there as well as lots of other bits to try, I'm really pleased with it!

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ElderMillennial Thu 27-May-21 22:18:51

I'm not sure about the nail polish. If it's more of a pink than a red then I'd prefer that but it's hard to tell. I would give it away maybe.

I want to try the Glow face product and I'm curious about the perfume and the lipgloss.

TokyoSushi Thu 27-May-21 22:24:25

I've just put a bit on my thumb, it's like a watermelon colour 🍉

I like it, it's £8 on the Boots website!

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NeedWineNow Thu 27-May-21 22:29:04

I hadn't realised it was out this week. Damn, I got a couple of bras last week but would have waited until this week if I'd known. I'm sure I can find something else thoughgrin

Northernsoullover Thu 27-May-21 22:40:35

Just ordered one. Luckily my mum wanted shoes so I ordered some for her and trousers for me to activate the offer.

ElderMillennial Thu 27-May-21 22:46:13

Yeah I think it is called watermelon something?

I'll see what it's like. I don't wear nail polish that often anyway but I'm sure someone will use it if I give it away.

moonriverandme Thu 27-May-21 23:08:52

I have bought one today. I'm pleased with it, it's got useable products that I like or that I'm looking forward to trying. Love the Origins eye cream and the hair products. I think it's the best one there's been for a while and good value.

TokyoSushi Fri 28-May-21 09:31:26

I've used the Aveda this morning, my hair feels lovely! I also used the REN and the eye cream last night and my skin feels really nice this morning. We have an Aunt who gives the DC a £30 M&S voucher for their birthday so we spent that with DD last night to activate the offer. DS will likely get one in a few weeks, if the bag is still around, I might get another one!

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vjg13 Fri 28-May-21 11:15:24

Just ordered one! It looks good.

Blueberrycreampie Fri 28-May-21 12:25:42

I just ordered this as I wanted some underwear and saw the offer on the website. Never had anything like this but it all looks good! I then looked for a thread on here - and found one! I'm looking forward to hearing about the products as my Beaty bag not being delivered for a couple of weeks☹️

Blueberrycreampie Fri 28-May-21 13:37:24

Beauty even!

SummerWhy Fri 28-May-21 14:24:03

Not hugely excited by this year’s bag as I’ve already got a few of the products but I needed a yoga mat and blocks from M&S anyway and it’s worth it for the full size Origins eye cream which I already have and love! Really glowy but not shimmery at all.

Hair masks are always useful too. Seem to get the mini L’occitane almond oil and Nuxe oils in everything but I’ll get use out of them.

Interested to hear what the Formula Glow mask is like. Is it exfoliating or smooth? Do you rinse it off?

RampantIvy Fri 28-May-21 14:29:23

I have just ordered a jacket from M and S and piggy backed the beauty bag on my order. I'm looking forward to receiving it. I missed their advent beauty calendar last year.

LifeInAHamsterWheel Fri 28-May-21 15:41:14

I'm heading in tomorrow to get mine, have been looking forward to it! Good to hear that people are liking the contents, I always love the Beauty Box

MancyNitford Fri 28-May-21 19:03:52

I popped into Marks today and picked this up. Looking forward to using it. I'm a sucker for a beauty bargain!

Elsabet Sun 30-May-21 08:43:11

I have ordered jeans and a top and got lured into buying the beauty box. I have been on a buying ban and trying to use up all the advent calendar goodies!

notnownora Sun 30-May-21 11:49:38

Just had this delivered this morning and I'm really pleased with the contents and the delivery time (I ordered it on Thursday). I think I will make use of everything this year - in the past there have been quite a lot of hair products that I never got round to using. Not sure about it being worth £140 but it's brilliant for £20!

ElderMillennial Sun 30-May-21 13:40:31

That was quick @notnownora

The order I put in on Thursday came yesterday but haven't got the beauty bag yet

notnownora Sun 30-May-21 14:15:07

Yes I thought it was quick ElderMillennial. I haven't received the rest of my order though. From what the website said I thought it was going to be the other way around!

RogueV Sun 30-May-21 14:17:54

I’ve got it, i think it’s a really good deal. The origins eye cream is brilliant and I’ve put the polish on my toes looks fab in this weather!

Maireas Sun 30-May-21 15:16:24

The perfume pulse thing is lovely, not something I'd normally buy. Also the sunscreen. I don't use facial things, eye cream or night cream, so giving them to my sister

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