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Outfit of the day.. shopping our wardrobes continued

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Ellapaella Tue 04-Feb-20 16:42:28

Hi everyone, will put a link on the old thread

Ellapaella Tue 04-Feb-20 16:48:51

Just in time 
@Purplecatshopaholic @
@Talisin @timswifey @toastfiend
I'm really sorry if I've missed you off a tag - I just had to go through my list of previously tagged people

Keep posting your fantastic outfits here, so enjoying these threads and appreciate all who post their inspirational outfits here 😊
Everybody welcome

cathyandclare Tue 04-Feb-20 17:02:42

Thanks for the new thread @Ellapaella. Love the shopping the wardrobe looks @dellacuccina and @toastfiend- don't sell the orange dress, it looks fabulous!

Whistles green wide leg crops
Jigsaw jumper
River Island leather jacket
30 year old Mulberry belt

KiteflyingKat Tue 04-Feb-20 17:31:42

Thanks for the new thread @Ellapaella

- Hugo Boss blouse
- Whistles skirt
- Boots from local boutique

KiteflyingKat Tue 04-Feb-20 17:32:14


dellacucina Tue 04-Feb-20 17:32:38

@cathyandclare that's a very put-together look!

Ellapaella Tue 04-Feb-20 17:36:22

Previous thread here

KiteflyingKat Tue 04-Feb-20 17:39:56

@cathyandclare looking super sleek as always

Not sure why my photo posted twice??

Purplecatshopaholic Tue 04-Feb-20 18:46:57

Thanks for the new thread @Ellapaella. Great looks today @cathyandclare and @KiteflyingKat

Sooverthemill Tue 04-Feb-20 19:27:33

Ooh shiny new thread @Ellapaella!

@KiteflyingKat because it was so good?

@cathyandclare nice, love the trousers

ememem84 Tue 04-Feb-20 20:14:18

@cathyandclare great outfit!!

You too @KiteflyingKat

Hoolajerry Tue 04-Feb-20 21:21:02

Thanks for the new thread @Ellapaella
Today has been:

Skirt: Toast
Shirt: v ancient gap
Fine knit grey jumper: unknown charity shop
Shoes: urban outfitters
Snood: jigsaw cashmere (very cold in my office at the moment)

ememem84 Tue 04-Feb-20 21:50:28

Tomorrow’s outfit all ready chosen:

- purple corduroy mini skirt - warehouse
- pale pink/peach sleeveless blouse - oasis
- grey cardigan - M&S
- Black tights
- brown/leopard print Chelsea boots - joules

Feeling daring so getting my leopard boots out. They’re ace.

Fochit Tue 04-Feb-20 22:00:40

Taupe suede OTK boots
Grey opaques
Taupe leather (faux) skirt
Black and taupe print top tucked in
Grey long slouchy cardi

happytobemrsg Tue 04-Feb-20 22:19:00

Thanks Ella!!

I wanted to wear the green dress but my need for fleece lined leggings was stronger so I needed the longer dress!!

Dress: New Look
Belt: Gucci
OTK boots: Clarks

Ok not exactly in the spirit of the thread...but... can I please share my new blazer?! It looks gorgeous chucked over my grey mom jeans. I’m in love 😍

MerlinsButler Tue 04-Feb-20 23:35:34

Love that blazer Happy.

ememem84 Wed 05-Feb-20 06:43:11

happy love that blazer!!!

Ellapaella Wed 05-Feb-20 07:38:10

Love it happy

Talisin Wed 05-Feb-20 08:43:10

Have to go & check fire alarms so quick post. Wearing a bargainous (£4.80 from the sale rail) glittery jumper from Sainsburys under an ancient sleeveless column dress that I suspect was from Wallis.

dellacucina Wed 05-Feb-20 08:45:26

Dress from Top Shop. Boots are a brand called Halogen.

As you can see, I allow my daughter to choose her own style toogrin

Nice blazer!

OublietteBravo Wed 05-Feb-20 08:49:42

Thanks for the new thread @Ellapaella

I’ve gone for colourful tights and another jumper with my dress today. The freezing fog changed my outfit at the last minute. I’m still debating which boots are best (long or short).

Jumper: Boden
Dress: M&S
Tights: can’t remember - either Sainsbury’s or Primark
Boots: Dune (long) or Phase Eight (ankle)

mynameiscalypso Wed 05-Feb-20 08:54:31

Thank you for the new thread! I fell off the old one (mainly because it's been weeks since I wore anything other than leggings and a jumper...) but determined to try and do better because I feel so much better in myself when I make an effort and I love seeing all the inspiration. Really liking a lot of the silhouettes on the thread; looking very chic.

I probably should looked to get out of my PJs shouldn't I? 😂

Sooverthemill Wed 05-Feb-20 08:56:39

Great outfits everyone! Love all the dresses.

Today has already gone badly as the plumber isn't coming and I had everyone up and ready early! Bummer

Tee: very old pre 2016 but never worn Boden sale
Jeans: jigsaw Hampton but the 98% cotton ones
Trainers: Stan Smith old

WhatWouldPennyDo Wed 05-Feb-20 09:06:03

So late to the ‘shop your wardrobe’ concept but decided this weekend to give it a go. I have way too many nice things languishing!

Navy belted shirt dress
Chanel ankle boots
Electric blue James Lakeland coat with fab leopard print lining

Going to swap for leopard print heels when I finally arrive at work.

Not sure how to do photos.

Outfit massively let down by my rucksack grin

Fochit Wed 05-Feb-20 09:17:57

Is that 2 toilets in the same room OublietteBravo?

< misses point of thread >

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