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Plus size what are you wearing today

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Defeatthedebt Sun 06-Oct-19 15:32:19

Hi guys,
I love browsing the what are you wearing today thread but being plussize (Size 26) I often can't take inspiration from it. I wondered if any other size 18+ would like to share what they are wearing today?

Defeatthedebt Sun 06-Oct-19 15:33:15

And just to start, I'm having a lazy day in the house so I'm wearing matalan leggings, a last season fluffy navy jumper from yours clothing and Nike trainers ☺️

Kummerspeck Sun 06-Oct-19 15:37:49

I'm wearing navy leggings (Control Leggings by George at Asda are amazing, really heavy stretch fabric), a navy checked tunic by Apricot and a Love Molly wrap in a smoky heather colour with navy trainers.

It is so hard finding nice plus size clothes, I still mourn the passing of Ann Harvey

Defeatthedebt Sun 06-Oct-19 15:39:03

It is so hard isn't it!! Often I find it's getting the quality as well.

TimeforanotherChange Sun 06-Oct-19 17:31:47

I would love some ideas. I've gone up to a Size 20/22 with a menopausal midriff and have no clue how to dress to not look like a sack of shit!

Current work clothes are George at Asda trousers in a navy or black and I tend to have a Bon Marche tunic top over them.

I'm feeling bored with the same look - would love a dress and tights/ankle boots but when I've tried this I just look fat and old!

AtSea1979 Sun 06-Oct-19 17:56:24

I’d love to wear a dress and tights too but can’t find anything. I don’t wear leggings though either. I usually go for jeans then struggle with a bad muffin top. I need some nice evening wear but can’t seem to find anything even with party season on its way.
@Defeatthedebt you wear trainers around the house? I only wear socks at home

LadyTabasco Sun 06-Oct-19 18:01:33

Look for swing dresses (Simply Be have some great ones) With tights and ankle boots they look great

PlasticPatty Sun 06-Oct-19 18:04:43

Long black jumper. Dark grey trousers with some muted black and grey check. Black and grey walking shoes.

Cliffdonville Sun 06-Oct-19 18:08:26

Today is a red and black skater dress from simply be, thick black tights and converse and tomorrow for work it will be a black Scarlett and Jo tuxedo peplum dress, with black tights and wedges from Clark's.
I also really like Popsy dresses at the moment, really flattering.

OpiesOldLady Sun 06-Oct-19 18:13:39

I'm a right funny shape. 18 on the bottom and a 22/24 on top.

Today I've been wearing a long sleeved teal top from Primark, a black corduroy pinafore dress from Yours, teal tights from Snag (which are bloody awesome) and black rocket dog mid calf biker boots.

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Sun 06-Oct-19 18:16:06

I’ve just been at home today so have black leggings from next and a mustard long jumper from Principles.

Pringlesfortea Sun 06-Oct-19 18:17:57

I’m a 26 too op ..I seem to dress like a teenager no matter what I buy
Today white trainers grey ripped jeans grey hoodie camouflage top .im 46 though

DelphiniumBlue Sun 06-Oct-19 18:21:38

Simply Be straight leg black jeggings ( bought this week following a recommendation on here- they are fab), aubergine longish linen jumper, black Fitflop flipflops. Added a grey cotton safari jacket when I was shopping earlier. Silver jewellery as always.

minimomtogiants Sun 06-Oct-19 18:25:41

PJs all day! At work yesterday I wore a Seasalt tunic and blue trousers.

Don't swing dresses cling horribly to your stomach ?

Defender90 Sun 06-Oct-19 18:25:56

Sainsbury joggers with a new look vest. A very chilled day at home.

Fireextinguished Sun 06-Oct-19 18:27:47

PJ's as poorly household but like you always looking for inspiration.

travailtotravel Sun 06-Oct-19 18:32:10

Ooh, post looks interesting. Just ordered 2 frocks to try for size and style ...

Adollop Sun 06-Oct-19 18:32:39

Size 16/18 here, today wearing my new black jeggings, Eden from Dorothy Perkins as recommended on mn, with black ankle boots and a turquoise and navy tunic top from Apricot.

I struggle to find clothes I like and generally live in leggings and long jumpers in winter, but need to find new jumpers this year as they're all looking a bit scruffy. I can't stand 100% acrylic/polyester, but struggle to find soft cotton or viscose in long jumpers that cover my bum. Coveting a tunic top from Seasalt, but can't afford it at the moment.

travailtotravel Sun 06-Oct-19 18:35:57

Today lucky you Jean's bought on trip to US, white stuff t shirt and scraggly jumper. Been travelling back from Devon for a quick o/n helping a sick pal. 3 hr each way trip.

TheCatsACunt Sun 06-Oct-19 18:39:19

@DelphiniumBlue would you mind posting the link to those jeggings, please?

I’m head to toe Evans today, as usual 🙄

Following along to try and find some new brands.

yaduronronron Sun 06-Oct-19 18:41:22

Size 18 and very pregnant! I'm wearing black harem joggers from Dorothy Perkins, a navy maternity jersey top, and a snake print kimono style top. And Birkenstocks which are the only thing my feet will still squeeze into.

lowbudgetnigella Sun 06-Oct-19 18:45:25

In scruffs today as been cleaning but just taken delivery of lovely leopard jersey dress to wear with leggings from monsoon (had 20% off voucher) they have got really good with big sizes and have a curvy model on each listing which really gives you the idea of it will work.

Defeatthedebt Sun 06-Oct-19 18:48:29

AtSea1979 I don't usually grin but I have had to run a couple errands.

Opiesoldlady are the snag tights really good? I love wearing dresses but tights hurt my inner thighs and fall down.

I think swing dresses can look great on lots of shapes as long as it isn't a clingy material.

Thanks for contributing so far everyone. Feel free to share links or pictures and hopefully we will all get a bit of inspiration grin.

CrowleysBentley Sun 06-Oct-19 18:50:16

Black Jersey tapered trousers from next, a long sleeved wide neck ribbed t-shirt in burgundy I think from boohoo, and a lovely soft long chunky knit black cardigan that I got from La Redoute a couple of years ago. Stretchy crop top instead of bra, black fluffy chenille socks and my sketchers slippers. It's been a lazy day, other than cooking a roast and doing a couple of loads of laundry I have not done much other than read and knit, so in my nice comfy stuff.

getupgonow Sun 06-Oct-19 18:53:07

Simplybe bootcut jogging in black,size:

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