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Celebrity Style & Gossip

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CurlyWurlyTwirly Fri 30-Nov-18 21:56:33

Following on the success of the long running Royal Style & Gossip threads, I am starting a companion thread, for us to still chat about frocks and indulge in a bit of non spiteful gossip. In the spirit of the other naice threads, please keep this fluffy too.

To kick off, please let us admire Richard Madden of the Bodyguard channeling 007 on the cover of GQ

CurlyWurlyTwirly Fri 30-Nov-18 22:03:00

VB out & about in New York.
I love the pants and the colour blocking on the sweater, but am really over the too long sleeves and she needs a belt to finish off the look, as those belt loops look too empty.

QueenOfTheAndals Fri 30-Nov-18 22:06:52

VB is super stylish now but remember the days when she bounded across the stage looking like Cliff Richard?

Clionba Fri 30-Nov-18 22:10:57

Hi CurlyWurlyTwirly! Thanks for this thread! Laughing at the VB/Cliff comparison!

CurlyWurlyTwirly Fri 30-Nov-18 22:14:32

Holy Sh*t @Queen I looked at the picture first and did think it was Cliff Richard!
Thanks for joining me @Queen and @Clionba; stalwarts of Royal S&B!

AhoyDelBoy Fri 30-Nov-18 22:14:34

Waves to Curly, Queen, & Clionba smile

CurlyWurlyTwirly Fri 30-Nov-18 22:16:18

Loving this vintagey look of Rosamund Pike in Town & Country magazine

CurlyWurlyTwirly Fri 30-Nov-18 22:17:09

hello @AhoyDelBoy
Had your coffee yet? wink

Hullabalooo Fri 30-Nov-18 22:20:53

Why did Joe whatsit leave Rosamund Pike days before that got married?

CurlyWurlyTwirly Fri 30-Nov-18 22:21:07

Gwyneth Paltrow in Dior at the Guggenheim.
Sunray pleated maxi Dress: yay!
Ombre cape: meh

QueenOfTheAndals Fri 30-Nov-18 22:23:09

Good question @Hullabaloo. They've both gone on to marry other people and have children since though. I think he's married to Ravi Shankar's daughter. Poor Rosamund was a bit unlucky in love for a while - I think her boyfriend before Joe came out as gay shortly after they broke up.

CrookedMe Fri 30-Nov-18 22:23:15

Why is Gwynners dressed like a pine wardrobe??

BettyBooJustDoinTheDoo Fri 30-Nov-18 22:26:03

Oh my god that picture of Posh! Seperated at birth from Daddy Cliff!

Clionba Fri 30-Nov-18 22:26:35

Waves!! Hello my stylish friends!
Rosamund Pike has that timeless elegance. Natalie Portman is another.

CurlyWurlyTwirly Fri 30-Nov-18 22:31:04

Here’s an homage to the Mustard One, who inspired this new thread.
But kudos to Amal Clooney in Stella McCartney at her own wedding in Venice.

TracyBeakerSoYeah Fri 30-Nov-18 22:32:45

This is when VB was playing at the Party in the Park in Leicester. 2001. Coldplay were also there, before they got really big. I remember thinking how tiny Kylie was.
I agree with you Queen that Victoria has definitely found her style now & always looks great.

AhoyDelBoy Fri 30-Nov-18 22:40:19

Yes, I’ve had a couple already ☕️
Interested to join this thread too smile
Gosh Posh used to get it so, so wrong didn’t she. They were all pretty ‘Scary Spice’ really shock. Yeh is very chic now though.

AhoyDelBoy Fri 30-Nov-18 22:41:38

I bet she positively cringes at those photos now. Was it Posh and Becks who did couples double denim once? Or Gwyn and Brad? I’ll have to look that up.

QueenOfTheAndals Fri 30-Nov-18 22:44:21

Here's a little reminder about how VB used to dress. And here's some bonus Becks!

Clionba Fri 30-Nov-18 22:44:39

If I wore trousers like Amal, I'd be on my arse. How on earth do you walk in those? Megs has the same trouser situation in Wimbledon.

CurlyWurlyTwirly Fri 30-Nov-18 22:45:54

Posh & Becks did the matching black leather.

TheDistantSky Fri 30-Nov-18 22:46:05

Found you Curly!

AhoyDelBoy Fri 30-Nov-18 22:47:38

shock that is dire Curly shock

AhoyDelBoy Fri 30-Nov-18 22:48:11

This is what I was remembering grin

BettyBooJustDoinTheDoo Fri 30-Nov-18 22:48:25

A little homage to my own personal style icon the wonderful SJP

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