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Where were we? Flipping those darn flat pancakes again

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BeachysSandyFlipflops Fri 19-May-17 20:10:43

Hello, damn quick work there by MNHQ smile

wordassociationfootball Fri 19-May-17 20:18:08

(Shoots self) If I'd wanted to do that...I would have no idea how to.

HUGE apologies and thanks for quick work.

FlipflopsOrWellieboots Fri 19-May-17 20:27:54

New name for new thread!

herbaceous Fri 19-May-17 20:29:38

I wanted to copy my rantings about teaching from the other one and now it's gone! I'm so stressed I can't remember what I was stressed about, iyswim.

FlipflopsOrWellieboots Fri 19-May-17 20:37:29

Sorry, Herbs. I'm sure MNHQ could send it to you......but good you're less stressed....

Good day today. Walked 4.5 miles as this water intake malarkey is making me feel and look like a Teletubby. Maybe I need something to make as much water come out as is going in!

MrsKlugscheisser Fri 19-May-17 21:31:57

Oh I started another one, but ignore me.

Blackduck Fri 19-May-17 21:35:54

Oh god all the name changing will do my head in! Clues please!

Blackduck Fri 19-May-17 21:36:56

So what happened there then?

Sagaform Fri 19-May-17 21:44:23

Tis me. The clue is in the cat.

FlipflopsOrWellieboots Fri 19-May-17 21:47:30

No, haven't got that Saga. Cat and goat or two cats?

AllPizzasGreatAndSmall Fri 19-May-17 21:49:32

Style and Beauty?

Sagaform Fri 19-May-17 21:50:36

Goat 🐐 and kidsgrin new cat singular

bigTillyMint Fri 19-May-17 21:51:00

This is going to be way too confusing for me, even sober blush

Sagaform Fri 19-May-17 21:51:30

So Pizza, please stay with us, we will get to the point soon grin

bigTillyMint Fri 19-May-17 21:51:55

I'll need a spreadsheet for the n c's!

MrsKlugscheisser Fri 19-May-17 21:56:17

Hier bin ich noch a mol.

Rosebag Fri 19-May-17 21:59:07

Ummmm...could someone kindly tell me what's been going on?

Sagaform Fri 19-May-17 22:01:26

There was a linky on FB that lead to the thread. Massive possible outing. Removal of thread very quickly has meant little damage , we think

Rosebag Fri 19-May-17 22:02:43

Blimey...I go out for supper and look what I miss....

Montypulciano Fri 19-May-17 22:06:38

We are all sporting new names. I can't work out how to change mine thiugh <<< bit slow>>>.

I am sporting a comedy moustache, but regrettably it may not be a fake or indeed a disguise ....

MsMartini Fri 19-May-17 22:07:50

Wotcha, I er, like gin. And invented a tights management system.

Rosebag Fri 19-May-17 22:08:02

I don't know how to change mine either...<cries>

MsMartini Fri 19-May-17 22:08:24

Click on my account and type over your existing name.

bigTillyMint Fri 19-May-17 22:08:55

I like gin

Well that narrows it down gringringrin

MsMartini Fri 19-May-17 22:09:42

...In My Mumsnet...and when changed click on Save

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