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The winter colours thread part 2...

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QueenCadbury Tue 19-Nov-13 12:29:37

Are you a winter colouring? If so come and join us for chat about clothes/make up following on from here.

MrPop Wed 12-Mar-14 17:39:57

Thought I would finish the thread with a link to part 3...see you over there

flipflopsam Wed 12-Mar-14 14:31:48

Hi All, I've been reading this thread for a while but never posted, and I thought I should thank you for your lipstick recommendations!

Kosher I love the Revlon Bordeaux Lipgloss, and Sorrel I bought Prohibition which is also good. I recently spotted the "Goth Glam" range in Collection 2000 - perfect for us winters! I especially like Seduction No1, and it was ridiculously cheap at something like £2.99, but a much nicer texture than the HOC lipsticks>

SorrelForbes Tue 11-Mar-14 20:43:33

I'm a Jewel Winter too and love the Collection 2000 in Prohibition.

Fooogle Tue 11-Mar-14 20:36:32

Thanks maraki, I'm a jewel winter I think. I have blush bought two more from the random eBay seller (interestingly it's most of the winter ones that have sold out so perhaps you're all snaffling them too!) I am a terrible lipstick acquirer... I agree about hoc texture though. They're not the most moisturising of lipsticks and a bit solid somehow... I will look at plumfull when I'm near a mac counter for sure.

Style day ahead sounds exciting grin. One day I'll take the plunge.

Maraki Tue 11-Mar-14 20:28:03

foogle I cannot recommend Mac's Plumfull enough. Its a cool dark pink with a hint of purple which looks natural on winters (I am a burnished winter too). Revlons lip butter in red velvet, although hard to find, is a great burgundy colour. Its dark without too much pigment so its not too 80s. I find that the texture of the HOC lipsticks is very 80s.

Personally I am going through a red phase. I tried Mac's iconic Ruby Woo and I was blown away by how great it looked on me. However, I cannot justify ANOTHER lipstick purchase blush

I've booked my style day for the end of the month. Its been a year since being diagnosed as a winter and going back to my natural (brown) hair colour, so I am ready for the follow up. I cannot wait!!

Fooogle Tue 11-Mar-14 19:42:42

Are you a teacher gruff? I need child proof clothes for home so mostly end up in jeans and a top...!
Tried a red lipstick today. Not sure if I actually prefer the fuchsia... Anyone tried magenta?

TheGruffalo2 Mon 10-Mar-14 20:14:58

I think people are just about used to me in my bright pink or red lipstick now! Well at least no one comments on it at work any more, and they ask if I'm feeling OK if I don't wear it. Still haven't got the work wardrobe cracked yet as they need to be child-proof but warm and smart.

Fooogle Mon 10-Mar-14 19:55:14

How was your sorting pink?

I am having a lipstick wobble! Wore my hoc 62 again today. Just feel like it could a) either look really nice and right and enhance my eyes or b) look like I've gone mad and become 80s throwback. It's just not a being a bit natural kind of colour is it?! Is there a natural look or should I make self accept its an always wearing makeup look at be proud?!

I've got glosses and things but I do think this is a good shade, I just panic every so often!
Anyone else have these angst ?!

pinkflaming0 Sun 09-Mar-14 09:11:24

Not really been on the look out for mole till now rose. Had heard it mentioned but wasn't sure what colour it was. Suspecting I was a winter I was a bit worried that one of my favourite handbags was a shade of brown. I was wearing navy and white yesterday with it and it turns out to be mole (and has silver buckle etc.) - perfect.

May have to give my almost new dark brown bag with gold zips etc. to my dark autumn friend though!

Going to spend the morning going thru my wardrobe, clearing out and making a list of items I need...

MissScatterbrain Sun 09-Mar-14 08:22:43

I rarely see mole in the shops - but Phase Eight and Mint Velvet sometimes use this colour (usually called something else such as mocha though).

That Boden dress is ££ and given how I get most of my dresses from there that's saying something! I would wait for a big sale.

KosherBacon Sun 09-Mar-14 08:12:24

Crikey that dress is expensive for a boden dress. It's also made of viscose and polyester, so not the best fabrics.

Also has anybody noticed it's nearly time for the 3rd part of the winters thread?

roseinwinter Sun 09-Mar-14 07:46:28

I think maybe this (but it's hard to tell the colour on screen):

roseinwinter Sun 09-Mar-14 07:44:47

Glad you had a good time pink. Yay another burnished!
Mole was one of my best colours - and one of the few I really agree looked good on me. Have you- orMissS - seen any nice mole tops or dresses recently?

MissScatterbrain Sun 09-Mar-14 07:40:34

I think people who are on the cusp of their season are harder to diagnose - much more interesting to watch though. As discussed upthread, some of us winters have more "neutral" skin tones so are not as easy to place as other winters who are clearly cool and clear.

I find that I have to wear lipstick to bring out the contrasts in my colouring - without it I look meh and rather muted.

pinkflaming0 Sat 08-Mar-14 21:37:26

Yes, she is experienced Fooogle - she said some people are much harder to diagnose. But once I was diagnosed as burnished I was totally sold on it - as you can probably tell smile

With my friend the diagnosis was obvious almost immediately to all three of us.

Fooogle Sat 08-Mar-14 21:25:42

pink glad you were confirmed! Was your consultant experienced? I felt I took a long time to be definitely decided upon and wondered if some are people are just hard to decide or depends on the consultant?... Mine was good but relatively new so I felt anxious going with it as previously a spring... Anyway! Won't bang on about that again grin

Got my random hoc ebay purchases today. None amazing but cheap grin. Lipstick in wine red (more pink on me) is the best. It's all in old packaging but all perfectly fine and new... Still obsessing over lippies. Think i really like myself in 63 (is that it, dark fuschia is the shade) though sometimes I feel a bit tarty!

I'm going through my wardrobe and editing things out that are definite spring colours - coral, more washy blues though keep panicking that I may still need them. Hope to goodness it's not wrong that I'm a winter!

Anyone good at finding patterned things?Finding that hard to get...

pinkflaming0 Sat 08-Mar-14 21:24:29

Hi MissS - mole is excellent on me but not wow. Consultant was surprised how good it looked near my face as apparently for most winters it's a below the waist colour.

Thanks for the recommendation Kosher smile

KosherBacon Sat 08-Mar-14 21:18:58

Sounds like a wonderful day. I like how she didn't know what you'd been rated as before. You sound quite like me, the ice colours look terrible on me. I am not sure if I am a sultry or burnished winter (or what the difference is between them all either). Can I recommend this lipgloss to help you get going At £3.45 you can't say no.

MissScatterbrain Sat 08-Mar-14 20:59:48

Glad you had a good session - your best colours are similar to mine except that I have more dark colours (black, mole & indigo). I love burgundy and have recently re-discovered it.

pinkflaming0 Sat 08-Mar-14 20:46:49

And the result is...burnished winter - yay!

I went with a friend, I went first and it took ages. The consultant asked me not to say what I'd ben diagnosed as before. I thought I could see that the cool colours suited me best but with some it was at best marginal and with others it was the other way round. Once we'd got to cool she said it would probably then be easier to tell if clear or muted - bit no, that took ages too.

The consultant even said I would be a good example to go to Head Office for trainee consultants to practice on as I was so challenging to diagnose!

When I was diagnosed before (about 25 years ago - gulp!) I was just told I was a winter, I didn't get any swatches and the colours weren't rated.

The rating was brilliant. I could see that the colours I'd thought of as being typical winter e.g. electric blue, cerise and the ice colours are the least good on me. My wow colours are charcoal, navy (both of which I've got plenty of), lobelia, raspberry, pine green and burgundy (which I would never, ever have picked beforehand but my friend said was best).

The burgundy lipstick (I thought 'Ugh no') was a revelation - I had to buy it.

So glad to have been confirmed as a winter and with the burnished twist it makes so much more sense. I am sure now it's right whereas before I wasn't confident enough to fully go with it.

My make up is largely right but I need to rethink lipstick a bit. Am really looking forward to adding some of my new colours to my wardrobe.

My friend was an easily diagnosed dark autumn - thank goodness or we would have been there all day! As it was we were there over an hour longer than anticipated but the consultant didn't rush us at all.

Will look back through the thread for some lipstick suggestions.

Happy bunny grin

KosherBacon Sat 08-Mar-14 06:47:16

Pink- good luck! They say you should stay in the same colour family but your colour preferences might change, so you might go from being a sultry winter to a jewel winter etc. enjoy the day.

Fooogle Sat 08-Mar-14 06:37:32

pink fingers crossed for you!

pinkflaming0 Fri 07-Mar-14 19:24:41

Being analysed tomorrow - really hope I come out as a winter (like I did about 25 years ago!).

givemeaminute Fri 07-Mar-14 12:51:08

If anyone is looking for a bright mac / trench coat, this one might be worth a look. Seems like a good colour.

Used2bthin Thu 06-Mar-14 22:07:50

Oh no sorry I dyed Cotton stuff I think (the top I still have is cotton anyway)

I wore the emerald lands end cardi today with a navy blouse and grey trousers (to work) , really love the emerald colour it was perfect. Hope the blue and pink ones I ordered will be as bright.

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