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Have you used the Brazilian Hair Straightening / Blow-Dry Home Keratin Treatment from Amazon?

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nobodysfool Wed 22-May-13 13:11:35

I have read lots of threads about this kit and people seem to rave about it to reduce the frizziness in hair but I remember reading a while back that some contain formaldehyde and I concerned that this one contains it. I have read the ingredients but am unsure if formaldehyde goes by other chemical names?
Just worried I'll do damage to myself for the sake of frizz free hair.
Any ideas?

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Sun 30-Jun-13 11:34:15

carriedaway that was me! i couldn't find mine and did it without them grin found them on the instructions afterwards! blush

DisappointedHorse Sun 30-Jun-13 12:32:53

I've ordered mine! The thought of being able to just blast it dry on holiday or even leave it to dry has me a bit excited! I'll do it next weekend if its arrived by then.

Which shampoos are you all using?

Hopasholic Sun 30-Jun-13 13:43:42

I use this one with the conditioner and serum in the same range. Bought mine from amazon as I'm a prime customer (free delivery and needed next day) but they sometimes do offers in boots. It smells really nice.

oreoaddict Mon 01-Jul-13 18:20:39

Ok, done! smile smile

Well it took the full 3 hours and my arms really did cramp, but yep, I agree, it's definitely worth it.

The clarifying shampoo made my hair soooo squeaky clean. Was a little worried it was going to be really big and frizzy without the conditioner, but obviously, that was only a temporary side effect. Actually though, it wasn't that bad. It was frizzy yeah, but it wasn't as frizzy as it would have been just using a normal shampoo and no conditioner.

So I have to confess, I was embarrassingly really nervous about putting in the treatment, because I felt completely clueless and I have so much hair! I just didn't know where to start! I kept it about 2 cm away from my scalp cos I was really paranoid about my hair getting greasy. At this stage I couldn't see how this could try not greasy. My hair was completely saturated, but I was trying to make sure that it wasn't. I used just over 3/4 of the tub, which surprised me cos I have really long, really thick hair so assumed I'd use it all.

I waited about 25 minutes and then I began to dry my hair. Ok, this bit's the worst bit. Yes, I had warnings that your eyes sting, but my god! My eyes streamed! and when I breathed it in, it was so strong. I actually felt like I'd done myself some damage and I'll definitely be invested in some kind of mask next time. Eventually I just kind blind dried my hair, which was actually fine. It felt crunchy before I dried, but as soon as the heat hit it, it actually felt quite soft and smooth. I still can't get how my hair doesn't feel heavy and greasy after all that treatment, it's weird, but it just doesn't.

By this stage I could already feel my hair was in better condition. The straightening was fairly straight forward, although I sectioned it into really small pieces, so as I said before, it took a looooong time. I used the heat 'resistant' gloves, but for me, the heat still got through and they just irritated me, so I abandoned them in the end. My fingers weren't too bad though.

My hair feels clean, smooth, but yeah, it is a tad flatter than I'd usually wear it. It's not terrible though! My GF say's she'll go out with me tonight, so it can't be that bad grin Oh and I'm not finding it too hard not tying it back, or putting it behind my ears, which is something I thought I'd really struggle with. It's only been a few hours though confused

I'll report back after the first wash.


ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Mon 01-Jul-13 18:41:12

oh oreo yay!!! grin you've finally done it!

it definitely won't be flat after the initial wash in three days.

i was just coming on to ask how realistic the 12 weeks is? mine has been on for maybe 3 and feels like its wearing off quite quickly.

and my scalp isn't in very good condition. it has gone really flaky confused and i can't use a special shampoo for that or it'll strip the keratin.

i have a haircut booked for Monday and im not going to tell her I've done it Im going to see if she can see an improvement hair without me saying what I've done.

Hopasholic Mon 01-Jul-13 21:20:10

Woohoo! grin no need to change your nickname after all!

Glad you're happy with it though smile

I'm also having mine cut and coloured this weekend as the greys are taking over........ If only I could solve that one too......

Happy swishing fellow Brazilians!

DharmaLovesDraco Tue 02-Jul-13 08:29:02

Dear god I've bought it too, you are all clearly a bad influence!

I have a question though, if I put it on Friday morning can I wash it Sunday or is it best to wait until Monday morning?
Presumably I won't be able to exercise whilst its on either as I sweat alot

oreoaddict Tue 02-Jul-13 08:53:32

coco nooooooooooooo! It's wearing off already confused That sucks! Did you have dandruff before you had the Brazilian? I'm a bit worried cos I always used to use head and shoulders, so I guess we'll see.

Hopasholic, no, no need to change my nickname grin Yeah, I'm happy with it so far, but feeling a tad greasy this morning and it's definitely flatter than it was yesterday. Think I'm going to struggle not tying it back tomorrow.

Draco, you need to wait 72 hours, so definitely don't wash it on sunday or you'll be undoing all your hard work! Good luck!

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 02-Jul-13 10:07:25

its not even dandruff i have now it's like my scalp is scabby envy <--- vom!

and yeah feels like it definitely is curling and kinking more.

oreoaddict Tue 02-Jul-13 10:17:35

That's weird. I haven't heard of that being a side effect before. How much of the pot did you use? What shampoo and conditioner are you using? I've heard 10 weeks is more realistic than 12, but 3?! Let's be honest, that's taking the piss really! So is it frizzing too? Or is it just curling more?

I have to confess, I've already caved with the typing back blush Well actually, I've bobby pinned it off my face at the sides. It was doing my head in this morning and I really did look like the girl from the ring confused Not a good look! I'm just going to straighten in again when I take the pins out later.

Not looking forward to tomorrow. Think I'll be doing the school run incognito grin

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 02-Jul-13 10:21:33

i used just under half but i could have used more. im using the tresemme keratin one.

it isn't frizzing at the mo but it is going a bit fluffy in the rain/damp.

oreoaddict Tue 02-Jul-13 11:13:57

hmmmm bizarre. Do you think you'll put more on next time?

I was going to use the Brazilian Organix range, but I heard some bad reviews so I'm not sure now.

With the sodium free shampoos, do you not get a lather? I usually wash my hair once otherwise it goes really fluffy and actually, it doesn't usually last as long, so I should I wash my hair twice with this stuff? Oh and I remember someone saying that you need to use less conditioner than you used to because your hair doesn't really need it. How much less?

oreoaddict Tue 02-Jul-13 11:15:00

Oh and I meant the organix shampoo btw

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 02-Jul-13 11:20:49

i get a good lather with the tresemme one and only wash it once.

and yes i use about half the conditioner i used to use before.

oreoaddict Tue 02-Jul-13 12:10:59

ah ok. Just got a free sample from my local hairdressers of the joico sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. Guess I'll give this a go first considering it's free!

MustTidyUpMustTidyUp Tue 02-Jul-13 14:45:20

Have been lurking for a while. Think I might take the plunge... Having a cut and highlights next week so will wait until after but could do without being a frizz ball for 10 days when I go on hol in August.
Have the same concerns as some of you re I hate my hair v straight and like it big and bouncy. But would like to eliminate the frizz and for it to be acceptable without a daily blow dry esp when I can't be arsed on holiday.
So, I think you've convinced me that t won't be flat as a pancake after first wash. Best order then.

oreoaddict Tue 02-Jul-13 16:33:03

must yeah give it a gosmile

Another question- Did anyone re straighten their hair, even if it hadn't kinked? I read a couple of reviews where people said they re straightened on day 2 and 3 just to make sure the treatment had really penetrated the hair. Oh and did everyone else did really small sections? I didn't, but I went over it 7 times as recommended, but I'm not wondering if the sections were small enough.

MustTidyUpMustTidyUp Tue 02-Jul-13 21:04:22

oreo watch this
He uses very small sections.

MustTidyUpMustTidyUp Tue 02-Jul-13 21:04:46

Anyone done this straight after highlights?

oreoaddict Wed 03-Jul-13 13:45:06

Must thanks for the link. I think you have to wait a week or 2 before you colour your hair.

I have one more day before I can wash my hair. Really excited because right now, I look like someone has just painted my hair on. Was supposed to be going out tonight.......think I'll cancel. Can't remember if you can use dry shampoo at the roots or not.

oreoaddict Wed 03-Jul-13 13:46:20

Must, read your post wrong. Yeah, I think you can do it straight after colouring.

MustTidyUpMustTidyUp Wed 03-Jul-13 13:46:54

Can use it on third day apparently.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Wed 03-Jul-13 21:39:05

You can colour two weeks after keratin application but can apply keratin straight after colour. if that makes sense.

Yes to dry shampoo oreo. I used loads lol grin

Hopasholic Wed 03-Jul-13 22:48:58

I can tell mine is wearing off too sad just shy of 3 weeks.

However I forgot to leave it on for a while before blow drying, ( don't think it says to in the instructions but notice others have left it for 20 min or so) bit over enthusiastic I think grin so maybe that's why.

It's not back to its pre treatment frizz bomb but definitely curlier than it was after application.

I used 3/4 of the pot. As I'm having it coloured on Saturday, I don't want to do it again before my holiday which is on two weeks so by then I guess I'm gonna have the Monica holiday Barnett sad


MustTidyUpMustTidyUp Wed 03-Jul-13 22:56:09

Which product did you use hopa? The amazon one?
How are the rest of you finding it lasts?

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