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Silverstar2 Wed 01-May-13 15:16:24

hello and welcome!

SingingSilver Tue 02-Jul-13 13:58:15

I don't think bra intervention works for me confused

I'm a 38 band, and a D cup size. Going by my bra intervention numbers I should be looking at a FF, G or GG. I tried some FFs and Gs in M&S today and they were too roomy. I did size up to a DD though, which fits me better.

I think my problem is that I have empty post BFing boobs, so the leaning forward at 90 degrees bit may give a false impression of what actually sits in my bra!

singing what are your measurements and did you scoop?

CalamityKate Tue 02-Jul-13 14:25:00

Sooo glad I came across these threads!

I've spent years in a 36DD but measured properly the other day and got a 34F and it fits! Would have tried the FF but they don't do that size and I suspect it would have been a shade too big.

All my old bras gave me a double boob and forced my boobs together so I was forever rummaging about yanking them apart and back into the cup. I must be so thick for it never to have occurred to me that they were the wrong size!

I went round my friends last night and she said "Ooh your boobs look nice!" They really do - just a lovely shape under clothes. This has been a revelation. Thank you bra ladies! X

SorrelForbes Tue 02-Jul-13 14:27:03

That's fabulous news CalamityKate A properly fitting bra makes such a difference.

SingingSilver Tue 02-Jul-13 15:04:08

Statistically My measurements were 38 around the ribs and 46 inches at 90 degrees, so a G. (or FF/GG.)

Are you supposed to lean over and then pull the tape round your boobs firmly, because that's where I may have gone wrong.

Is scooping where you arrange everything in the cups? I did do that, but not extensively!

My M&S fitting room lady was very huffy though, and the second time I came in she was like 'Am I going to be running round after you all day?' I only took in two lots of three bras and I did the backs up and replaced them the proper way on the hangers.

it sounds like you measured right. I would suggest diversifying from m and s. ime their bras are all the same damn shape so might not be any good for you. how was the 38 back? does it feel firm and can it be pulled more than an inch or two

SorrelForbes Tue 02-Jul-13 15:27:20

SingingSilver The M&S fitter said what???!!!! Bloody hell, how rude. I'd definitely be writing a complaint.

SingingSilver Tue 02-Jul-13 15:54:00

The back fitted really well I think. The straps felt a bit tight, but I can play around with them. I'll have a look around in Debenhams next time I go in, and do some more trying on.

She just looked fed up in general Sorrell maybe there has been a big increase in women walking in with three different sizes to try on! I shouldn't have let her intimidate me. I think I'll give the fitting room person advance warning next time!

HotCrossBunsForAll Tue 02-Jul-13 18:07:27

OK, I'm new to this, totally. M&S measured me as a 38B, have been thinking it's a bit wrong. This morning I did the scoopy back fat everything into the cup when leaning forwards and my boobs were literally cut in half! I need a different size, yes?

RubberBullets Tue 02-Jul-13 18:10:22

Yep. Can you measure yourself and post them on here? No bra, tight underboob and then bend over 90 degrees so your boobs are dangling to the floor and loose overboob.

sparkle12mar08 Tue 02-Jul-13 18:42:03

Hotcross - if they've added four to the back you're more likely to be a 34E. Post your under and over measurements as described, and lets see.

CalamityKate Tue 02-Jul-13 19:07:27

Ooh help for a friend please!
Just been to see another chum (who also noticed improved boobage <preen>) and we measured her.
She measures at - and is wearing - a 34 band size. However we found her cuppage awkward to fit. She wears a D but its clearly too small. By the correct measurements she's something like a G! But that's because she's got sort of long boobs rather than much fullness. Also she's got about a 3 inch gap between the top of her boobs where the gore sits so although she's spilling out of a D, when she tried my F on (34 band) she sort of had room either side of her boobs where they weren't filling the cup sideways.


A different style maybe? All her bras are under wired and plunge type.

Shape issue most likely - it sounds like she has boobs where they have a relatively small area of contact with her body (i.e. quite a narrow root) and quite wide spread. Does that sound right?

CalamityKate Tue 02-Jul-13 19:40:28


CalamityKate Tue 02-Jul-13 19:43:05

By the by - my bra straps always used to slip off my shoulders before. I assumed it was because I'm a bit round shouldered but this new one doesnt seem to slip at all. Is this a byproduct of a better fit or just luck?

sparkle12mar08 Tue 02-Jul-13 19:56:57

Slipping straps are nearly always due to a poor fit - mostly too big a back. So you're right, it's a definite plus!

By product of better fit - shoulder slippage is a classic sign of the back being too big smile

OK, so what your friend probably needs is a bra which has quite a deep but relatively narrow cup. Our resident guru recommends the following for that shape

"You need a cup that is longer and narrower than most. (Imagine that your boobs project forward in a tubular/rugby ball shape rather than being round.) This in why none of the wires sit back properly, or when they do, the cups then point downwards, push apart or boob spills over the top.
It's like trying to put on a square shoe!

The following bras should work.

Bravissimo Aleya or Boudoir Beau

Panache Jasmine and Idina.

Freya Rio

Almost any current Cleo non-padded balconette style. Meg and Marcie run big but most of the others are true to size.

CalamityKate Tue 02-Jul-13 20:13:53

Thank you so much!

Although they still look as if they've got really narrow gores. Honestly the gap between her boobs is a lot wider than any bra I've seen.

They're beautiful bras though - I will pass all this on. Thanks again! X

These ones are more focused on the narrow/deep cups than the gores as the cup shape is the more pressing issue in most cases.

Canalside Tue 02-Jul-13 21:23:42

Help me, please...

I'm breastfeeding, and to start with all I could stand to wear were the bravado body silk seamless bras. When things settled and I decided I needed more support, I trotted off to Bravissimo, where I was fitted as a 34 GG. I came out with a couple of Royce Charlottes, and a Royce Sadie. Initially I was pretty happy, except with the deeply unflattering shape but figured that was what I had to put up with.

Now they've stretched (and I've lost a bit of weight) so that the back is on the tightest hook and still rides up. I decided to try some Anita underwired ones - 32I and 32J. The 32J was far too big in the cup, the 32I was better, still a little wrinkled at the top of the cups, but the central gore was definitely not flat. The cups didn't seem too small, and in the larger size it didn't sit flat either. I wore the 32I for a few hours this morning, when I took it off my boobs were SORE, so it's definitely going back!

I measured myself as a 31 under bust, and a 41 over bust. Am I stuck with Royce bras till I stop feeding? I really need some decent support, and to look a normal shape would be good too. I used to get round the central gore issue by wearing plunge styles pre-pregnancy, as my boobs have quite a wide base on the chest wall, and sit close together.

Thank you!

marriednotdead Tue 02-Jul-13 21:49:06

Hi Canalside

A couple of nursing styles worth a try for a decent shape.

Panache Sophie. Very generous in the band so round down to a 30 and go up to GG or H at least.

A new Royce one, Blossom. Comes in a triple cup size so 32G/GG/H. I tried it (32G) so adjusted to smallest and was very pleasantly surprised.

HotCrossBunsForAll Tue 02-Jul-13 22:41:53

My straps are constantly falling down! I'll measure and report back tomorrow smile

Canalside Wed 03-Jul-13 10:32:12

Thanks marriednotdead, I'll give those a go!

I bet if someone designed a decent, supportive, comfortable, attractive nursing bra that gives a good shape they'd make a fortune...!

RubberBullets Wed 03-Jul-13 12:38:21

I'm looking at the Ewa Michalak website and just tried out their calculator. They put me at 36GG while Bravissimo put me in a 36K. 36K does seem right to me, 36J was too small. Which size would you suggest I go for? My measurements are 37 and 51 and am looking at nursing bras.

SorrelForbes Wed 03-Jul-13 13:06:10

I find their sizes a bit random tbh. I am usually a 30GG and needed a 32G in the CH Toffik, a 32GG in the CH Bizkopty and a 30GG in the CH Cappucino.

The CH Onyx in the 30GG was too small in the cup, the CHP Amethyst in a 32GG was too big in the band and the cup!

Bratabase has lots of EM bra measurements which you could compare to one of your bras? I'd probably just order my usual size and go from there.

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