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I want to warn you about using H&M Online

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Gloribe Tue 15-Nov-11 10:57:01

Myself and several other people I know have had very bad experiences with the new H&M online shop. Deliveries are late (two weeks plus) and they send you text messages to tell you it will be delivered 'within 48 hours'. In my case and another friend's case, this didn't happen- it was over a week after the text message before the delivery arrived. However if you're not there to accept the order, you must pay £9 for re-delivery. Customer service responded to my complaint by sending me a link to their latest collection and telling me they made several attempts to deliver the order. (Not true). If you need anything in a hurry, or are ordering presents etc, I would advise you to look elsewhere or go to an actual shop. The stress and hassle is not worth it.

cwtch4967 Tue 15-Nov-11 10:59:13

To be fair it could be a courier problem in your area.

Miette Tue 15-Nov-11 10:59:21

I found they took ages too. Pretty poor when you have been used to an online service as good as Next

Gloribe Tue 15-Nov-11 10:59:40

No, it was several people with similar experiences in different areas.

SemperUbiSubUbi Tue 15-Nov-11 11:00:59

Hmmm the flipside to your OP is my experience with them.

Ordered a new coat for DS on the Monday afternoon, received a text message on Wednesday 8am to say it will be delivered within 48 hours, got a knock on the door at 11.30am and there was my complete order delivered by a lovely, polite and friendly man.

No complaint here.

DayToNightBarbie Tue 15-Nov-11 11:09:53

However if you're not there to accept the order, you must pay £9 for re-delivery.

Oh my god, that's appalling! I've ordered from them before and found it took quite a while for the stuff to arrive. Otherwise, no probs although I wasn't overly impressed by their website. It seemed poorly laid out in comparison with the likes of Topshop and New Look. Maybe their web ordering service is a bit of an afterthought compared with the bricks and mortar shopping experience. I think they've only started offering online shopping fairly recently.

SemperUbiSubUbi Tue 15-Nov-11 11:13:25

Surely if you read the T&C before ordering you know theres a charge so would either arrnage to stay in or have it delivered to a neighbour?

I agree their website isnt that good, I think it started off just as a webiste to look at the current collections or whatever they are called and then they started letting you shop online.

The easiest way to shop from home with H&M is by catalogue, you can order over the phone or by post.

mummymccar Tue 15-Nov-11 11:19:33

I've used twice - first time because they left something out of my package. Waited a few days to see if it was being sent separately and then contacted them. Turns out they had a note on their system to say they hadn't delivered it but hadn't bothered getting in touch. By the time they sorted it all out the item was out of stock. They gave me a refund and a voucher to use online by way of apology. Spent the voucher and was given an expected delivery date. I was ordering something for my holiday in May and left plenty of time for it to be delivered. Should have been delivered a month before. Actually received it a month after the holiday. Another of the three items was listed as available, expected delivery within two weeks, then suddenly changed to September without notification. The third item arrived on time but because of the split delivery dates they emailed me to say that my voucher didn't work anymore because the amount spent on each order was too low. They'd decided to split it up into three separate orders and charge me for each individually. Contacted H&M and it was eventually sorted out. They sent me another voucher to apologise but I refused it. Wouldn't buy from them online again. Awful service.
Love their stores though!

Gloribe Tue 15-Nov-11 11:20:09

Surely if you read the T&C before ordering you know theres a charge so would either arrnage to stay in or have it delivered to a neighbour?

As I mentioned in the OP, H&M texted me to say delivery will be 'within 48 hours' which, aside from being a very fucking wide time frame in any case, was complete bollocks as it arrived one week after this.

theowlwhowasafraidofthedark Tue 15-Nov-11 11:21:08

I've had a bad experience with them too. I would not use again

thegirlwiththegirdle Wed 16-Nov-11 09:03:39

v glad this has popped up here. Have just spent 48 hrs waiting for a no-show courier to collect items I want to return (after general trauma of delivery that reflects op's experience). Spoke to H&M and said that 48hr window was incase of problems their end - that's no help to me if I've arranged to be in one place for 48 huors. Not happy - I think they need to sort their act out, especially if this day and age when online shopping is quick and easy. I'd have expected this sort of inconvenience about 5 yrs ago.

vix1980 Wed 16-Nov-11 09:23:58

Ive not had a problem with receiving something from them but try retruning an item to them and it turns into a battlefield, tried taking it to the post office, the sticker they give you is not freepost as they say it is, so i ring up to arrange a courier, they say if you have to go out where will you leave item- told them behind our bins and arranged for collection on monday morning.

returned home monday evening to find parcel still sat there, phoned next day to hear when they specify a time for collection what they actually mean is 48 hours either side,to cut a long story short re arranged it for every day last week waiting in, i work from home so would be in anyway, actually given up all hope then saturday tea time had an arrogant man knock around half 5, saying he had tried to pick the parcel up earlier in the week,er no you hadnt cos ive been in all week!!!

now noticed they have returned 2 things to my account (which by the way i didnt ask to be set up) and are saying i havent returned a coat and pair of trouers, which id already rung 3 times to say i hadnt ever recieved them so how can i return them???? Ill never ever use h&m online again, its seriously not worth the hassle, and im dreading my phone bill this month

Gloribe Wed 16-Nov-11 09:47:13

From this thread it's clear they don't give two flying fucks about their customers. They take your money and then you can go swivel. I've had better customer service from private sellers on eBay, who don't have massive H&M budgets. I do most of my shopping online (including groceries) and have never experienced anything as dire as H&M. They also do not address complaints seriously and if anything are dismissive. However there is plenty of competition out there and in future I will spend my money elsewhere. And I buy a lot of clothes. Fuck you Hennes.

happymschicken Wed 16-Nov-11 10:14:29

Another vote for crap service from H&M.

Took parcel to PO on Friday and it cost me £4 to send it back. Always had exceptional service from Next and ASOS so won't be using H&M online again. There's really no excuse for crap customer service in this day and age.

thegirlwiththegirdle Wed 16-Nov-11 10:22:28

Ha! I've just emailed them to put my complaint in writing and received a reply saying that due to a 'technical problem' they won't be able to reply to my email. Seems awfully convenient.

Gloribe Wed 16-Nov-11 10:31:22

I've contacted the MP Louise Mensch as consumer rights are on her agenda following her own bad experiences.!/LouiseMensch/status/135366872060280832

Zacsbird Wed 16-Nov-11 10:36:41

I ordered from them for the first and last time back in September. A complete nightmare, website is utterly crap, customer service did try to help but were clueless.

Claimed package was un-deliverable so was sent back to the depot even though nobody had contacted me to let me know it was being delivered. Re-ordered, then told I would have to wait for items now out of stock so not sure when second parcel would be sent out.

A week later they contacted me to tell me the payment had failed, I queried how if the original package had been sent out? Apparently the original payment had been returned and then re-requested. I hadn't seen anything going in or out of my bank account and the order was for over £100 so not an amount I would miss. So, I rang the bank and no payments had been taken or out put back into my account! It was at this point I decided to give up and cancelled the order, wishing I'd just gone the store in the first place!

I got an e-mail thanking me for placing my order 2 hours after I'd cancelled it, says it all really.

BikeRunSki Wed 16-Nov-11 10:36:52

I have used the online service twice, awful experiences both times, will not be doing so again.

KatMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 16-Nov-11 11:03:50

Hi, we're going to move this to 'Style and Beauty', as we think it's best suited there.

JaneFeestelijkBierdekijn Wed 16-Nov-11 11:08:42

I had trouble trying to return things to the shop. They can't accept returns. It was a pair of those cheapy Hasbeen sandals and they arrived with a broken strap hmm

Actually they might have broken after I wore them for about 2 hours in the house, can't remember now - but I knew on the day they arrived that they were no good.

I had to pay to return them via the post office, it took WEEKS for H&M to acknowledge receipt and refund (if they ever did - not sure if it even happened).
Nightmare. And nothing is ever in stock.

TeaMakesItBetter Wed 16-Nov-11 11:36:08

Glad I saw this link, I was just about to order a bag online after receiving a voucher. Sounds like it's just not worth the hassle especially when you're used to such great service and free returns from ASOS and Next.

Sidge Wed 16-Nov-11 11:38:37

Hmm I've ordered twice from them in the last few months and had no problems at all.

But then I've not had to make any returns.

BlueRedGreen Wed 16-Nov-11 11:44:58

I left a note on the door asking the courier to leave the item in the porch, no signature required, and had no problems. Didn't have to wait in, courier took my note as proof for his records.

lampli Wed 16-Nov-11 12:05:19

I ordered several items the other day, only because they have been out of stock for ages in the shop. I assumed it would all be coming in one parcel but looking at the estimated delivery dates I think I might have to wait in for 3 different parcels. I have logged into the website to check and I keep getting a message saying "It's not you, it's us" which is all very well but I have been trying for days.

I find couriers inconvenient, and I prefer to buy from sites which use parcelforce so that I can collect the items myself from the depot.

ellangirl Wed 16-Nov-11 13:17:30

In their defence, a lot is to do with their local couriers. Here it's the same lady for both next and H&m for example, who is great. I've never paid for redelivery. I admit it take a while to get things, but not more than they have told me. I don't have a problem with the website either.

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