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We Wise ladies Avidly are buying gifts that traverse afar...l

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bunnymother Tue 23-Nov-10 15:13:41

Oh my God, I choked (try and hum along to We Three Kings...)!! But here is the new thread.

bunnymother Tue 23-Nov-10 15:19:39

Thanks for the v kind wishes, Wise Ladies!! Am meant to be in self imposed bed rest, but cannot relax as there are so many a few things I want to get done. Example - sitting here at desk w freshly (albeit VERY badly) painted toes... Just would not do to go with scrappy nails!

Either DH or myself will update you tomorrow and will put photos up on Facebook of little Emmeline and Aurelia. How exciting!!!

Also, apparently you can PM several people at once is how -you-PM-several-people-at-once

bunnymother Tue 23-Nov-10 15:21:27

Or even using this link

OllieWollieWoo Tue 23-Nov-10 15:32:22

Marking place with a bunny like baby bootie!

DTI10 Tue 23-Nov-10 15:51:48

Hope all goes well tomorrow bunnymother. I don't know you as well as the other W&A's but just wanted to give my best wishes. Can you post a photo on here too (when you have the time??).


pickledsiblings Tue 23-Nov-10 16:03:30

love the painted toes bunny smile

Am I the only one to be excited about seeing/hearing the real live action WIT lady blush?

bloss well done on getting some teaching. I work 2.5hrs per week from home atm, and it is enough for me. It is constantly on my mind until it is over and done with IYKWIM, even though I really enjoy it (and the extra spending money for W&A purchases).

I feel like I have earned my place here now since I was the fist one to link to the warehouse scarf grin. Glad that you are all enjoying it!

blossoming Tue 23-Nov-10 16:40:18

Finally, up on my profile, a selection of my sewing projects ready for my stall next week (gulp!!). If you fancy anything pm me and we'll sort it!

OllieWollieWoo Tue 23-Nov-10 16:42:45

Gosh Bloss - you are clever - they are all fab! I'm going to PM with an order - this could be the start of something big for you - the new Pedlars!

Bonsoir Tue 23-Nov-10 16:55:25

Good luck bunnymother!

traceybath Tue 23-Nov-10 17:11:40

Bloss - they look fab!

Bunny - I spent the night before having DD painting nails and fake tanning. The Obs Dr who did my c-section even commented on the lovely colour of my toenails grin

Dolcee - friend went into Plain English shop in T recently and was very disappointed with the service. Now granted she does on the surface look a little scruffy sometimes but she said they just kept going on about prices in a very pointed manner which was rather silly of them as the kitchen was well within her budget.

We've stalled I think on the house front - unfortunately everything we like is over our budget at the moment so may just stick it here for another 6 months when hopefully our budget will have increased. And I don't see prices going up around here in the imminent future.

carciofi Tue 23-Nov-10 17:27:48

Poly, don't know of any Lily and Lionel codes at the moment. The scarf on eBay is actually mine! Selling because the colours don't suit me.

Bloss, congrats on the job. J Brand do nice black skinny jeans that would pass as trousers.

Those Plain English kitchens are lovely. I can't wait to buy somewhere and do it up. Don't think prices in Dublin are going up any time soon so no rush.

DD was not overly impressed with Santa Claus and kept telling him, "I want to see Santa now." At least she wasn't scared!

Zembo, look after yourself.

Bunny, good luck!

pickledsiblings Tue 23-Nov-10 17:42:47

Are any of you lovely London ladies going to this event - hells? It's all for a good cause and you could pare down your wardrobe at the same time. Not to mention the glamour of it all smile.

ApuskiDusky Tue 23-Nov-10 17:45:49

Bunny, I wanted to pop back in to wish you all the very best for tomorrow!! How exciting!!

LetThemEatCake Tue 23-Nov-10 18:38:03

just rushing in to mark place and show you what my dc and I have just been bopping out to


highly recommend for slightly cringey feelgoodness!!

and maybe some inspiration for the Romas and ABOs among us? grin

bunny everything crossed for you!! can't wait to hear the news and see the beautiful pics!! Well done on the toes, totally agree on the essential nature of a pre-labour/CS pedi! Bonne (bun?) chance!!

notyummy Tue 23-Nov-10 19:27:21

Good luck Bunny.

Love the stuff Blossoming - will have a better look again later.

Loving the Hansom link LTEC. DD and I love the McFly song 'Star Girl' that they play on the R1 Breakfast show every Friday. (It's McFlyday!) We sing it to each other over the cereal!

40deniertights Tue 23-Nov-10 19:31:19

Wanted to add my best wishes bunny.

On a different note, I went out in my new beret today and new boots and felt very nice!

rufus101 Tue 23-Nov-10 19:32:48

Bunny Good luck!!!! I am so with you on the painted nails. When I went into labour with DS1, I arrived in the door home (had been in work in the Saturday morning, and the pains started when I was driving back), told my DH to make me a sandwich and I went straight upstairs to shave my legs and pain my nails! He thought I'd lost it! But DS was 3 weeks early so I hadn't had time to get it "professionally" done.

Bad day. Have lost my iphone. Really hoping some kind person finds it and hands it in. Lost it between the post office, bank and car (In Superquinn car park Carciofi, so you know how small that journey is!). No calls have been made on it, and it's ringing out, so hasn't been switched off. Am so desperate, have said a prayer to St. Anthony! (And I'm a non believer!)
As I'm in London for the weekend am particularly anxious to get it sorted.

reallygrumpy Tue 23-Nov-10 19:34:30

Just popping in quickly to say bunny I hope all goes well tomorrow, so exciting that you'll finally meet your twins.

zembo please take time for you. I had a mc in the summer at a similar stage in pg and I stupidly rushed back to work, back to exercising and back to my usual rushing around. I think I did it to prove to myself I was coping and I've definitely paid for it and if o had that time again I would take longer off work. Oh, and I told my manager who was v kind and supportive.

ReineDeSaba Tue 23-Nov-10 19:35:20

beside myself with excitement for you bunny Bit teary with it..silly I know but newborns..sigh..enjoy your last night of freedom.

I got my MM faux leathers today from topshop and they rock.forget the coated..this is what you want for christmas parties..I may shimmy down to a soft play 4th birthday this weekend in them wink Also got a paperbag leather skirt in the order which will look great with a vest top for parties or slouchy jumper for casual.

Also ordered a ruched black one shouldered embellished dress from warehouse to bulk up order to avoid delivery and it looks very slinky on.

D40 those boots are lovely.

Roma hells marsha outfits splendid..I am going to try to up my game.

notyummy I have just restarted shred again.waned a bit through the spectacularly bad sleep bits and I KNOW you are the same way ltec is the next model and marsha is gwinnie grin

bloss you are hugely talented.

zembo am so heart aches for you.It's hugely depressing to find so many women on this thread who can give such wonderful support because they have endured too.

Can't remember who mentioned..I love 'the trip' very little telly otherwise.Too busy trying to keep up with these threads.Almost a year.Amazing.

get better soon roary

ReineDeSaba Tue 23-Nov-10 19:36:22

sorry avoid delivery charges..doh

ReineDeSaba Tue 23-Nov-10 19:38:55

<nosey> did you get those autograph boots in black or navy tracey

dolce kitchen is wow..I want one too!

traceybath Tue 23-Nov-10 19:41:22

Oooooh Reine - do they need long tops do you think?

And just watching the trip too. Also very much liking 'Getting On' which is very thick of it.

AllBuggiedOut Tue 23-Nov-10 19:45:44

grin cake DH spent much of our summer holiday planning the band he and the boys are going to form; and on return bought DS2 a drum kit and enrolled DS1 in guitar lessons at school. DH on bass, let's hope DS3 can sing! Although it will be more Metallica than Hanson wink

bunny will be thinking of you tomorrow. Such an amazing thing to think we all "knew" you when you discovered you were expecting twins, and wow, her you are having them! Can't wait to see photos. Lots of love.

bloss well done on the teaching offer (am sure you will be able to find suitable attire), and the crafts look fab. Congrats.

roary Tue 23-Nov-10 19:45:48

Will catch up properly later. Still sick so tx for you sympathy! Just wanted to say bunny good luck and you great sense of humour will serve you well in the coming weeks. (I still laugh at pink and purple , or no and no!!£

traceybath Tue 23-Nov-10 19:49:56

Roary - are you feeling any better? I also still chuckle at no and no grin

Reine - I got the black and they're very good.

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