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Vertbaudet, any good?

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finallynaptime Thu 23-Sep-10 23:38:26

Anyone had experiences of ordering from them? Is the quality good?

AllarmBells Thu 23-Sep-10 23:45:29

Stuff absolutely gorgeous, washes well, apart from some matching leggings/polo necks I had once, they faded differently.

Trousers tend to be slim in the waist and for long legs - DD grows out of the waist before she can wear the legs without turnups! - so I gave up with trousers. But the rest of it is lovely.

You only need to buy one or two things, and they'll send you discount vouchers. They do loads of codes/free gifts/free delivery etc., so look out for those.

DD has a duvet and bedspread - gorgeous, washes great, fades as supposed to (it's kind of patchwork style). The bedspread was about £10 in the sale with a voucher, gorgeous.

Customer service isn't great, but the stuff is worth it once it arrives.


finallynaptime Fri 24-Sep-10 00:00:19

That is really helpful thank you. I have loads of the vouchers as bought a bookshelf once, but have never tried the clothes. I've just filled a basket, ready to check out and was deliberating. Good to know that the waists are small as DD has a tummy!

mrsfudgely Fri 24-Sep-10 11:32:30

I have had terrible experience with Verbaudet and would never use them again. It took twevle weeks to get an entire order from start to finish. This included me having to phone them at least five times. Very poor customer service IMHO.

mellifluouscauliflower Fri 24-Sep-10 11:41:19

I ordered something once. It never arrived. It took me months to get my money back and they never refunded the postage. Needless to say they won't be getting their hands on any more of the Mellifluous millions.

EldonAve Fri 24-Sep-10 11:53:26

ordered 4 weeks ago, no sign of the goods
will avoid next time

bruffin Fri 24-Sep-10 11:53:33

I used them since they started about 15 years ago. My DCs were almost entirely clothed in (Verbaudet/la redoute) when the were smaller, but now they are teens have grown out of vertbaudet.
Quality was always really good, but sizes are on the smaller size.
I hardly ever had any problems, but refuse to use their phone line if i can,do everything online.

finallynaptime Fri 24-Sep-10 13:41:38

Hmmm, went to place order but website has problems, not promising. Anyone know good alternatives? Started to select similar items on Boden site; that seems to be twice the price.

withorwithoutyou Fri 24-Sep-10 13:51:56

They took forever to send my maternity jeans. By which point I was nearly not pregnant anymore hmm

OhCobblers Fri 24-Sep-10 13:52:35

I placed an order on Sunday night and got a confirmational email straight away, but since then my order is still "pending"?!

no idea when it will arrive. hmm

notinmypocket Fri 24-Sep-10 13:52:43

I ordered online three times in the past (about a year ago) and although they let me complete my transactions, I never received the goods.
They did not take money out of my account but I found it very annoying that for weeks I had o idea what was going on. Will I get it at all or should I look somewhere else.
I gave up on them and as it seems they still have website problems, won't try again.

Hulababy Fri 24-Sep-10 13:59:22

I have used them several times over few years now for DD. The service has always been great for me, but then never hadany problems to have to deal with them about, and the quality very good too. Delivery has always been pretty decent too.

Their discount codes and special offers come in regular once you sign up and are worth using.

Sizing can be on small size. i always order a size up.

I think La Redoute is a sister company but I don't rate them as much. Quality has always been not as good IME.

Molinko Fri 24-Sep-10 13:59:23

Terrible customer service as with Redoute (their parent company). Nice clothes though, if/when they arrive.

OhCobblers Fri 24-Sep-10 14:15:04

i'm relying on my order as part of DC winter wardrobe and purposely not buying off ebay or other places in the meantime confused

is it possible to cancel an order if they've not delivered, in say 2 weeks?

EasterEggHuntIsOver Fri 24-Sep-10 14:25:15

Vertbaudet's customer service is terrible. Never again..

LOVE Cyrillus (also part of the La Redoute group but miles better). Beautiful classic clothes. Customer service great and fast delivery. ££££ though.

partyhats Fri 24-Sep-10 14:46:19

Customer service not great, like notinmypocket, I too ordered, transaction seemed to go through, then no order and no knowledge of order when I called them, on top of this the customer service agents were useless. This happened twice, eventually got my item but will avoid using them again

hitmouse Fri 24-Sep-10 14:48:47

Another vote here for nice clothes, rubbish customer service

yummumto3girls Fri 24-Sep-10 14:50:38

I ordered stuff for DD3 a few weeks ago. Not particularly cheap, quality good and nice to have some stuff that is a bit different. The order took 2 weeks to arrive and was "in stock", still waiting for something but I was told it was out of stock and due in October.

pleasechange Fri 24-Sep-10 14:52:35

I think the stuff is really nice and unusual. I've never had any problems with customer service and have bought quite a lot. Not mega-quick to arrive though
Make sure you use any available discount codes as there are always some around

moragbellingham Fri 24-Sep-10 15:06:53

I ordered a winter two winter coats. One has arrived very quickly but not even worth the £14.50 I paid (should've been £34.50!).
Still no sign of the second coat.

Expensive clothes and I don't rate the quality either.
Don't know why I bothered as I have ordered from them in the past.

Prepare to be inundated by paperwork if you order too.

finallynaptime Fri 24-Sep-10 17:27:44

This is really helpful. Because the clothes look nice and they keep sending me £20 off codes I had completely forgotten that although the shelves I got are lovely when I ordered them, there were two things on the order that just never came. They didn't charge for them, but it was annoying. Thanks everyone. Buying a combo of jojo maman and M&S online instead now for DD winter clothes & it's coming up about the same price overall.

Bucharest Fri 24-Sep-10 17:31:29

I seem to have the opposite opinion to almost everyone! The service I thought was good , (although the little black dress I'd ordered for me for Christmas wasn't sent but they replaced it with some foul grey thing instead without asking) but the stuff was such shite I sent it all straight back and now just delete all the offers and codes and what have you.

I thought the quality was what you'd expect from something so heavily discounted tbh. Asda and Matalan are better.

OhCobblers Fri 24-Sep-10 19:43:34

i rang today to try and change the sizes on my order, having seen on here that its best to size up. admittedly website says 7-10 days to receive order but thats because (as i found out today from Customer Services) it comes from France - when something says in stock i assumed it was in a warehouse in this country?!

took 20 mins for someone to speak to me.
i did go slightly nuts saying to the agent that Snr Managment should hire more staff (partic if they have a big TV Campaign going out which was there excuse for being so busy hmm and that if anyone thought that a Customer waiting 20 mins was any kind of "service" then they were sadly mistaken!
20 mins x 0.5p per min!!

won't be ordering from them again.

OhCobblers Fri 24-Sep-10 19:44:58

sorry their

Blatherskite Fri 24-Sep-10 19:55:19

Oh bugger. I ordered some stuff yesterday.

Guess I have to wait and see now

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