Any chance of a review of the FWR moderation rules in light of Maya Forstater's success in court please?

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ViperAtTheGatesOfDawn Thu 10-Jun-21 13:02:07

The belief that transwomen are men and that transmen are women has been accepted as a legitimate and protected belief, yet we are not able to state this on Mumsnet under the current rules.

It has become increasingly difficult to discuss feminist issues on the dedicated feminism boards as a result of the moderation rules.

In light of Maya's success in court, and that 'gender critical' beliefs are considered protected under the Equality Act, would it be possible for the FWR sex/gender mod rules to be re-visited please?

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Tempusfudgeit Thu 10-Jun-21 13:03:05


Herja Thu 10-Jun-21 13:05:36

Hear hear!

adviceseekingnamechanger Thu 10-Jun-21 13:06:17


StealthPolarBear Thu 10-Jun-21 13:09:20


Weirdfan Thu 10-Jun-21 13:09:22

I agree it does seem appropriate to review the rules now.

WhatKatyDidNot Thu 10-Jun-21 13:10:40

Glad to see this thread.

I rarely contribute on this site these days.

This is because I consider the rules constricting the expression of fundamental feminist beliefs not only amount to censorship but also create a hostile and degrading environment for women with feminist beliefs - or any women who are able to recognise material reality for that matter.

I hope MNHQ thinks again in the light of this judgement and reconsiders both the rules and the application of them.


QueSeraSarah Thu 10-Jun-21 13:10:44

Common sense must prevail.

Warmduscher Thu 10-Jun-21 13:11:34

I had no idea we weren’t allowed to say that transwomen are men and vice versa.

<awaits deletion >

TheShadowyFeminist Thu 10-Jun-21 13:14:43

I think this is a discussion that needs to be had. I can (up to a point) understand the difficulty in trying to find the right balance on discussions here, but the moderation on this is certainly very difficult to navigate. Clarity is definitely something that would be welcome.

Nellle Thu 10-Jun-21 13:19:26

People write that trans women are men and that trans men are women all the time on MN and they aren't deleted.

soniamumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 10-Jun-21 13:20:56

Hi - just dropping in to say we'll discuss this in the virtual MN office. flowers

adviceseekingnamechanger Thu 10-Jun-21 13:22:43


People write that trans women are men and that trans men are women all the time on MN and they aren't deleted.

No, they don't. We tie ourselves in knots not to do that. But feel free to post screenshots if you're so sure of yourself.

Mrsorganmorgan Thu 10-Jun-21 13:23:40

I agree, well said!

ViperAtTheGatesOfDawn Thu 10-Jun-21 13:24:44


Hi - just dropping in to say we'll discuss this in the virtual MN office. flowers

Thank you.

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PerditaCambellBlack Thu 10-Jun-21 13:26:18

Good idea

Melroses Thu 10-Jun-21 13:33:16

Well said. I have been wondering about this.

zurala Thu 10-Jun-21 13:33:19


PronounssheRa Thu 10-Jun-21 13:36:15

Agreed, although to be fair to MN it is one of the only spaces online where women have been allowed to discuss this, despite the talk guidelines sometimes getting in the way of making a point clearly.

AnneLovesGilbert Thu 10-Jun-21 13:37:43

It’s the actual law. So would be good for MN moderation to reflect it.

AlfonsoTheMango Thu 10-Jun-21 13:38:31

Thank you, MNHQ.

Helleofabore Thu 10-Jun-21 13:41:30

Thank you for at least discussing it MNHQ!

picklemewalnuts Thu 10-Jun-21 13:43:55

This is really important.
That statement isn't in itself offensive.

ichundich Thu 10-Jun-21 13:50:33

No, thank you. AIBU would just be inundated with transphobic threads disguised as "Feminism" topics.

dragoncheeselady Thu 10-Jun-21 13:53:22

I think this is a great idea. I would like to think that it would stop some posters calling women discussing their rights as transphobic but I doubt it

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