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Being redirected

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Tiggeryoubastard Wed 17-Aug-16 11:31:52

Just been redirected to this, on safari, iPhone 4.

BigGreenOlives Wed 17-Aug-16 11:33:48

Ive been sent to a game site again - same as earlier this year.

SnowBodyforrrrm Wed 17-Aug-16 11:34:12

I've been redirected a few times over the last few days but to something slightly different, an advert for a game type thing. better then the porn last time though

PurpleDaisies Wed 17-Aug-16 11:34:22

Me too, iPhone 5s, Safari, mobile site

Palomb Wed 17-Aug-16 11:35:56

Happening to to me loads too. Bloody ridiculous!

FellOutOfBed2wice Wed 17-Aug-16 11:39:09

Me too lots today....iPhone SE, Safari, mobile site. Annoying.

Moonrocks6 Wed 17-Aug-16 11:41:28

Just happened to me too. Ended up on porn. iPhone 6 safari mobile site.
Was a bit of a shock to be honest shock

Paddingtonthebear Wed 17-Aug-16 11:42:44

Yes me too just now, on an iPhone

intravenouscoffee Wed 17-Aug-16 11:42:48

Yup, just happened here too. Mobile site on a Motorola. Just a game site, not porn.

Tiggeryoubastard Wed 17-Aug-16 11:50:47

And now this on iPhone 5s. Was on spare phone earlier as mine was charging.

Solasum Wed 17-Aug-16 11:51:48

I keep being sent to a Marvel page which then links to a gambling app

hobnobsaremyfave Wed 17-Aug-16 12:10:20

Me too
This is getting fucking tedious
It was porn a few weeks ago and now gaming sites

alphabettyspaghetty Wed 17-Aug-16 12:35:19

Me too just now and once this morning
Using safari

PigPigTrotters Wed 17-Aug-16 13:08:22

Me too, loads today, never happened before.
Very tedious!

Gowgirl Wed 17-Aug-16 13:13:35

Me too, fucked off with it....

Ratbagcatbag Wed 17-Aug-16 13:14:48

another one here being directed to gaming sites.

WhereDoAllThePokemonGo Wed 17-Aug-16 13:22:23

Getting pop ups saying that my phone is infected and it completely crashes my Chrome browser. Sony Xperia, Android version 6.0.1

Backingvocals Wed 17-Aug-16 13:23:11

Me too on the mobile site - to that dating site. Annoying.

Hidingtonothing Wed 17-Aug-16 13:29:39

Yep, just happened to me too, also on safari on iPhone, really annoying.

Taylia Wed 17-Aug-16 13:44:54

Same here, same as before except it's porn this time. Skipped through about 4 sites before it settled on a porn site

Taylia Wed 17-Aug-16 13:45:09

Forgot to say iPhone 6

ThornyBird Wed 17-Aug-16 13:46:35

iPhone 6, on safari and just been redirected to a site that says I've won a phone.

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Wed 17-Aug-16 13:47:22

Mine too. Have never had this happen on iPhone before - has happened twice in the space of half an hour.

PigPigTrotters Wed 17-Aug-16 13:51:16

I've resorted to using the app now (it's not a patch on the mobile site!) after being redirected to William Hill several times.

Meeep Wed 17-Aug-16 13:53:00

I've had this today and yesterday too.

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