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Mumsnet life hacks: three-minute sponge pudding!

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KateMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 09-May-14 10:30:41

Come and have a squizz at our new video, in which the lovely RebeccaMumsnet shows us how to make a super-scrummy, three-minute (yes!) syrupy sponge pudding from the new Mumsnet cook book, Top Bananas.

Do like it if you, um, like it - and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel; we've lots more Mumsnet life hacks coming soon, and plenty of delicious family food how-tos in the pipeline...

JuniperTisane Fri 09-May-14 10:41:05

That takes me back to c1985 when we first got a microwave and my mum made syrup sponge in pretty much the same way.

Shame I have no microwave now. I really fancy some cake.

Mignonette Fri 09-May-14 12:29:00

Bung the ingredients in a food processor all at once and it is even faster.

cowbiscuits Fri 09-May-14 12:29:25

I remember microwave pudding from when I was a kid in the 80s.

Instead of golden syrup I put some fruit in the bottom of the bowl so it makes an upside down-cake type thing.

OwlCapone Fri 09-May-14 12:34:18

Whose kitchen is that envy

sauvignonblacks Fri 09-May-14 12:40:30

This is revolutionary!

NormaStanleyFletcher Fri 09-May-14 13:04:53

Can I have the kitchen ?

ManWithNoName Fri 09-May-14 14:16:11

Microwave sponge is my life saver pudding when I haven't been organised to do a more complicated desert. My family always like it.

One day I will be well organised enough organised to weigh out all the ingredients into little bowls before I start making the thing.

Do people really do that in real life or is it only a cooking programme thing?

JennyPiccolo Fri 09-May-14 14:23:37

Think it's so they don't show any brand preference.

OwlCapone Fri 09-May-14 14:25:55

Apart from the huge tin of Lyles Golden Syrup, obviously. wink

OwlCapone Fri 09-May-14 14:27:26

It's just a time thing I think. No one needs to see them weighing stuff out so they do it all beforehand.

The only time I've done it is when I let the DC cook when they were little.

tethersend Fri 09-May-14 14:42:00

Can you use jam instead of syrup?

tethersend Fri 09-May-14 14:43:02

Oh. I just played the video. You can, apparently.

ManWithNoName Fri 09-May-14 15:51:34

Thank goodness people are confessing to not weighing stuff out into little bowls before cooking. I have become quite bothered by this issue of late. Maybe I watch too much Great British Bake Off. grin

Gatekeeper Fri 09-May-14 15:56:49

it's better if it is cooked for five minutes' holds its shape better and doesn't sag in the middle. As my stomach will testify (and dh's) we are eating this rather regularly! Also nice with a quick butterscotch sauce made with brown sugar, golden syrup and butter melted together

BadRoly Fri 09-May-14 17:51:07

Well we had this for tea on the back of watching this blush so I am now officially the world's best mum ever for 3dc! grin

But 3 minutes was too short in my cheap and nasty microwave or perhaps I was a bit slapdash with the measuring out of ingredients so I gave it an extra 1.5mjns and all was good smile

RandomMess Fri 09-May-14 18:20:13

My mum used to make this, must try it out some time!

misdee Fri 09-May-14 18:48:35

misdee Fri 09-May-14 18:49:16

Try this one too. Family favourite smile

SueDNim Fri 09-May-14 19:59:21

Weighing ingredients out into little bowls just makes extra washing up.

Wolfcub Fri 09-May-14 20:50:37

I used to do this at uni (too) many years ago

It's really nice if you make chocolate sponge (substitute cocoa powder for some of the flour - I've used hot chocolate powder when stuck too) and put a big spoonful of chocolate spread in the bottom instead of syrup.

We put pineapple in the syrup version to make fake upside down pudding.

Going to go watch the video now!

AGnu Fri 09-May-14 23:28:59

DH is very concerned by the suggestion that we could use "whatever we like" instead of syrup. He wanted me to use tabasco & insist that it's an awful recipe. He's now entertaining himself listing all the odd things that could, theoretically, be used. His favourite so far is beer because I measured the milk & syrup in the same little pot & the tiny bit of milk residue on top of the syrup made it look like beer. hmm

I stuck to the recipe. It's yummy! grin DH has been told to make his own.

Greenrememberedhills Sat 10-May-14 09:34:13

This has been my standby for years. We cook for longer too.

RebeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 10-May-14 09:59:37

The brilliant thing about this recipe is it can be adapted in lots of ways. I have 3 DC so use more ingredients and tend to guess instead of weighing and add in coco powder to make it chocolate, and increase the cooking time a little.

It is always really fluffy too. Min effort required.

AGnu - Beer would be "interesting", Gin? or maybe some sort of liqueur? grin

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