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Children opening Christmas Gifts

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RenoSusan Fri 10-Nov-17 17:44:03

Last Christmas the family agreed that opening presents has become chaotic and unrewarding. We told the 3 - 11yrs, 9 and 8 - that we were having a practice and they could open 1 gift if they learned how to do it. First I opened a practice gift (a pair of socks) and read the card first and told everyone who gave it to me. Then I opened the gift and held it up and said it was just what I wanted and the color was perfect. Then I thanked the person who gave it to me. I explained if it was a large gift I would jump up and hug that person. They loved me hugging myself. Then they got a turn. I told them if it was a stove mitt or a motorcycle, they had to follow the script. They took turns opening a gift and performed. All understand this is a show called "opening Christmas gifts" and they are participants. Doesn't matter what the present is, the script is the same. Our Christmas day was much better. I am trying to pass on an idea that might help.

blueskyinmarch Fri 10-Nov-17 17:47:02

I am all for some sort of order but your method does sound a little joyless to me! But if it works for you then that is great.

LumpySpaceCow Fri 10-Nov-17 17:52:11

Each to their own. Sounds boring and scripted to me though. I also hate people watching me opening presents - I feel under pressure to perform a certain way and even when I love a present, I feel like I display exaggerated behaviour.

Phosphorus Fri 10-Nov-17 17:54:33

You sound ridiculous OP.

And your children must be a bit daft if they sat through that without thinking the same.

AllTheWittyNamesAreGone Fri 10-Nov-17 17:55:42

Hands down this is the biggest load of pure wankery

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Fri 10-Nov-17 17:57:01

You jest OP, surely fgrin

AnchorDownDeepBreath Fri 10-Nov-17 17:57:47

God that sounds awful; and it’d suck all the joy from it from everyone’s point of view, surely?

Pinkpillows Fri 10-Nov-17 17:59:26

Christmas is about children, them bursting into living room seeing what santa brought tearing off the wrapping papers screaming in joy

You just can't script that at all and its priceless

Enjoy Christmas go with the flow of the day not worry about being anal of opening presents, eat loads drink some, have gifts, watch tv, relax that's the way to do it

Ragwort Fri 10-Nov-17 18:00:49

Do you think your idea is particularly new? hmm - I am nearly 60 and have been opening presents with my family that way forever - without the wankery of a 'practice' performance. It's surely just good manners to open a gift nicely and thank the person (if they are in the room).

Notreallyarsed Fri 10-Nov-17 18:01:16

I’m all for good manners, and I do drum being grateful and saying thank you for presents into my kids, but good grief OP, it sounds incredibly structured with no room for fun! Is there a middle ground you could find?

bastardkitty Fri 10-Nov-17 18:02:13

Hell and all OP, do you have tips for ruining birthdays as well?

Whisky2014 Fri 10-Nov-17 18:02:39

Or you could just be actually thankful for the gift....

Sarahh2014 Fri 10-Nov-17 18:03:09

We always took it in turns to open presents at home me db and dp it gave everyone a chance to see what each had been given not sure about your practice idea though

Ellisandra Fri 10-Nov-17 18:03:40

I find that appalling that you taught your children that a more expensive gift gets a bigger reaction.

What an awful lesson to teach them.

I'd love to watch your pantomime though hmm

I'm all for polite - but give me a spontaneous smile and excitement big enough to temporarily eclipse manners over a rehearsed "oh these gloves are my favourite colour" any day! The gift giver won't get any joy from that fake shite!

2014newme Fri 10-Nov-17 18:04:46

I'm sad your children had to be taught this

Ellisandra Fri 10-Nov-17 18:05:26

In fact, I've just re-read this and snorted. Thanks for the giggle!

You could be a Viz comic strip grin

Babababababybel23 Fri 10-Nov-17 18:06:05

Sounds incredibly forced. I would feel incredibly awkward around this. There is no excitement in that at all. All you have to do is teach them manners. Not give them acting lessons

Ellisandra Fri 10-Nov-17 18:07:24

Actually, I'm taking a punt that you're American, OP - so the Viz reference might not mean anything to you.

sonlypuppyfat Fri 10-Nov-17 18:08:07

I'd love to see the excitement an oven glove brings

SnowBallsAreHere Fri 10-Nov-17 18:08:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Snap8TheCat Fri 10-Nov-17 18:08:35

Ah it’s a shame you didn’t start with nice manners when they were little. It would seem much more natural than the show you have to go through.

We all take it in turns to open a gift so it’s not chaos and everyone gets to see what others have but I don’t have to tell me children to say thank you or hug someone if it’s over a certain size.

They’re children on Christmas Day. Not robots.

BertrandRussell Fri 10-Nov-17 18:10:02

Gosh- did you really need to teach your kids to say thank you and look pleased when given a present?

toffee1000 Fri 10-Nov-17 18:10:49

Blimey, way to suck all the joy out of Christmas Day.

Ellisandra Fri 10-Nov-17 18:11:30

Can you please clarify - for the large gift (a jump up and hug gift) - is that large relative to the size of the child?

So my 8yo would have to jump and hug for a board game, but my 17yo could just get away with a "it's just what I always wanted"?

scrappydappydoo Fri 10-Nov-17 18:13:03

Your 11yr old had to practice opening gifts???? Erm not quite sure what to say really but if it worked for you and if it makes someone else’s life easier...
We have a middle ground- F.C presents are a free for all then family presents are all distributed by the giver so they can be thanked individually.

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