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Brave Babes - Barging through 2017 in style

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SweetLathyrus Wed 04-Jan-17 08:32:10

Hello, I'm SweetLathyrus (Sweet for short), and I've been hopping on and off Gerald the Brave Babes Battle Bus for three years now because, like some many of us, I struggle with alcohol.

The Bus is a supportive community at all stages in their relationship with alcohol and with lots of different goals - for some, it's abstinence, for others it's moderation, for others, it's just about getting a bit of control and perspective.

So, if you think you'd like to join us, don't be shy, flag us down and jump on board and share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with; sometimes there will be silliness, but there will always be help and support.

If you would like to know how the Bus first rattled into action, here is the first ever thread

And if you would like to know where we have been more recently, here is the most recent thread

DavetheCat2001 Wed 04-Jan-17 09:21:16

Ooh thanks for the shiny new thread!

I'm Dave grin, named after our amazing black cat Dave (RIP). He was a cat of champions!

So Day 4 is here. Thought I slept better than my FitBit tells me I did (only 4 and a halfish hours apparently), but feeling less headachy today than I did yesterday.

DS back to school today so had the school run to contend with. I suffer with anxiety and find the whole 'mums at the school gate' thing a bit stressful. Most are lovely, but I struggle a bit with the smalltalk and always think other mums might think I'm a bit problem though, not theirs.

Off to toddler group with DD (3) soon. Usually Wednesdays are a big trigger day for me as my DD is spirited to say the least, and by the time OH gets in at about 7, I'm ready to fall face-first into a bucket of wine!

Hope everyone is feeling ok this morning x

DavetheCat2001 Wed 04-Jan-17 12:27:44

oops sorry sweet Don't know the protocol! blush

Ok to post here now? The other thread isn't accepting new messages apparently..?

small I had a corker of a headache all yesterday. It was horrible. Necked a couple of neurofen in the end. Much better today so hopefully yours will have gone by tomorrow.

spanna41 Wed 04-Jan-17 12:29:41

saving seat - fill up the other thread first so that nobody gets left behind smile

LuxuryWoman2017 Wed 04-Jan-17 12:33:31

Well hello, look at us all shiny and new smile

tismesober Wed 04-Jan-17 12:36:32

Runs to the back of the bus to find a seat and takes up two blushblush

DavetheCat2001 Wed 04-Jan-17 12:37:16


Jumped the gun a bit there!

SweetLathyrus Wed 04-Jan-17 12:52:26

S'alright Dave, there's usually an unholy scramble for the back seat grin

The old thread is, indeed, now full. Toodle Pip 2016!

lunklitdays Wed 04-Jan-17 12:55:40

I'm trying to get my bloody children to leave the house! Honestly my eldest dd 13) hasn't been outside this year. It's sleety and very windy here but I need fresh air. Am trying bribery by saying we can get chips after our walk around the loch. Still no movement...
Poor anyone with the headache, so far I've not had that but I do feel hungover today after last nights bad sleep. So unfair (turning into my teenage dd).
Oooooo on new thread.....

SmallFox Wed 04-Jan-17 13:05:06

Thanks for lovely new thread Sweet

I've stumbled blearily half way down the bus and fallen over in the aisle, so edge round me/kick me as you scramble for the back seats.

Lunk - loch and chips has made me feel happier than anything else today. Waft some of both down south if you do get out, will you? Big thanks!

chitofftheshovel Wed 04-Jan-17 13:09:37

New thread, new year, new habits.

Anyone else totted up how much money they'll save upon completing this month? I reckon it'll be in excess of £300 for me. Not just on alcohol but also cos I won't be making "stupid excuse purchases" - must go to the shop to get yada yada yada, oh look wine, I'll buy some of that just whilst I'm here!

Did you get out lunk?

Elba84 Wed 04-Jan-17 13:24:40

Argh been to see physio about ongoing back issues. Suggested no running at the moment, but that is my main motivation for staying sober. Can cross train, swim etc but it's sunny, I'm not hungover for once, and just want to stick headphones on and head to the beach and run sad Wish I'd got my act together a month ago and gone to him rather than spend December getting drunk. Plus this is meant to be week one of a 16 week training plan. It's a very minor thing in the grand scheme of things I know, but if I have a goal I'm so much more likely to stick to not drinking, eating normally etc.

CuileanDubh Wed 04-Jan-17 13:27:41

<Parks substantial arse>

Bairn's ct postponed due to emergency. But as she is passing the time gaily humping all the soft furnishings I don't think she's bothered grin

I have the day off so I am knitting dishcloths for all I'm worth. Need to keep very, very busy. Still doin it. Day 4. Fair chuffed wi mysel.

SweetLathyrus Wed 04-Jan-17 13:47:43

Our bottle recycling was collected this morning - a very full box and extra bag (not to mention the two large bags I took to recycle yesterday because there is a limit to how much the council will take blush). Hopefully, next month the only bottles in there will be a couple of DH's ciders, and rose lemonade!

Elba That's rubbish, but you will need to keep your fitness up even if you can't run.

<picks Smallfox off the floor and dusts her down>

Lunk, DS went through a phase at around 13 of never seeing daylight if he wasn't in school - wouldn't even open his curtains, much less sniff fresh air. He seems to be coming out of the other side now he is almost 15 - still disordered teenage sleeping sickness given half a chance - but less outdoor phobic grin. On the other hand, I have a SweetDog here who looks at the driving rain/dense fog/howling wind etc and says "Come on, what are we waiting for?" wink

Dubh keep those needles clacking!

I'm starting to see less puffiness in my face, but bloody hell I would love a glass of wine. ARGH!! Distracting myself on here (can you tell?) and eating EVERYTHING.

chitofftheshovel Wed 04-Jan-17 13:49:45

Oh elba that's a fucker, but don't beat yourself up over procrastinating - what's done is done. Did physio say how long for no running? I know it's not the same but headphones on and a good brisk walk, still get the fresh air and seratonin.

dementedma Wed 04-Jan-17 13:50:18

ah, here you all are!
am peeing for Britain today...back in the office but forced my arse - and the rest of me - out for a half hour round the loch.
My friend in the States knits dishcloths and sends me them. Handy things.
elba that's a bugger but don't give up.

aliasjoey Wed 04-Jan-17 13:59:10

Happy New Year babes smile

guggenheim Wed 04-Jan-17 14:11:42

dubh ummm promise me that it is your ddog with the cushions not a dc???!!!

Feeling calm and have coped much better with the dc. Still not feeling the boing, in fact I feel pretty grumpy. That might be because the baby is refusing to nap though. Why is being a mum so hard?


I need to think of some luxuries. I have something planned to treat myself to at the end of every week I manage, might be a good idea to think of some small treats during the week too.

Righto sobbing baby is finally asleep. Wish someone would pop me under a lovely warm duvet, in a quiet room for a kip every day!

Does anyone else like juicing? (Clean answers only! ) Seems to be helping with the cravings.

Elba84 Wed 04-Jan-17 14:17:13

He said until leg symptoms settle down, hopefully 2-4 weeks. Hoping for 2 weeks then I can carry on with training plan, otherwise I think I will have to defer. I suspect meds I'm on (which are also prescribed for neuropathic pain) have masked symptoms a bit and I should of worked on it much sooner. Got a double session with him on Monday for treatment and an exercise plan- think I can see where my alcohol savings are going to go!!!!

sweet keep going! Would sweetdog take you for a little walk to distract you? Or get that C25K app downloaded? (If I can't run I'm gonna make all you lot do it in my place instead wink)

Going bed shopping now, and will either gym or swim later. Trying to ignore the voice that's saying 'what's the point now'

coffeecuppa Wed 04-Jan-17 14:26:20

Hello Babes. Wondering if I might be allowed a seat on the bus? I'll sit near the front, away from you cool kids.

I'm trying to do a 'fairly dry' January. I got into the habit of drinking every day last year as I'm struggling with a few things (marriage, toddler, work, money) and it felt like the best way to de-stress. Not a huge amount, really - maybe 1/3 or 1/2 bottle of wine a night, more at the weekends, with a few cans of beer thrown in here and there. But it's the expectation/anticipation that I feel uncomfortable with - counting down the minutes until DS goes to bed and I can crack open the wine; seeing it as the only good thing of an evening; getting a bit anxious that I won't be able to 'unwind fully' if there's only 1/4 of a bottle left...

So for January I'm trying to drink far, far less and hope it sticks! Not a drop so far this year, and don't plan on anything until possibly next Sunday, when we go out for a celebratory meal.

Anyone else taking this kind of approach? I'm hoping to lose a few pounds, have more energy to play with DS and find the confidence to start up a business. So far I've eaten a pack of biscuits and downed a LOT of soda water...!

theansweris42 Wed 04-Jan-17 14:29:02

taking a seat, feeling v anxious today.
Hope everyone's okay.
I've managed only one AF day in Jan so far, life's giving me lemons but drinking isn't helping except for that very short time in the evening....
really proud of those of you doing DJ. I will be AF today.

theansweris42 Wed 04-Jan-17 14:30:56

coffee I'm trying a similar thing, want to have 4 AF days per week and drink less on the drink days.
Am also facing challenges and realise that drinking doesn't REALLY help me cope...
welcome smile

SweetLathyrus Wed 04-Jan-17 14:59:37

Coffee, you are very welcome, plenty of seats (we have an infinitely expandable back seat, so we can all be 'cool' occasionally grin). I can certainly identify with what you say about counting down, but I was up to a bottle every night blush, sometimes more. Cutting down will be good - aim to make some days af, otherwise the temptation to drink everyday will just keep going. Wine is empty calories, so loosing weight should be a natural side effect.

Guggs leave the unappetising purees to the baby grin

Elba, DH has just taken SweetDog out, I'm just obsessing. I will do the C25k, but not this week - I want to get the booze out of my system a bit - then I might get one of those fancy belted leads so I can keep him from running off to do his own thing (the dog, not DH!!)
If you have to defer (but lets keep positive for now), could you sign up for a 10K or half marathon later in the year to keep your motivation going?

Ma hope the walk blew the cobwebs away.

spanna41 Wed 04-Jan-17 15:22:10

Sea's as flat as a pancake today 🙂

lunklitdays Wed 04-Jan-17 15:29:13

Managed to get out (well minus eldest dd, but I have hope now sweet that one day she may join in). It was bloody freezing, little snow showers and the damned chip shop was still shut!! Had to get sausage rolls from the coop instead for the bairns which didn't go down too well. It is 'the best chip shop in Britain' I'll have you know, obviously to be the best you need long festive holidays.
Vexed about your back Elba, I hope its just 2 weeks, very annoying when you're raring to go.
Dubh my ddog is stinking now after his loch visit, bloody better not try and hump any of my soft furnishings!
Guggenheim I love the quilt idea, I would be sooooo happy if someone tucked me up for a little nap every day. Babies have no idea how good they've got it.
Hello Coffee I'm s newbie too, everyone is lovely here. I'm trying for dj, would love to be able to do it but just now it's one day at a time.
42 one AF day is great at this time of year, get today done and you're off.
Probably best go and do some housework, my exciting life.

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