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Men's height

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Jenna333 Sun 02-Aug-15 22:43:28

I know this is a shallow question but having looked at some OLD profiles, I got wondering about mens height. I know ultimately it comes down to many factors but I was wondering how other women feel about shorter men e.g 5'4" ish?

tvlover1234 Sun 02-Aug-15 22:44:47

Personally I wouldn't date someone shorter than me (5'3) Yes it probably does make me shallow but I'm just nor attracted to them! My OH is 6'3 lol..

Jenna333 Sun 02-Aug-15 22:48:26

I'm 5'2" so fairly easily find a man taller and have always gone for much taller men. I did wonder if I'm being too shallow by just not being interested in anyone under 5'8" ish.

Lurkedforever1 Sun 02-Aug-15 22:49:08

I'm not attracted to short men. An inch shorter wouldn't bother me and possibly even two, but no more.

Jenna333 Sun 02-Aug-15 22:50:21

Oh glad I'm not being too fussy then. How tall are you?

britneyspearscatsuit Sun 02-Aug-15 22:50:39

Height is my only "physical" demand. Don't mind overweight or less good looking but he must be 5'10" or more.

I think that's bui-chemical. I can;t be attarcted to someone where I feel like I am the man.

It might be shallow but at the end of the day men are much more shallow are they not?

ALaughAMinute Sun 02-Aug-15 22:52:23

I'm 5' 7" and like to wear heels so wouldn't look at anybody under 6 foot!

Jenna333 Sun 02-Aug-15 22:52:48

That's true, they can be very shallow.

Jenna333 Sun 02-Aug-15 22:54:51

The heels thing was the other thing. I have a cousin who towers over her shortish husband in heels and so misses out on wearing them.

CalleighDoodle Sun 02-Aug-15 22:56:23

I wouldnt date any man below 5 feet 10 grin. Im 5 feet 7.5 and i need to think about heels smile

Lurkedforever1 Sun 02-Aug-15 23:00:11

I'm 5'11& 1/2, had one boyfriend who was 5'11 but usually min 6' for me to be remotely attracted. I just think if in theory I fancied someone who I knew and they were 5'10 it's something I could live with.

Whendoigetadayoff Sun 02-Aug-15 23:00:41

My poor son who is due to be short at his full height when he grows up due to low growth condition is obviously going to have crap time finding partner. Might just not bother trying to bring up a kind happy caring son who puts the toilet seat down.

ashtrayheart Sun 02-Aug-15 23:00:54

My dp is 5ft6. It's not an issue. His brother is 5ft grin women can be very sniffy about men judging women on weight but it seems ok to rule men out on height hmm

TheBookofRuth Sun 02-Aug-15 23:01:32

I'm 5'7", I've been out with blokes ranging from about 5'5 to 6'4. Can't really say it bothers me, nor did it stop me wearing heels. The men in question were always attractive to me in a number of different ways,and I never felt any less feminine being with a shorter bloke.

DH is 5'10ish, so in between my two extremes.

Jenna333 Sun 02-Aug-15 23:01:51

I'm not feeling quite so shallow then. I came across a guy who is 5'4" but already I was wondering what that would be like as I've never been a similar height to a guy.

WallyBantersJunkBox Sun 02-Aug-15 23:02:17

It wouldn't bother me to be honest.

But then I have a fair old crush on the Imp in GOT.

BeautifulBatman Sun 02-Aug-15 23:02:57

I'm 6'2. In heels I'm up to 6'5. Thank goodness I found DH who's 6'4. I would and have gone shorter. But the guy still would have to have a bigger chest and waist than me. DH does very well on both those counts too. Apart from the waist right now as I'm 7 months pg and he's lost about 1.5 stone recently grin

NoArmaniNoPunani Sun 02-Aug-15 23:03:46

I'm 6ft. Height has never been an issue for me. I've dated some short guys. My husband is an inch or two shorter than me.

bambooyoohoo Sun 02-Aug-15 23:04:32

I'm 5'6" and my most recent relationship was with a man who was 5'4". Initially it did put me off contacting him, but once we'd met it never bothered me, I don't notice it at all now.

I liked the fact he was honest about it on his OLD profile. Much better than all the so-called 5'8" blokes who were actually the same height as me!

SmartAlecMetalGit Sun 02-Aug-15 23:05:03

I rather like short men actually.

DH is 5'6" and I'm 5'10", a shade over 6' in my favourite heels.

Never been an issue for us grin

borisgudanov Sun 02-Aug-15 23:05:11

If you are a bloke under say 5'5" using web dating services really is an excellent introduction to finding out what not existing feels like.

Kiishka Sun 02-Aug-15 23:06:36

I am 5'1,have dated both short and tall men,longest relationship was with 5'7. Now I would only date over 5'10,which is medium I think.

GingerCuddleMonster Sun 02-Aug-15 23:07:16

I'm short 5'3 andnive always dated tall men DP is 6'4. bit then my friend similar height to me has only ever dated "short" men her current Dp is probably about 5'5 I'd guess.

it really is different strokes for different folks.

BeautifulBatman Sun 02-Aug-15 23:07:22

Me too Wally blush

Lurkedforever1 Sun 02-Aug-15 23:09:15

Whendo and ashtray- nobody is being horrid about short men. I'm not personally attracted to men shorter than me is very different to saying they are unattractive in general. Just like my physical traits are not attractive to some people. No need to take it personally.

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