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ONE HUNDRED NOT OUT – come here to mark The Archers’ threads, a MN phenomenon

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DadDadDad Sat 16-Feb-19 23:40:03

First, a little bit of history. On 24 April 2013, user @PseudoBadger started a thread to discuss ^The Archers^:

It gained a life of its own and by August that year it was nearly full, so she started a second one. I notice that one of the early posts there, said “Pseudo - was that your most successful thread ever?” Oh, if only she had known what lay ahead. grin The chain of threads continued, typically taking around a month to fill, although at times of the highest drama threads would move fast, which explains why around 6 years later, we are close to starting thread 100.

Most of those threads were started by Pseudo, although she has since passed the reigns on, and the self-organising collective of regular posters has managed not to drop the baton.

I said above that the rate at which threads filled up fluctuated as posters responded to dramatic events in Ambridge (Kirsty’s scream-wrenching abandonment on her wedding day was an early high point, but I’m sure you all know or can guess what storyline of the past few years sent the rate to stratospheric levels shock ). This intrigued me enough to record the start date and number of posts for each thread in a spreadsheet, and so observe how the posting rate moved around.

That means I know that we have made between us over 95,000 posts in our discussion of The Archers. (We tend to move on before reaching the 1,000 limit). In a few months, we will reach 100,000 posts!

The 50,000th post came at an exciting time. It actually happened on 3 April 2016, the night a knife was wielded and blood (and custard) were spilt. We filled a thread in one day! And in the midst of the febrile posting, someone made post 50,000 - delightfully, it was Pseudo herself. star See here: (post made at 22:08).

Around that time, the idea was floated of asking MNHQ for a new smiley that would reflect The Archers. Someone suitably statistically minded wink collected the “votes” for various ideas, and MNHQ joined the discussion:

In the end, MNHQ gave us this --> archers [ archers ] I’ve always taken it to represent the community spirit on this thread, much as The Bull is a focus of the community in Ambridge.

So, what should we do to celebrate thread 100 or 100,000 posts? Ask for another smiley? What would it be and what would it mean?
I know some have floated the idea of representing 'BOOP' which is a word users came up with (named after user BitOutOfPractice) to mean something that we wanted to praise about an Archers episode (as a counter to always being critical).

I wonder if we should just ask for a BADGER smiley, to remember our founder? Even just her unerring ability to think up witty thread titles over the years is surely reason enough to honour her. I’m open to what it could represent…

DadDadDad Sat 16-Feb-19 23:42:38

Maybe a [badger] could just mean an acknowledgement of a bit of witty wordplay? It's a regular feature of the threads, and it's nice to tell another poster when you've appreciated a good pun etc.

MargueritaPink Sat 16-Feb-19 23:44:22

I think , whatever the symbol is, it really needs to be called the overinfested emoji.

DadDadDad Sat 16-Feb-19 23:48:32

Ah, yes, well all those badgers are brimming with TB according to David Archer, so maybe they represent being overinfested?

ErrolTheDragon Sun 17-Feb-19 00:05:30

Some posters have been known to badger for acknowledgement of their puns.grin

SneakyGremlins Sun 17-Feb-19 00:07:13

I've never listened to the archers but I just want to say I wondered what would happen when you reached thread 100 grin

DadDadDad Sun 17-Feb-19 00:11:14

Some posters have been known to badger for acknowledgement of their puns.

Only the good ones. blush

(deliberately ambiguous on whether I mean good posters or good puns grin ).

NotANotMan Sun 17-Feb-19 00:11:32

Wow! 100 threads is amazing archers

ErrolTheDragon Sun 17-Feb-19 00:14:29

There is a badger emoji 🦡 already - weirdly variable between platforms

Efferlunt Sun 17-Feb-19 00:17:20

That’s pretty cool! I dip in and out of the Archers but the threads are always useful for questions like ‘who the f#%* are Caroline and Oliver?’

DadDadDad Sun 17-Feb-19 00:25:47

That's why I don't use the word emoji in this context. I'm talking about the smileys provided by MN which appear consistently. By contrast, Errol , I can't see your badger (oo-er), just a blank box.

DadDadDad Sun 17-Feb-19 00:26:49

That's good to hear, Efferlunt. You do know about Caroline, by the way?

AlecOrAlonzo Sun 17-Feb-19 00:37:03

Love the badger idea.

For BOOP would it be Betty? Tough one.

ErrolTheDragon Sun 17-Feb-19 00:38:09

* That's why I don't use the word emoji in this context*

Quite right - MN has emoticons which render consistently and are much better than the platform-variable emojis. In some cases they're unique, in other cases (like the wine glass) they're simply nicer. I'm sure MN tech could make a nice forward-facing badger face emoticon.

DadDadDad Sun 17-Feb-19 00:50:29

Did you know that while "emoticon" obviously derives from "emotion", the word "emoji" is purely coincidental as it comes from Japanese e meaning "picture" and moji meaning character (as in symbol) - nothing to do with emotion?

Redshoeblueshoe Sun 17-Feb-19 00:56:34

Wow that's a big achievement. I was posting regularly on the Archers threads. Nearly 2 years ago I decided I couldn't listen to Pip anymore ! I do smile though when I see Archers regulars on other threads. That includes you Dad3

MontyPants Sun 17-Feb-19 01:03:53

Sometimes not being able to sleep and browsing MN at stupid-o’clock has its benefits, as I’ve discovered there’s threads about the archers!!!! We listen every night when putting DS to bed (apart from Saturdays, grr)
Now I just need to actually find said Archers threads...

ErrolTheDragon Sun 17-Feb-19 01:12:24

Here's the current thread - 99!

They're all on Radio Addicts, I think.

pattyhoo Sun 17-Feb-19 09:33:26

I like the idea of a special badger emoji! One of a badger's fave would be cute but we have this one for now (guessing it's mobile only?) 🦡

ErrolTheDragon Sun 17-Feb-19 09:57:32

The link I made upthread shows how the badger emoji is rendered on different platforms.

The google one is the right idea, but they've got the face far too rounded.

TeenTimesTwo Sun 17-Feb-19 11:55:21

While we're talking emojis, I helped work on a project for Japanese teletext, which was called the 'Moji' project. Now I know why! All our chips had stupid names, (though often ending in IC), so I never thought to question it. We had 3 Japanese men over working on our site for a while, it was an interesting cultural exchange.

What about a bow and arrow emoticon? Or an arrow hitting a target?

DadDadDad Sun 17-Feb-19 12:17:05

I think an arrow / archery target was suggested during the 50,000 discussion. I have a feeling it was me who suggested it in a literal-minded mathmo view of archers. grin

TeenTimesTwo Sun 17-Feb-19 12:23:21

Well, that explains why I thought of it too then. smile

BoreOfWhabylon Sun 17-Feb-19 12:46:42

I've taken the liberty of drawing MNHQ's attention to this thread, in the hope that they will come up with the goods.

DadDadDad Sun 17-Feb-19 14:13:14

Thanks, Bore, I was intending to bring this to the attention of MNHQ at some point. We'll let this thread simmer, and I can follow it up when we actually reach thread 100.

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