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Movin' on up (Ed and Emmur), Movin' on out (Brian and Jenny), Time to break free (Lily from Russ, we hope), Nothing can stop *The Archers* in 2019 - Thread 97 (Joe Grundy’s age!)

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Bittermints Thu 03-Jan-19 11:39:53

archers Many thanks to @LilianGish for the title and to @NotdeadyetBOING for being the last threadstarter. Further thanks due to @PseudoBadger for kicking of this long, long series of Archers threads and to @DadDadDad for being our resident statistician and keeping the ball rolling when Pseudo stepped back a bit.

archers All views on The Archers welcome here! New blood welcomed.

archers Spoilers: not on this thread, please. We don't wait for the omnibus to discuss the weeknight episodes, but we do try our best to avoid cross-contamination from, where spoilers are positively welcomed!

archers I wonder where Brian and Jennifer will end up. I was very taken with the idea on the last thread that the mysterious Gills won't last very long and the house will be sold back to the Aldridges at a knockdown price.

R4 Thu 03-Jan-19 11:50:51

Excellent new thread. Thanks Bittermints.

DadDadDad Thu 03-Jan-19 11:51:07

Thanks, Bitter.

It does seem odd that the SW are being so mysterious about the Gills. We've not even overheard a conversation along the lines of "oh, I saw the new family moving into Home Farm, they said that... "

ppeatfruit Thu 03-Jan-19 11:55:29

Thanks Bitter

Dad We did hear Adam and Brian (looking through bins) noticing the champagne and catering vans turning up at the house maybe that said it all...... grin

Bittermints Thu 03-Jan-19 11:57:54

Keri Davies described them on Twitter as Schrodinger's Gills, so I think they are toying with us. grin

ppeatfruit Thu 03-Jan-19 11:59:28

As was mentioned in the last thread, Home Farm may be an AirBnB party house ooops.

Or the family wanted to wait to move in until after trashing the place or having party.

lottiegarbanzo Thu 03-Jan-19 12:02:16

Did the Aldridges leave enough furniture for an Air B&B?

birdsdestiny Thu 03-Jan-19 12:05:23

It couldn't be the oates bloke who has bought Home Farm? He seems to have been introduced very suddenly for no apparent reason.

Fink Thu 03-Jan-19 12:05:56

Thanks for the thread Bittermints.

I love these threads because they put ideas into my head I would never think of alone. The Air BnB for example, I'd never have imagined that was what was going on, but it makes perfect sense.

I don't think they left any furniture, Brian was all for taking the door knobs and lightbulbs after the price drop, but as a party venue maybe it doesn't matter.

ppeatfruit Thu 03-Jan-19 12:08:44

birds Wasn't M. Oatie introduced by Oliver as being a long term maintenance man on the GG site?

lottiegarbanzo Thu 03-Jan-19 12:11:54

But where will the party guests sleep?

Ruaridh, Ben and Adam between them had watched all comings and goings and seen no removal van, only a small van full of champagne and party food.

QuaterMiss Thu 03-Jan-19 12:12:04

Great new thread! Wonderful title and comprehensive intro. Thanks both. flowers

Well! KD's comment is certainly interesting ... I'd say it's unusual for new residents who want to be part of the community not to make some effort before moving in (maybe popping into the shop?) and not to avoid annoying the populace with loud parties and litter. And now KD adding to the possibility that we may never see them ...

I want Jenny to get her house back.

birdsdestiny Thu 03-Jan-19 12:12:07

Yes but why. What is his purpose. Maybe it's more likely that he will lead Ed astray as people have suggested rather than own home farm.

5000FingersofDrT Thu 03-Jan-19 12:24:10

The eagerness of the elusive Gills to complete before NYE seems significant somehow. So they could throw their enormous bash in their new pad? Maybe they were charging ££££ to paying guests?

In the last couple of days I read a news story about a man in the US who let his swanky apartment through Airbnb to a nice quiet young man over NY and discovered later that the place was trashed by the 500 guests he'd invited back there.

TheSilveryPussycat Thu 03-Jan-19 12:29:32

Re Neil and his attractiveness. I have always quite fancied him blush I think it started witth his vulnerability way back when he was suffering unrequited pangs for Shula.

Bekabeech Thu 03-Jan-19 12:46:09

The Air B nB - is not air B n B as you might traditionally think. But there are houses that are bought just to be rented out for parties. They can rent in chairs etc. if needed, just like the caterers.

I didn't know this kind of thing happened (I don't live on a posh enough/remote enough road). Until someone died at one a couple of years ago. (I'm not sure if they were shot or drowned.) A swimming pool is a definite must for summer parties.
Admittedly the "Gills" seem a bit amateurish not to have had a better clean up crew. I think the aim is to not push things to the point of getting complaints - a lack of neighbours helps.

Bittermints Thu 03-Jan-19 13:00:45

Gosh! There's a house not far from us which was recently refurbished to a very high standard. I'm not convinced anyone has ever moved in properly. I regularly see vanloads of furniture coming and going and people setting up lighting. I have wondered if whoever owns it is trying to make a bit of money by letting it as a filming location because house prices in London are going down. I suppose we should be grateful it's not turned into a party house. hmm

RevokeRemainReform Thu 03-Jan-19 13:07:26

Ed is such a dope. He's already had some cows stolen but goes around boasting about his £4k ram.

QuaterMiss Thu 03-Jan-19 13:10:25

And wasn't it Eddie who said he knew Tim Oatey's name 'from somewhere'? That wouldn't bode well. (Though I may be misremembering.)

EBearhug Thu 03-Jan-19 13:16:37

I agree with Hannah that Tom and Natasha are probably going a bit fast for matching tattoos, though hiraeth isn't as bad as it could have been. However, Hannah's motives are not really out of concern for Tom, but through jealousy.

As for Kate (a few pages back in the last thread) - I know a few people who run yoga retreats, and it's not unknown for them to shut down over winter, November to February. But if that's the case with Spiritual Home, it would be nice to have some mention of it. Plus I'm not sure it's financially secure enough to do that.

lottiegarbanzo Thu 03-Jan-19 13:22:07

Ooh, yes, how's Kate going to feel about loud, inebriated party guests next door? Try to sell them a de-tox package? Cue much drunken stumbling into and fumbling in the yurts...

ErrolTheDragon Thu 03-Jan-19 13:23:15

* It couldn't be the oates bloke who has bought Home Farm?*
A grounds maintenance man with a small suckler herd is surely nowhere near being in the league of buying HF house. But Tim OT's occupation doesn't strike me as an obvious fit for being some Machiavellian schemer either, though his manner with Ed was indeed a bit OT.

lottiegarbanzo Thu 03-Jan-19 13:28:55

But I am willing to bet that Kate will either move SH away from Home Farm, or abandon it, probably then suggesting that land might as well be sold.

DeepanKrispanEven Thu 03-Jan-19 13:30:32

If Home Farm is giong to be a party venue, perhaps it will be a disaster due to sabotage from a lethal combination of Jenny and Ruari, leading to the knock-down price sale and coming back to the Aldridges.

EBearhug Thu 03-Jan-19 14:03:52

wasn't itEddiewho said he knew Tim Oatey's name 'from somewhere'?

Probably one of Baggy & Snatch's less reputable mates.

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