Decent bathroom ware

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Sunisshining12 Sat 22-Aug-20 21:18:39

Please recommend decent quality bathroom/sanitaryware

Previously bought from Victorian Plumbing - never again. Cheap crap lasted 12 months before falling apart!

Need to do 2 bathrooms & downstairs loo. Wall hung loos, jacuzzi bath, showers, sinks, vanity units, towel rads etc.

Don’t want super expensive but want good quality.

Also need a double vanity unit in a nice design.

Please recommend where to look/decent brands. Tia!

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Sunisshining12 Sun 23-Aug-20 08:04:18


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Daftasabroom Sun 23-Aug-20 08:10:19

Laufen (pro range) and Hansgrohe (talis range)

BoogleMcGroogle Sun 23-Aug-20 08:10:50

We chose from a supplier called Frontline. Not super expensive, but not cheap either. It's lasted well.

bouncydog Sun 23-Aug-20 08:14:26

Ideal Standard. You can purchase from bathroom shops or builders merchants. Ours has been in situ for at least 15 years and all like the day it was installed. Franke taps are of excellent quality. Basically you buy cheap buy twice as you’ve found!

Murinae Sun 23-Aug-20 08:16:23

Sorry to hijack your thread but we are looking too. Anyone had any experience with Bathstore ware?

Bsc8180 Sun 23-Aug-20 08:21:13

Frame for loo: geberit
Sanitary ware: laufen, v&b
Brassware: hansgrohe
Shower tray: mira
Shower enclosure: matki

Look at for good prices.


cptartapp Sun 23-Aug-20 08:25:31


Porridgeoat Sun 23-Aug-20 08:26:51


Dryadia Sun 23-Aug-20 08:40:25

Vitra for wall hung toilet and basins.
Coram for shower enclosures
Grohe for thermostatic showers

We no longer have a bath but been really happy with the quality of above.

ParsleyThyme Sun 23-Aug-20 09:14:47

Duravit for good quality sanitary ware, wall hung vanity etc. Hansgrohe or Crosswater for brassware. Kohler, Matki, Mira for shower enclosures.

Fennelandlovage Sun 23-Aug-20 11:05:10

Also placemarking

Sunisshining12 Sun 23-Aug-20 14:34:25

Thanks everyone! Main things I’m struggling to find now are:

Digital shower
Digital loo flush (my DC has additional needs but could manage this)

A nice 1200 wide vanity with one big sink


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Sunisshining12 Sun 23-Aug-20 14:34:55

And a wetroom tray instead of shower tray

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Rollercoaster1920 Sun 23-Aug-20 15:21:36

Great post. Thank you, it will help us too.

Someone asked about bathstore. Their soft close loo seats are rubbish. On our 3rd in 6 years. No wonder they went bust.

My father has Roca stuff in his toilet. The bath is flimsy but loo and vanity seem good.

bookgirl1982 Sun 23-Aug-20 17:18:57

Vanity and sink I would really recommend ikea.

nomdeguerrrr Sun 23-Aug-20 17:36:36

Wetroom former/tray and waterproof membrane try Impey

nomdeguerrrr Sun 23-Aug-20 17:40:25

And maybe Geberit for high tech lavatories

Whattodowithaminute Sun 23-Aug-20 18:17:31

We have duravit and they are great, gerberit toilet frames, Bette shower tray, zehnder towel rails, grohe taps and shower, Hans grohe fast flow fill and waste. All unused from eBay, all took a little while to source but saved loads doing it this way.

Sunisshining12 Sun 23-Aug-20 18:39:28


We have duravit and they are great, gerberit toilet frames, Bette shower tray, zehnder towel rails, grohe taps and shower, Hans grohe fast flow fill and waste. All unused from eBay, all took a little while to source but saved loads doing it this way.

That’s super helpful. I was going to ask where to purchase them all from?

Is there a big supplier to go look at above mentioned items, or mainly source separately online?

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didireallysaythat Sun 23-Aug-20 18:48:27

Your local builders merchants is a good point to start for duravit etc but once you've found the model you want ask them to price match what you can find online

Sunisshining12 Sun 23-Aug-20 18:50:15

Unfortunately the local builders merchants were rubbish. Tried a couple of local ones. Was run of the mill stuff, cheap cloakroom sets & the staff knew nothing

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Whattodowithaminute Sun 23-Aug-20 19:20:57

I set up eBay alerts and slowly narrowed down the style
I wanted. Make sure you know the sizes you want etc really clearly and keep watching, research and compare prices all the time so you don’t make a silly mistake. Don’t forget plugs, waste traps etc.
Make sure your boiler will have enough pressure to support the taps etc you are using. We have a mega flow but still directly piped the loft conversion separate from family bathroom to get good enough flow and it was worth doing.

Sunisshining12 Sun 23-Aug-20 19:25:21

What are people’s thoughts on brassware colour to compliment white & grey marble style tiles? Matt black, chrome, rose gold/brass seem to be common choices. Like the idea of satin chrome but not seen any

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Whattodowithaminute Sun 23-Aug-20 19:25:29

CP Hart have a clearance stock room of ex display products too if you’re close to Waterloo is worth a browse.

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