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Kitchen Lessons Learned - The Result!

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kitchener Mon 19-Jun-17 10:11:54

I spent hours poring over the Kitchen Lessons Learned thread, and six months planning our almost-finished kitchen. This is what I've learned...

- It was worth taping up the floor like a crime scene to work out what layout would work best for us
- Ditto writing on the plan where everything would go, including sockets
- You can save a lot of money by shopping around and project-managing it yourself
- Researching appliance reviews was time well spent, as well as finding a brilliant kitchen fitter whom DH and I are both slightly in love with
- Great things to have are: Two dishwashers (with a little sign we've put on the handle to remind us which is the 'clean' one), a boiling water tap (we went for this one, as it's guaranteed to be 100 degrees:, deep pan drawers with a hidden drawer, granite worktops with undermount stainless steel sinks; an appliance garage with a tambour door (but be careful which tambour door you buy, the first one we had scratched easily because it was basically plastic with a coating sprayed on, we've changed it now for a solid metal one)
- I wish I'd thought to have: a plug socket for phone chargers hidden in a drawer
- I also wish we'd found a decorator in advance rather than put ourselves under pressure to paint the new kitchen walls and ceilings ourselves over a weekend
- Setting up a 'field kitchen' in the garage with a camping stove, kettle, microwave and slow cooker kept us fed and watered during over a month of work (we had walls knocked down)
- It's easy to sell your old appliances on Gumtree
- It's worth spending time and money on great lighting - I love the plinth lighting, and we have LED spotlights which we can 'zone' for different parts of the open-plan, and also dim in the dining area

We bought the kitchen from DIY Kitchens, who were excellent. I probably wouldn't have considered them if I hadn't seen recommendations on Mumsnet. The quality is as good as much more expensive kitchens, and they were easy and pleasant to deal with. We wasted a lot of time looking elsewhere first.

kitchener Mon 19-Jun-17 10:16:08

Here's the original threat btw:

YorkshireTea86 Mon 19-Jun-17 10:19:11

I'm still planning mine at the minute and have read the original so many times! Pleased I did as originally I didn't have any pan drawers planned, now have 4 lots including the ones under the oven grin

Can I ask if you have induction or gas hob?

islandpeninsula Mon 19-Jun-17 10:20:55

Thanks for this, I've made note!

kitchener Mon 19-Jun-17 10:21:24

Gas hob - I have used induction hobs in holiday apartments and don't like them, plus it would have meant getting rid of our cast iron pans. I admit they look good and are easy to clean, but functionality was more important to me as a keen cook.

There's another follow-up to the original thread here as well:

monsieurpoirot Mon 19-Jun-17 10:27:05

Photo please!

kitchener Mon 19-Jun-17 10:38:41

It's not quite finished, and the plastic covering is still on the doors, but I'll post a pic on my profile when it's all done.

kitchener Mon 19-Jun-17 10:39:41

Plus, I need to put things back into the kitchen before the cleaners I've booked for a deep-clean turn up this week - the rest of the house is a tip!

wowfudge Mon 19-Jun-17 10:54:38

Looking forward to seeing the photos OP. I use cast iron on our induction hob with no issues, but each to their own.

kitchener Mon 19-Jun-17 11:50:41

That's interesting wowfudge - all the people we spoke to said we couldn't use cast iron on induction.

BangkokBlues Mon 19-Jun-17 12:58:44

I would hazard a guess you have used ceramic / electric hobs not induction ones in holiday lets.

You can 100% use cast iron pans on induction - I use them on mine!

To cook on an induction cooker or hob, you need cookware made from stainless steel with a magnetised base, enamelled steel or cast iron, as well as special cookware.

Not suitable for induction hobs is cookware made from aluminium, copper, glass/ceramic, crockery and stainless steel with a non-magnetised base

senua Mon 19-Jun-17 13:19:45

It was worth taping up the floor like a crime scene to work out what layout would work best for us

I haven't read the original thread so I may be repeating, but we mocked up our idea in 3D by using cardboard boxes.

HipsterRaccoon Mon 19-Jun-17 13:57:59

Great thread! Can I just ask about the painting... Me and dh are going to paint ours and the plan is to do this after the kitchen fitters finished... Both dh and the fitter say this is fine but surely it's better to paint before all the units go in? Was that why you had to rush yours?

wowfudge Mon 19-Jun-17 14:36:58

We painted beforehand. Otherwise you have to cut in around everything. It's a lot easier to paint an empty wall. Yes you have to touch bits up afterwards, but that's all.

kitchener Mon 19-Jun-17 16:24:27

We masked off the units using frog tape (as well as covering stuff with bit of boxes that the kitchen had come in). Some parts were fresh plaster, and the rush was to get it done before the radiators were fitted, and after the wiring had been done but not connected.

If you haven't had walls knocked around, yes, paint first and touch up later.

gentleshouting Mon 19-Jun-17 16:59:58

What is an appliance garage? shock

OnePlanOnHouzz Mon 19-Jun-17 17:38:42

One of these !!

gentleshouting Mon 19-Jun-17 17:52:40

Ooh, a cupboard grindoes it not get crumby?

Whattodowithaminute Mon 19-Jun-17 21:27:18

Where did you get the appliance garage/tambour system from? Where do you have yours set up?

kitchener Tue 20-Jun-17 08:32:01

It's a Rehau door, bought via Redland Timber in Bath. We ordered a carcase from DIY Kitchens and the kitchen fitter installed it.

I wouldn't recommend the DIY Kitchens tambour doors - too flimsy.

kitchener Tue 20-Jun-17 08:43:39

It's set up in a corner, with sockets inside. I can just pull out the food processor and mixers into the worktop and use them immediately.

Ramona75 Tue 20-Jun-17 10:26:20

Tambour units are great for storing the toaster out of the way but the nature of the roller door does make it feel a bit plastic-y but you can't get away from that.

SoThisIsSummer Tue 20-Jun-17 11:19:16

Brilliant thread op thank you! Also looking forward to your pics smile

NamedyChangedy Thu 29-Jun-17 11:19:00

Can't wait to see it kitchener!!

kitchener Sat 07-Oct-17 09:18:08

Sorry for the massive delay - there was, and perhaps still is, a problem with posting pictures to a profile.

So, here they are (I'm about to start another thread about curtains and remembered this)...

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