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Pregnant (IVF) Worriers/Warriors Part 4

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Buzzybee123 Thu 24-Oct-13 23:33:22

Hi everyone,

This thread is for all you incessant worriers out there, not necessarily limited to IVF-ers, although I get the feeling the people who have had trouble TTC are more prone to worrying than others!

BeetleBeetle Fri 25-Oct-13 07:36:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Shazzamattazzerly Fri 25-Oct-13 08:00:38

Me too morning all.

I'm waking up next to a bedside cot. Very weird. We put it up last night. Fits beautifully and needs no adjustment. Result!

Nokkie73 Fri 25-Oct-13 08:50:40

comes in, has a sniff around, pees in all four corners and sits down wanting rice pudding

Morning all.

Cheers for sorting the new Fred buzziewuzzie. In so sorry that you haven't been feeling well though. That is not good. Are you at work right now ? I had to take a couple of day leave earlier this week as I just hit a brick wall. I sorted out loads of cupboards and the spare room (a job left for the nitwit but he only did half of it) and over did things. I was bloody exhausted to be honest. I guess it hits is sometimes, though you seem to have had a really shitty run of it lately. X

beetle congrats on the boy children ! Now the girl children on here will have men to bite and fight over !

dils that is a heck of a wait for nursery places in your manor. I guess competition is stiff for the best though.

shazza it's all getting real now honey ! How do you feel ? Ok ?

Well what crap weather this morning. We have a fuck about with a plastic baby aka a hospital ante-natal class tomorrow. Him indoors has the attention span of a tramp on crystal meth so it will be interesting irritating for me mostly to see how he gets on with this class.

fairypangolin Fri 25-Oct-13 11:10:42

Hi all- waiting for friends to arrive for cake and scones (yum!) so have a moment to catch up.

First of all can I just report that I feel a hundred times more energetic than when pg- don't underestimate the impact if carrying that child all of you who are feeling exhausted. U know this is partially because Pangolina is sleeping loads at the moment but having a normal lung capacity is awesome.

shazza I used to obsess about having a second child before I turned 40. I was convinced if I didn't get pg at least 9 months before my 40th birthday it was game over. Well here I am with baby and 40. It's so nice to be able to let go of these things that have haunted us for so long.

Glad the pool has arrived. Can I make another suggestion? Make sure you have LOADS if old towels around for the birth. When you go into labour lay a path of them from the pool to the loo so you can get fr one to the other without stressing about the floor.

beetle congrats on the boys! They will be so much fun, hope you like climbing frames!

onion I never take my body silk off -must buy another.

motor you will just look more gorgeous, all shapely and that. If its any reassurance I weighed myself one week postpartum this morning and I have lost almost a stone already, despite eating a lot of cake and pastries this week in celebration. Rather a lot of poundage to go though.

Pangolina is being very kind to me and sleeping 3-4 hrs at a stretch at night. I have to wake her up to feed her. . It won't last. She is gaining though according to the MW so I try not to start worrying she's sleeping too much. We had a long skin to skin cuddle this morning to celebrate one week since her birth. It is so wonderful to feel so close to her.

Hi to everyone!

keepitgoing Fri 25-Oct-13 11:13:49

morning! A lovely sunny one here.

shaz we have the moses basket next to the bed - currently DH is using is to store books and lube, which i told him is inappropriate

noks do you get to look round the hospital at the same time?

buzz you really need a break this pregnancy. I mean, still feeling like shit at 27 weeks? Not fair. It must be especially hard with Barry away. I am in awe of single pregnants, let alone single parents.

To bring the nice new thread down a notch or two, we tried the perineal massage the other night hence the lube. Fuck it was painful, and when i asked dh how far it was stretched in order to feel like that it was nowhere near the size of a baby's head, i tell you that. Oh go <freaks out about the birth> shaz have you been doing this? We hadn't been going to but then I thought anything's worth a try...

keepitgoing Fri 25-Oct-13 11:15:09

Aw fairy grin

Buzzybee123 Fri 25-Oct-13 12:16:49

fairy Thanks for the message, it makes me feel better, I used to do shift work and although the hours weren't great I managed, this is just life sapping, she is like some little vampire

noknorks I have been off work for most of this month shock right now I couldn't physically do my job but would like to go back at some stage, at the moment I do the bare minimum hmm which is what I used to do

keep thank you for the hand hold and grin at the lube and perineal stretching

Well I did sleep a bit last night but was woken up by really bad trapped wind, I am soooooooo bunged up today and farting like a trooper hmm I am taking Barry to his favourite place today grin

Buzzybee123 Fri 25-Oct-13 13:04:10

just come back to moan, we start NCT classes next week, Barry has just been offered a 3 month contract in Tunbridge Wells so won't be back in time hmm

keepitgoing Fri 25-Oct-13 13:43:42

buzzy great news he's got a contract though! grin In my area there are some classes that run on saturdays, could you see if you could swap? You would of course be fine on your own but best if he could attend too else he'll be clueless... Could he poss arrange to leave work earlier on those days?

My right ribs are really being pummelled lately. Left ribs are fine. I think kip has run out of space but we still have 6 weeks till edd! shock I think I'm full already...

keepitgoing Fri 25-Oct-13 13:44:34

Actually 5 weeks, oops. But max 6.5 till induction...

ThatWayMadnessLies Fri 25-Oct-13 14:47:39

Thanks for the new thread buzzy. Sorry you're struggling but glad you've got the time off. Working away is so hard. we did it for years, with me coming home for weekends and holidays. was really draining and i wasn't pregnant.

fairy that was a lovely post grin.

I am on my phone so namechecking nigh on impossible. I came home early today as was so tired. Should have stayed on to get caught up with paperwork but couldn't face it. oh well...

Big waves to all.

Dildals Fri 25-Oct-13 17:47:46

fairy I will definitely turn in to a pumpkin when I turn 40 next year ... ;-) Enjoy the 3-4 hr schedule while it lasts! Bella's gone back to 2hrly feeds, I can't see straight ... A man in the street commented that I didn't look v happy ... seriously dude ... I need all my concentration to not fall over in the street and start snoring in the gutter! She's also not been doing many poo nappies and MW convinced it is a grow spurt, they keep their poo in apparently. Her farts have started to really smell though! Foul!

This body silk really gets the thumbs up doesn't it? Maybe I should try it, I like something with a bit of support though.

I posted a few funny Bella pics on FB for those on FB.

We are having a Halloween partay later and I have dropped Bella in to a pumpkin suit that is about 2 times her size. Later I will wriggle her in to her Primani bear outfit for the party. I still have to comb out my witch wig (it's a WIG OK, not my real hair!!!)

keep glad you are bringing the level down a notch with the perineal massage, I was worried that my breastfeeding multitasking was a bit too much :-).

buzzy sorry you are having a rubbish time ...

Shazz soon you will be waking up next to the cot with a baby in it!!

I caught up with one of the SCBU ladies the other day and found out one of the twins that were on the ward when I was there had passed away. I saw their mum today and we had a little cry together. So sad. Even I didn't know what to say to her to make her feel better (not that there is anything I CAN say really) and I sort of knows how she feels. So sad. There's just no rhyme or reason to these things, just plain old bad luck.

OnionRing Fri 25-Oct-13 19:19:28

I bet she got more comfort from you though dildals precisely because you do know.

Sorry Bella's turned into Ringlet. It's bloody hard work isn't it? Some days I feel like I'm in a dream and I'm so forgetful. I couldn't function at work like this.

Bodysilks are brilliant on comfort but not so good when you start caring about support. I think they're best during pregnancy and then for the first few months feeding when your boobs change shape hourly. I'm mostly wearing my more shapely Hot Milk nursing bras now. I hate that name. Hot Milk = Rice Pudding in my world.

Today is weigh day and I am four pounds off my pre preg weight. It is a very sloooow process - mostly due to all the extra food I eat.

buzzy that's so annoying about TW and NCT. Will you go without him or not bother? I'd just add that I have never done an NCT course but I go to their Bumps and Babies group which is free and I've met a few people there. It's very friendly and there are NCT volunteers there who will chat about anything with you. I wish you'd feel better too, it's really not fair.

fairy I love your description. Skin to skin is lovely, I haven't done it for ages with ringlet. Can you PM me her name if you don't mind - I'd love to know what you chose! Also I was exactly the same about turning 40 without a second child. I was 40 and 1 month when ringlet was born. As well as looking forward to Xmas I am also planning to celebrate my 41st birthday next year as it will be the first in years when I haven't been preoccupied with my diminishing fertility.

keep I boggled at your casual mention of the lube but am aghast at the massage. I'm sure it's never been clinically proven to work so don't worry about it. I couldn't put myself through that!

shazz I'm so pleased the cot works. Think what you have saved. Glad you're a bit more rested. Aim for bone idle from now on.

noks I look forward to your report on the ante natal class.

beetle boys! Congratulations and we need some more of them.

madness hope you're coping. How is your anxiety?

I'm waiting for DH to bring me a cold can of lager. As fairy says, it is brilliant not being pregnant, never mind lung capacity, which is of course good but booze and being able to eat everything you want are truly great pleasures.

Hope everyone has a restful evening.

Buzzybee123 Fri 25-Oct-13 19:41:11

onion You ladette with your can of lager wink I shall go like some single mum as I know nothing other than a little human will drop out my foof sometime in the New Year, I have so much to learn, I just feel that he is missing out on the whole thing, also he needs to have some idea about what is going to happen too, the contract should finish around my due date so timing is good.

keep I did try to change it but there isn't a weekend one for some reason around here, I am quite looking forward to it, he will try to but it is about 1.5 hours away where he is working and I don't want him to feel rushed after spending 3 hours travelling to and from work, he has done this distance before and its knackering after a while

dildals just being there for her was probably comfort enough, sometimes you don't need to say anything

MrsHY1 Fri 25-Oct-13 20:40:08

Hello ladies
Marking my place! Hope you're all well. Have found it easier lately to put the odd post on our Fbook group but I should have more time when I finish work a week today- hurrah!! Loving the Moses basket/ crib talk Shazz and Keep. All feeling very real now. Blimey O Reilly. grin

Foodylicious Fri 25-Oct-13 21:03:28

Just marking a place ladies

hello <waves to everyone>

keepitgoing Fri 25-Oct-13 21:59:06

foody where'be you been? Howzit? Had a scan yet?

mrsH I finish a week today too! Woop

SweetieTime Sat 26-Oct-13 10:15:09

beetle yeah for the boys, IVFers seem only to be having girls glad you are evening things out.

Keep I know that full feeling. I had to walk up and down our living room yesterday evening as sitting was so uncomfortable. I think there was a bum very high under my ribs.

Fairy it all sounds so blissful for you, skin to skin cuddles must be amazing

Dildals hope your party goes well, cannot wait to see the FB pics. Sorry to hear about the SCBU ladies loss of one of her twins.

Buzzy it is good news on Barry getting his contract but shame he won't be able to attend NCT. It must be difficult for both of you but at least he should be back for the big sneeze.

I will be 40 when I am 36 weeks, I am hoping I will be a Mummy by then but if not it will be very soon afterwards hopefully.
I have really struggled with swollen feet & ankles this week. I have been closely monitored by the nurse. I cannot get any shoes on other than slippers or crocs so I am cutting edge glamour. I have kept feet elevated when sitting but it hasnt made a great deal of difference. Hey ho I am sure it is just one of those things.

Foodylicious Sat 26-Oct-13 11:01:52

Mostly just lurking and enjoy reading what you guys been up to.
Sounds like everything is going amazingly well fairy grin.
Keep I have not had a scan yet, but am officially 7 weeks today so feeling a little better about things. the mc was at 8 wks so think getting past that milestone will help too. Have booking in appt on Tuesday, might book a scan for after 8 weeks but feel like I need to wait as the reassurance won't last for long. Contstantly squishing my boobs just in case they have deflated. Feelign sick alot of the time (and being sick sometimes too) and soo tired it is just silly. Also ginormous as I have been eating so much to stop me feeling sick!
You and MrsH finishing work next week! and Shaz already, exciting times ahead!!!

fairypangolin Sat 26-Oct-13 18:20:23

buzzy v glad to hear that Barry has got a 3 month contract, even if it is inconvenient for the NCT. DH has just finished 5 weeks of contract work and will have to find something else fairly soon but hopefully it will not involve a long commute.

keep I'm also doubtful about the value of perineal massage, esp if it is painful. I remember reading somewhere or someone saying on this thread (perhaps it was onion?) that when you are in labour you are flooded with relaxin among other hormones and that helps your skin and muscles to stretch to accommodate the baby so your efforts 'cold' are not representative. I was quite nervous about tearing because the descriptions always sound horrendous but at the time mine happened I was completely unaware of it because the effort of getting the baby's head out was overwhelming! It was 2nd degree, eg not involving the muscles, so I did have to have stitches but they haven't been so painful. It was a bit unnerving though overhearing the two midwives discuss my intimate topography and how best to repair it. I have read that 3rd and 4th (eek!) degree tears are very uncommon (less than 1% of births).

onion congrats on having only 4lbs left to go! Given that Ringlet isn't even 6 months that's great! I agree re "Hot Milk". Yech. I don't think most women want to look 'hot' whilst nursing (if that's even possible outside of some specialist website), just comfortable and not too 'mumsy'.

dildals yeah I know the sleepy times won't last, sadly. I have been feeling rather spaced out over the past few days and it can't be lack of sleep. I think it must be the hormones (again!) I just want everyone else to go away so I can lie in bed with Pangolina all day. I especially feel this way in the afternoon and evening, everyone irritates me except for her.

Nice to know so many of us will be post-40 pumpkin mothers!

keepitgoing Sun 27-Oct-13 12:51:47

foody sorry you're feeling sick, though I expect it's reassuring. I can understand what you mean about the scan only having a calming effect for a short time - you just have to tick off the days.

I have been going mad this morning looking into all things tax and maternity allowance. Oh my god it's all so complicated, I think i'll just have to call them and try and sort things out.

shaz any news... wink

keepitgoing Sun 27-Oct-13 12:53:30

Right, have dug this out to remind us where we are for this new thread, and it should be up to date?

Shazza 37
Keep 35
MrsHY 34
Gin 32
Noks 30
Sweetie 30
Crisps 29
Ceara 27
Buzzy 26
Motor 19
Madness 10
Foody 7

keepitgoing Sun 27-Oct-13 12:56:03

Added our new beetle and the sexes (i think!)

Shazza 37 unknown
Keep 35 unknown
MrsHY 34 girl
Gin 32 girl
Noks 30 unknown
Sweetie 30 twins boy and girl
Crisps 29 twin girls
Ceara 27 boy
Buzzy 26 girl
Motor 19
Beetle 14 ID twin boys
Madness 10
Foody 7

Nokkie73 Sun 27-Oct-13 13:01:51

31 weeks for me keepy !

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