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Fantastic 40+ Mums To Be

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10000fireflies Fri 08-Jun-12 20:33:53

A lovely shiney new thread for us to keep chatting on. smile

Hpbp Fri 08-Jun-12 21:22:07

FF Count me in.
Back from Ikea, first buy for baby to come : a brand new mattress ! Of course, I spent 3 hours to buy just a mattress, a carpet with roads and tunnels for DS1, a bedside table lamp for DS1, a second doggy (his comforter!).... Drove DH mad, he hates Ikea.
Tomorrow, I will start saying goodbye to some of my friends, it is just an au revoir but I feel sad, 3 months away is a long time...

10000fireflies Fri 08-Jun-12 22:12:31

The Ikea kids ranges are fab, aren't they?

Have got to haul myself off sofa and sort stuff out I have strewn all over bed. Another day, another failed attempt to finalise hospital bag grin DH offering again to pack for me. Wish he'd get on and do some of the other, crappier jobs on the list.

Scan this avo showed amnio all ok, so last scan was prob wrong.

Night all. XX

FjordMor Fri 08-Jun-12 23:25:42

That's good news FF smile

knottyhair Sat 09-Jun-12 06:45:10

Thanks for the new thread FF smile. Good news from your scan, that's great!
Had a nice day yesterday, and managed to combat the nausea enough to have lunch with DP & DS in Carluccio's then saw Steve Backshall doing his show - he was great and is one of DS's heroes, although I think DP has a bit of a man crush as well. Off to see my new great-niece tomorrow to get some baby practice in after 8 years!

exexe Sat 09-Jun-12 15:44:17

1000FF great news! glad everything is ok.

hpbp I love Ikea! I always end up finding stuff that I can't resist.

knotty Have a lovely time with your great niece. You always forget how tiny newborns are until you come across one again. I'm sure you'll love giving her a cuddle smile

I'm having a lazy day today. I went out with a friend yesterday and got back in just before midnight. Ds1 had a bad dream and ended up in our bed last night. I can never sleep when one of the kids are in the bed so I'm a quite tired today. I need a day to catch up on laundry, housework and all the back to school stuff.

Hope you're all having a good weekend.

Midgetm Sat 09-Jun-12 17:19:48

Marking my place not by peeing in the corner but in a more civilised way

Great news about the liquor FF.

I am also having a lazy day. Watching finding Nemo with DD and eating Thai food = bliss.

10000fireflies Sat 09-Jun-12 21:34:19

Midget I guess my kitty wants to join the thread as he has just peed in the corner. blush Doesn't like new carpets so is doing a lot of sprinkling. grin I will never be able to have my posh new NCT friends round. <sad social climber>

I have been alternating between busy and resting today. Hosp bag 90% done and by front door. Eeek. Childbirth doesn't hurt, does it??!! hmm

Hpbp Sat 09-Jun-12 21:52:39

FF, childbirth is as diverse as pregnancy, it can be very different from one woman to another, from one pg to another. And you will go through it perfectly. Just remember to breathe in and out as you have been taught. I remember pushing and trying to get the air to come out along down the spine, I did not very succeed the first time but I have now understood so will try again this time. I am so excited to hear your good news.... So soon now !

Had a very busy day meeting with 6 other families, with kids under 4, had lunch altogether, 14 adults and 8 kids, and 2 babies, one 3 months old and one 1 month old, went to the playground afterwards, my back is now killing me !
Rest in bed is my next mission !

Good night everyone

bytheseaside Sun 10-Jun-12 14:53:17

Well I'm having a very lazy day - slept for 13 hours last night - they told me to expect bp tablets to make me sleepy, but I haven't slept like that for YEARS! I've been on a sofa slump with the newspapers since, but have plans to haul myself out with DP for a rainy woodland walk in our wellies in a bit.
I feel like nesting, but as I have so little get up and go, I'm just planning stuff in my head instead - does that count? I like ikea too - not the hours-of-lost-time and crying toddlers and husbands, but the cheap, sensible stuff that promises to help me sort my life out. Oh, the storage solutions!! I popped in yesterday and couldn't resist coming away with three (more) big plastic storage boxes for all the clothes I can't wear anymore...
fireflies oh dear, what a naughty cat! Hopefully your nct friends will just assume it's the all pervading smell of nappies or, more likely, be too tired to notice. Lovely scan news smile
midgetm mmm your post made me crave thai food, which I don't usually like. My cravings seem to be starting up again! I had to make macaroni cheese last night - thought I'd exhausted my desire for that particular dish weeks ago ... Well, a bit of kitchen activity keeps my from sleeping anyway.
Have a happy rainy Sunday everyone xxx

littleredmonkey Sun 10-Jun-12 15:25:35

Happy New Thread everyone!!!

Work sucks and is exhausting!!! lord knows how many miles I clocked up yesterday on the shop floor. Up and down the stairs as my collegue was on holiday. Partners brother and wife popped in last night to bring him his birthday pressy and card. Stayed till 10 and we watched a film thought I would never drag my legs up the stairs. Got up at 7 to make him breakfast as his 40th. Got him a telescope and it took forever to set up massive bit of kit, shame weather is so crap for the next few days. He's excited about it.
I am nesting at the moment, duvet around me and a treat large coffee. I feel like I could sleep for England today.
FF - oh dear poor kitty having a whizz, ours found a baby bird yesterday and lets just say he made a right mess, so mine is very naughty. ant wait to hear all the news when little one pops out. You made me laugh is child birth doesn't hurt. I dont know what to expect when it happens to me. They have offered me a tour around Lincoln Mat ward,???? Not so sure I want to look really. Glad about your good news
Bythesea- Hope you are feeling ok honey I love mac cheese, my friend makes it from scratch and it is to die for.
Hpbp- Dont feel sad three months will fly , I will see my little one by then ..

I have the midwife in a couple of weeks, I will ask her about NHS courses for breast feeding and others available. Has anyone done as of them and which ones are useful or rubbish.

10000fireflies Sun 10-Jun-12 16:38:42

Ah, yes hpbp, thanks for the reminder to breath!! Hope you have recovered from yesterday.

bytheseaside yes, virtual nesting totally counts!! smile really though, if you have high bp and are preggers best rest up until it's sorted. Goodness, I wish cat pee could be mistaken for nappies or something else, but there is no mistaking it. Still, I have found a reasonable looking carpet cleaner so I can keep on top of the 'issue'. In the meantime, I have covered my hosp bag with bin liners as that seems to be a favoured spot. Bad boy, but I do love him so much.

LRM SLOW DOWN!!! Stop tiring yourself out!! Not worth it! Although I am v impressed by what you manage to do. So, enjoy your resting today. Oh, childbirth won't hurt if you have an epidural. That's why the kids featured on OBEM are screaming at MW 'give me a f***ing Epidural' the minute they arrive on the labour ward!! grin

Did NCT and NHS ante-natal courses. Thoughts on them:

NCT - private, charity, cost arm and a leg - is a couple of days long - might be cheaper where you are. I would contact your local NCT and see how much they charge - maybe sit down before you ask them!! Included partners, was pretty detailed and very good at getting the blokes involved - eg they had to do washing/nappy changing practice on dolls, and were given lots of opportunities for coming up with ideas about how they could help us lovely preggo ladies. Was also good for meeting other new parents to be too. Covered breast feeding. Course is supposed to be same country-wide. Small group (6 couples) and the ladies are meeting weekly already which is great.

NHS - 3 x 2 hours. Free and covered all you'd need to know. Mainly ladies only. NHS should have breast-feeding counsellors/trainers in hosp. Worth asking your MW what NHS offer as it varies according to area and hosp. MW who ran it encouraged us to socialise and again, that has been happening on a weekly basis, so great from that poing of view. Bigger group - about 12.

Blimey, that was a long answer!! grin

I have been chipping away at stuff to do again today. Just taking a break from it all. DH disgrunted as he's had to do TWO, yes, two whole chores so far, one of which included heating some pasta and putting it on a plate. Tough life, isn't it?!

Have just had 3 large EPO pills, which will wash down with some Rasp Leaf tea and vic sponge. Will have another soak in Clary Sage bath later. Felt some twinges earlier, so might be working... Tempted to be naughty and not go and see stupid consultant on Tues... I don't have to. 'spose my contrary side is coming out a bit. grin Now, what exciting job can i do now?

Hugs to all. FF xx

notsoold Mon 11-Jun-12 14:57:29

Loving the new thread....I do hope that we all have a nice week..

MummyWilliams Mon 11-Jun-12 15:46:31

Hi! Ladies. I'm not sure if you'll remember me, I introduced myself then I've just lurked since.

This will be DC no 4. I already have DD 11, DS1 9, DS2 13 months. I also have DSD1 21 and DSD2 12. Although I've had plenty of scans this pregnancy (due to previous losses at 15 weeks & 18 weeks) the good ole NHS couldn't tell us the flavour as the cord was between LOs legs, so we paid for private gender scan last Friday and have discovered that we expecting a boy. Name game has begun and we are really stumped this time round.

Has anyone heard from Valiumqueen as the last time she was on was well over a week ago and reported blood loss.

I shall be 41 when this LO is born and what with the babies we've l

MummyWilliams Mon 11-Jun-12 15:49:13

Sorry silly iPhone posted and I hadn't finished...

What with the babies we've lost and the 13 month old I have been pregnant since December 2008, my body is knackered. This is def the last one as shall be sterilised during c-section.


tiredmumma Mon 11-Jun-12 16:01:55

When you say Mums 40+ how old are we talking....

Ok my situation - had DS1 at 38....7 years ago so if you do your math you get my real life age. To get to the point, I think I may be pregnant now and Im well so very confused....

Am I way to old for this?

knottyhair Mon 11-Jun-12 17:15:30

Tiredmumma, I feel for you. I had DS 8 years ago and I've just turned 44 - baby due December. I was gutted to be honest when the test was positive, as was DP, and when we told DS he burst into tears! So I had a couple of days of thinking "who exactly is this going to benefit" but a couple of weeks on, we all feel differently and DS is especially excited (so fingers crossed everything's OK at the scan whenever I get to have one!). So in my opinion, no, you're not too old for this, but talk to your OH honestly about how you feel, and whatever you decide, it will be the right thing for you & your family. It takes a lot of getting used to doesn't it? I still don't feel over the moon to be honest, but I think I'm getting there. I think a big part of me is holding back until at least the 1st scan.

ValiumQueen Mon 11-Jun-12 19:21:38

Thank you mummy I am ok. Very tired, but no more bleeding. 20 week scan next Tuesday, so getting there slowly.

I am 43 and feel very old, but that is because I do not feel well when pregnant.

When are you POAS tired?

MummyWilliams Mon 11-Jun-12 19:53:11

valium so glad to hear that your ok.

tired when I had my booking in appointment with the midwife for this pregnancy, I did feel slightly embarrassed about my age. But she told me how she had just booked a lady who was 53. I say age is just a number at the end of the day. We were shocked especially as DS2 was only 10 months old when we found out, I thought we were done, but after the initial shock which lasted about 6 weeks, we are very, very happy and very much looking forward to the arrival of this LO.

littleredmonkey Mon 11-Jun-12 20:09:11

Evening all

Hope we are all well and dandy?
FF - Am trying very hard to slow down, not been to the gym for over a week as my back is giving me a bit of pain. I find work hard to slow down with but tried today and will try harder. I do miss my gym time but need to be resting after work. In bed now and have been for ages. Lovely partner has supplied me with a treat coffee and even warmed the milk up as well. He's going to be a fab dad bless him.

Tiedmamma - Welcome to the gang. It took me weeks to get my head around it. i am 43 and its my first, so very set in my ways, Do what we want when we want. travelling the world and seeing things. We then thought about it for 2 years should we or not. Time runs away with you and before you know it we said lets do it. I took my rod out my arm in the October by December Bingo. I did not find out till Feb. Lets just say I had a very mega melt down. I freaked out about coping being old, coping with everything, you name it I had a freak out about it. Had my first scan slowly felt better, Had the 2nd and its a boy. I am glad but still have doubts about small things. I know that if I did not have him I would have been sad later on in life and regreted it. Still shtting my pants about child birth

ff - Love u !!! Just the words I want to hear - Epidural makes it less painful. Will craft sign to hang around my neck all yes please all drugs and yes to epidural!!!

Mummy - Welcome back good to hear from you

bytheseaside Mon 11-Jun-12 20:29:35

tired we're not too old for this! we will be great at it, even if very, very tired sometimes ... Having doubts is a very rational response though - i mean it's hardly going to be a walk in the park especially for those that have already got children but think of all our extra wisdom and maturity smile I don't get the impression that having babies in your 40s even raises much of an eyebrow with mw and consultants or society at large these days there are so many of us. We did a lot of ivf to get here and it's my first at 40, so I guess I didn't go through the shock of being pregnant - just stunned disbelief that it had eventually worked. If I can't cope, I don't think it will be because I'm old, just because I'm a bit useless ...

ff and lrm I'm also going for max allowance of painkillers - it's the only way i can face going through with it and not staying pregnant for the rest of my life! I doubt hypnobirthing is going to do it for me ... although I will give it a go as I'm quite game. I thought I would defo have to have a caesarian, but now looks like I might be able to try v delivery. Pleased, but scared ...

mummy sounds like you have had a tricky journey - no wonder you feel tired

valium glad you are ok

Hi everyone else too

ValiumQueen Mon 11-Jun-12 21:42:53

53! <<faints>>

I could pop a few more out in ten years. <<ponders>>

<<faints again>>

MummyWilliams Mon 11-Jun-12 22:07:52

Yes 53 indeed! She had her first, a couple of years ago and now pregnant with 2nd - both were natural conception, so I've been told. Good luck to them. I was knackered when I had my first child a month before I turned 30 even more knackered now 11 years on, so can only imagine how tired I would feel to have children in another 11 years - I hope that made sense, severe baby brain. They are all very worth it, I wouldn't have it any other way. 40 is the new 30 so 50 must be the new 40 - as they say.

eagleray Mon 11-Jun-12 22:16:35

Hello everyone

I had actually forgotten about my age (40) the last few days as have been so preoccupied with everything else, and then was reminded today when I had to go shopping for maternity trousers (not quite 9 weeks yet but have had to admit defeat when it comes to normal waistbands)

Ended up in New Look and to my horror the only assistant around was a young guy - approached him for help and gave him the opportunity to flee and get a female colleague but he said he could help me anyway! I ended up whispering to him "I'm pregnant and need some trousers" although the entire shop was empty, save for the male dummy sat at the top of the escalator. I think the embarrassment came from having to opt out of normal clothing so soon, plus the realisation that I was probably old enough to be his mother and he might be shocked that people of my age can get up the duff.

Anyway, he was an absolute star, showed me the whole range, and then ran off to rummage in the stock room for something my size, and I bought two pairs of trousers. Am a bit relieved to have them now, but feel like a bit of a fraud as don't have first scan til next week and wonder sometimes if it is just fat/my imagination (despite all the symptoms)

Glad to hear you are a bit better now Valium and hope everyone else is having a nice evening.

Midgetm Mon 11-Jun-12 22:33:58

53? <faints with Valium queen and doesn't get back up again>. That woman deserves a medal or a dame hood.

Welcome Tired I like to think our age and wisdom will go for us, then I pass out when I get home from work and can't do up my own shoes already so what do I know?

LRM FF is right. The drugs do work. They really do. Peeing in a bag for a few hours is a small price to pay for painless Contractions. I went to the gym yesterday. Felt really smug and energetic for all of about half an hour. Then fell asleep on the sofa for an hour because i was so shattered and now walking like John Wayne today.....

Made a big mistake of watching 'Sarah's keys' tonight. A very bad choice of film for a pregnant old bird. Hysterically sobbed through most of it. Must update my love film selection with more cheery subject matter.

good luck with the scan VQ - what day is it in? using an iPhone so can't scroll and my brain appears to have dropped out my fanjo so can't remember anything so apologies if you already said

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