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February 2011- the one where life gets better for all of us.

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GOLDdebka Tue 25-Sep-12 21:24:03

New thread open for business!!

I am anticipating MUCH weight loss, job improvements, sleeping babies, good health and one very eagerly anticipated BFP. smile

MizK Sat 02-Feb-13 19:05:09

Hey everyone! God its been a while since chatting to you guys, sorry I'm crap! Happy birthday to the 2 year olds! Can it be that they're so old already?
I'm not doing personals as on my phone and feel intimidated by how much I need to catch up on!
Needless to say I've missed coming on and thank god for FB so I still get to see what everyone's up to!
Am in process of uni interviews etc so super busy but at least I've had offers. Anybody seen Old School? That'll be me come September haha!
Tons of love to you all, am having best weekend, child free and being spoiled by DP. After taking me on a nice dinner date last night he's now parked me in front of Revenge with a glass of wine whilst he cooks, love him!
I promise not to be so mememe next time I'm going to post way more often, promise! X

tadjennyp Sat 02-Feb-13 19:36:31

You know what MizK? You deserve it! Congrats on the uni place - you'll have a blast and Nottingham is a top place to study not biased at all smile

I've been struck by how similar wiggles's Anna and my Sammy look. Must get on the PC and upload some photos (there are none on my little computer).

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Looking forward to shaking off this flu soon. confused

Tarlia Sun 03-Feb-13 09:52:24

waves to Hobknob (deb?) wiggles, reastie american blizy, ponyo and anyone I forgot plus everyone else!! Thank you for the welcome back!

Loving all of the birthday plans, especially the Hello Kitty and Peppa cakes! Zachary is loving Dumbo, Thomas and giraffes right now, so one of those cakes will feature but undecided thus far.

reastie, yes, things have been very up and down but getting there. Still on my tabs. How about you? Are things better for you? Zachary also likes the Grufflo and will be getting a set of snap cards and china breakfast set (both bought on xmas eve online in the Lakeland sale).

american, fantastic news! How does it feel to be back on home turf??

Blizy, you had this name when I vanished smile Still think of you and little Zoebear. Such a lovely idea to give family members the candle from her to light on her special day. Hows that fil being these days?

Ponyo, not mean to send her to nursery, do they allow birthday cakes to be sent in? I'm sure they will make a fuss and she will have a lovely day and have another celebration at home. Spoilt child haha

reastie Sun 03-Feb-13 18:39:33

tarlia I only started on the tabs before christmas, but they do seem to be helping, and I'm paying for therapy which is really helping me too. I'm trying to work out how I can decorate a cake in the grufallo without mucking it up and make it look like an actual grufallo - cake decorating is not my forte.

blizy that idea for zoe's day sounds lovely. We'll all be here thinking of the beautiful Zoe and how missed and loved she is, and how utterly unfair life can be.

Tad hope you feel better soon.

<waves to Mizk >

Been away for the week end for family things (my family, not PIL thank goodness ). Took Alice to a wildlife park on the way home as a treat and wish we hadn't have bothered. She spent the whole time moaning and screaming 'playground' in a whiney way. So we took her to the playground there where she just continued to moan. So we took her back to the car and drove home! DH was really annoyed as she always seems to moan alot when we try to do nice things with her so we have to give up and go home. I think I've just accepted now that this is how things are and to limit my expectations. She had a nice time for a couple of minutes splashing in the puddles and I'm just happy she's happy whatever she's doing but I think DH wants to get her to see all the animals and get our moneys worth the cheap skate . Plus, she moans alot with me at home when I look after her but she doesn't with DH so I'm probably just used to it!

americanexpat Mon 04-Feb-13 18:21:19

reastie - L is the same way, he will whine about the smallest thing. Whines to go the playground, whines that he's done playing and wants to be carried, whines when we leave. Sometimes it seems like he's never happy but I think it's just the age - and if it's not, please don't tell me!

blizy - your plans for Zoe's birthday sound lovely. I know some of your family have been a bit crap about acknowledging her but I will definitely be thinking about her on her birthday.

We took L to an indoor amusement & water park yesterday. He loved the rides, started crying when it was time to get off the teacups. He wasn't quite sure about the water park, he seemed to enjoy the water slides but got cold and whiny after an hour.

He's about 50/50 for pooing in the toilet right now but he even asked to go at the water park yesterday. DH looked so proud when they came out. grin I've told nursery that he might ask but we're not "officially" potty training yet. I thought he would be late because he's not bothered by having a dirty nappy at all but he just started saying "pooing" sometimes when he needs to go so we're rolling with it. Tbh the fewer dirty nappies to change, the better. I can't remember if I mentioned it, but a little girl in his nursery class was potty trained over Christmas and she won't be two until March. shock

wigglesrock Mon 04-Feb-13 21:10:39

reastie I think its just the age they're at - the babies not DHs grin I remember Olivia being wild for just wanting playgrounds no matter where we went. To be honest even now with the 3 of them if we go somewhere like the zoo, we have a smaller circuit - playground, monkeys, farm bit and elephants. Gift shop of course to round it all off blush.

americanexpat Anna can't be bothered with the toilet anymore shock, its lost its allure grin

Olivia went back to school today - she seems to have developed a bit of a sore sounding chesty cough sad but delighted to be back at school. She has been given some extra work (mainly reading) - stealth boast blush. Her teacher wants to see exactly what she can do - so going to see how it goes. Although she decided all she wanted to do this evening was dress up in an old bridesmaid dress and make up a dance to Mama Do the Hump [shrug] - don't think I'll be hitting the G&T (snigger) boards yet grin

wigglesrock Tue 05-Feb-13 07:39:13

tadjennyp Happy Birthday Sammy grin

PS We have snow!! shock

blizy Tue 05-Feb-13 08:02:31

Happy birthday to Sammy! Hope you all have a fab day tad!

Wiggles, we have snow too, boooo! Oh, this time last year I met you I'm not a stalker or anything I was looking through last years diary!

tadjennyp Tue 05-Feb-13 23:04:59

Thanks girls! He's currently fast asleep in the car, which is good as I have to fetch the other two! Hurray for snow! Hope you are all having good evenings. X

Tarlia Tue 05-Feb-13 23:32:18

Hope Sammy enjoyed his special day!

What time does everyone's little one wake in the morning? We are firmly stuck at 6.30 no matter if it was a late night or not! I know its a bit lazy, but I'd love a 7.30 waker. Grass is always greener, I should count myself lucky I have an amazing napper, one of my friends 2.1 yo has dropped 2 naps at least a week :O Z has a solid 2-3 hours at lunchtime.

tadjennyp Wed 06-Feb-13 00:30:08

Still going on Tarlia - we're 8 hours behind! Haven't opened any presents yet as he didn't seem bothered this morning and we're in a rush. Chocolate cake for after tea (nothing amazing like reastie I'm afraid) and then we can open them! Hope you are well. Sammy sleeps till gone 7 but is a bit hit and miss with afternoon naps. smile

wigglesrock Wed 06-Feb-13 07:01:03

Tarlia Anna is up by 6.15ish - and only an occasional napper!

Tad - hope you all had a lovely day smile

blitz smile God a year, I didn't think it was that long

reastie Wed 06-Feb-13 07:23:23

Tarlia you see I'd say maybe the long nap isn't helping the early wakings <slightly clueless>. We wake Alice up after 45 minutes from her afternoon nap every day <evil parent> as we find she sleeps a bit better at night when we do it. Her morning wakes vary but on average are 6:30 -7. I have been known to have to wake her up at 7:30am (we don't let her sleep beyond then or again she won't sleep at night). But she doesn't go to bed until 8pm and isn't always great sleeper during the night. I think it's swings and roundabouts really. We just go to bed really early as we never know how much she'll be up at night and when she'll wake up so we try and maximise our sleep!

tad hope S enjoyed the presents and cake. I still can't work out how to decorate Alice's bday cake. I'm really not good at decorating <looks to hobknob for advice>.

blizy grin to you not being a stalker of wiggles

Right, got to get ready for work

Tarlia Wed 06-Feb-13 07:53:53

wiggles occasional naps :O When did that start? Is she grumpy at witching hour?

reastie you'd think so wouldn't you, but on days where he has only napped for an hour he still wakes at 6.30! Those hour nap days he is SO grumpy in the evening, it's really not worth limiting his nap, kids are all so different! Alice is still waking at night? That's really unlucky, hopefully she will stop soon. Are you still breastfeeding? Z is morning and night, I'm going to have to forcefully wean as there is no sign of him stopping.

Any of the second times had to wean toddler from breast? Would love any tips/advice!

ledkr Wed 06-Feb-13 08:16:19

Happy birthday for yesterday sammy.
D is sleeping better after a bit if jiggling and a near nervous breakdown
We realised she was waking hungry so we have reduced milk intake and pushed food YES DH IM LOOKING AT YOU WITH YOUR LAZY BOTTLE GIVING
Also we find just one nap around lunchtime and an early night does the trick.
I have therefore become one of those parents who is obsessed with naps and hurrys home from activities.
I seriously couldn't go on much longer I felt as if I was losing the plot. I told dh I was leaving and he could have the house.
Half term next week. Mil had great plans for an all inclusive holiday in cheltenham (to help while we worked) yeah right.
I wish I could see the look on her mug when she realises we have different half term to her!! Lol lol and rotfl

blizy Wed 06-Feb-13 08:28:27

Ledkr grin at all inclusive holiday, you should charge supplements.

Our schools finish up tomorrow for half term, although I have a little one mon Nd tues. I'm taking dh to the airport on fri morning (he is away with his friends for the weekend) so I am going on an ikea shopping trip- so excited!

How's the snow wigs? It all disappeared here yesterday in time for the afternoon school run.

Iam in the midst of another period, although I am very relieved it arrived no time this month!

Right I had better go get the big ones unglued from the tv to get them to school!
Have a good day y'all. smile

wigglesrock Wed 06-Feb-13 08:53:02

Blitzy - our snow too disappeared by yesterday afternoon. Will not tell Mr W about your IKEA trip - he will be very jealous !

Tarlia - Sofia used to nap brilliantly then go to bed with no bother at all. Anna has been a bit whatever with naps for a good few months. She now will only nap in the car - sometimes on the school pick ups.

Ledkr -glad D sleeping has improved. Think we may have the same problem!

Off to get ready for the granny/ baby/ parent playgroup smile Yummy buns !!

hubbard86 Wed 06-Feb-13 14:11:35

Will admit to being naughty and this is the 1st time I've checked mn in so long. Can't believe little ones are all turning 2, has it really been that long? Another 3 weeks I will have been a single parent for a year shock I now remember why i hated dating when I was younger. My word is it frightful, I have had my share of dating disasters that would make you reach for the wine and cry with laughter.
Freya is nowhere near potty trained but ill just go with it, when it happen it'll happen. She is still so tiny though now in 12-18 month clothes but still only size 3 feet. She's a madam though and a bit of a bully. I will try and be better about keeping up

americanexpat Wed 06-Feb-13 16:15:30

I'm happy to offer our snow surplus to anyone needing it. grin It just keeps bloody snowing.

L still sleeps at least 2 hours at midday. One of the staff at his nursery says it's the only time she sees him stationary. grin She also said he's very dramatic which is true, every small thing is the end of the world to him. He's generally a good sleeper at night unless he's not feeling well, usually sleeps until at least 6 during the week (which is when I get up) but did 8am Sunday. shock He usually goes to bed without a fuss.

ledkr - we limit his milk to morning and before bed, they offer it at every snack and meal at nursery but I've asked them to limit it to one cup at the most. Otherwise he'd just drink milk and not eat, which leads to waking hungry. I insist he eats some breakfast before he gets his milk in the morning but DH gives him milk first thing then he doesn't eat breakfast.

blizy - Ooo, I love Ikea, I would be excited too! I'm visiting friends this weekend (on my own!) and one of them lives near an Ikea so I think I'll go.

wiggles - Speaking of Ikea, you have the rocking moose, yes? Is it pretty sturdy and stable? My parents have a rocking horse for L and he rides it so hard it nearly tips. shock God, I'm going to go crazy in the kids section at Ikea, I love it so much. blush

ledkr Wed 06-Feb-13 17:24:09

Dh's love the milk silence don't they? Dh uses it for everything.
I was going to ask if any if the babies are like this?
I'd I make a dinner of meat veg potatoes and gravy or casserole or suchlike she won't eat it then when I liquidisers it she wolfs it down!
Weird eh? Yet she eats all other food whole.
She also can't be doing with rice.
Hubbard hi there. We need a couple if those dating tales you know

wigglesrock Wed 06-Feb-13 22:02:16

Hubbard lovely to hear from you. Hope you, Tom and Freya are doing well and yes please spill the dating woe grin

ledkr to be fair I may also be guilty of using the milk silence blush A just isn't the worlds biggest eater although she is will try lots of foods, its just after a mouthful she's done! Funny enough she likes rice!

americanexpat yes, we have the rocking moose grin its sturdy enough, am not sure I'm the best judge of its stability as A likes to stand on it and balance shock. She took great delight at the baby group today in jumping on the trampoline and taking her hands off the bar and jumping around in circles. Am afraid my "she'll be fine, and if she tumbles over it'll learn her " approach might have got me some responsibilty points docked. Oh does L have any of the IKEA toy train bits and pieces? I love them or the little work bench with the tools - I had to be dragged away from that last time blush

Right am off to research Communion dresses for Sofia - apparently everyone else has theirs already - its not until May shock. Not often I side with the priest but he thinks they should all do it in their school uniforms and he has my vote grin

tadjennyp Thu 07-Feb-13 04:39:16

Thanks for the lovely birthday wishes! Sammy loved his birthday cake and his presents - especially anything to do with Thomas. He is officially obsessed! He often shouts 'sit down mummy' with a book in his hands for me to read, or my least favourite , 'too heavy for Sammy' trying to pull me somewhere! grin Just have to get ready for Anna's party on Friday now. She wanted an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins!

Rocking moose sounds hilarious! I love Ikea toys too. Does the fashion for communion dresses change every year wiggles?

We could do with some more snow american - send it westwards please!

Waves hello to ledkr, tarlia, hubbard, blizy, reastie, ponyo, mizk, hobknob and everyone else. Whose is the next birthday? <tries to sneak a peek at wiggles' spreadsheet> <can't hack computer, cos not geeky genius> grin

Have a good Thursday everyone!

ledkr Thu 07-Feb-13 07:13:03

Wiggs we have a huge trampoline which d has always used in a fairly kamikaze manner.
When on the beach in France last year there was one of those kids clubs with loads of equipment. D picked the biggest trampoline and went for it. Being small anyway and only 18mo the staff were like this shock
They asked her age and looked even more surprised. I heard her say to his colleague "forme" ????? Means strong lol.
I also can't be doing with chasing them around stopping them doing stuff all the time.

americanexpat Thu 07-Feb-13 18:20:22

wiggles - I've been eyeing the Ikea train set and extra tracks on the website. I'd He'd love the workbench but we don't have room for it. Who knows, it may fall on to the trolley on its own. L rocks on the rocking horse so hard that it nearly tips over forward and backward. shock He also likes to be swung around in circles by his arms until he's dizzy (which I indulge blush). I stop because I'm dizzy and he says, "Again?" while stumbling around. grin

tad - I'd be happy to send you some snow because it's fecking snowing again. angry We're right on the edge of the 2" - 5" band so hopefully it'll not be much more than 2 inches. We had freezing rain this morning and I slide 5 feet down the pavement holding L then crashed us into the snow so we didn't slide down the steps.

L has horrible nappy rash and diarrhoea from the antibiotics and woke at 5:30 screaming because he'd done a poo and it was hurting him. sad And DH woke with a vomiting bug this morning which I'm really hoping I don't get. He had it last Feb too and I got it a few days later. He convenient parked himself on the sofa this morning so L was desperate to climb on him. hmm

ledkr - L is a bit like that, he won't eat veg separately but if we mash it up with some other food, it's no bother. Maybe it's the texture she doesn't like?

HobKnob Thu 07-Feb-13 21:53:25

Quickie to say hi to all, especially hubbard, hope life is treating you well.

Just finished decorating S's Hello Kitty cake (blame her big sister for that!). We've got her a balance bike for her birthday, she wouldn't get off it when she tried it out in the shop.

I'm working 7am-2pm tomorrow then the fam round for Birthday Tea. I'm going to be knackered aren't I!

Hope all well and healthy xxx

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