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February 2011- the one where life gets better for all of us.

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GOLDdebka Tue 25-Sep-12 21:24:03

New thread open for business!!

I am anticipating MUCH weight loss, job improvements, sleeping babies, good health and one very eagerly anticipated BFP. smile

americanexpat Thu 10-Jan-13 03:00:43

No advice on the dummy, L never took one. He wasn't all that keen on recreational sucking tbh, it was food or nothing for him. grin

Borg - have a lovely holiday and consume additional wine. grin

wiggles - bugger, that job sounds horrible and you're probably feeling like a single parent too.

ledkr - correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you have 4 others? grin

Ponyo - L is going through an early-waking phase right now, up at 5:45 this morning because he was hungry. He gives a mad cackle when we ask him if he wants to eat then runs to his chair. hmm This too shall pass, this too shall pass...

Three days of work done and so far everything is fine. They have us booked solid from 8-5 for orientation the first two weeks then it's months of training for our specific jobs. Nearly everyone is straight from uni so there's a ridiculous amount of friend-making going on. hmm I have managed to locate a few over-30s though. grin L's fine at nursery, he cried a bit when I left this morning but is generally ok.

ILovePonyo Thu 10-Jan-13 06:39:50


american you have my sympathies A was up for the day at 5 today hmm <yawn> in hoping its a one of not back to her bad habits!
Job sounds good though, grin at all the students, I walk into town the same way as all the nottm students in the morning, they're all so trendy and fresh faced aren't they?! shock

Better go get ready, A is currently destroying the lounge...

reastie Thu 10-Jan-13 06:57:13

Hi all

american glad you managed to find some oldies to befriend grin , sounds like tiring work all that orientation and training. I've been starting to realise I am no longer young and trendy ok I never was trendy as my hair has suddenly started going quite grey - it's becoming noticeable and has only really happened in the past few months so I'm thinking it will have to be hair dye out at some point <sobs> .

wiggles i keep hearing of all the stuff going on in Belfast and thinking of Mr Ws and hoping he's OK and also that he does get some time off as it sounds like they're really stretched over there.

No bottle for Alice but she has bf to sleep, so we will maybe need a boob fairy too wink . She doesn't have a dummy as she suddenly refused to take it for an unknown reason at 6 months, but she does suck her fingers alot still, which the dentist told me i should discourage, but how on earth to discourage her from doing it I'm not sure and it seems to mean to stop her from doing something she finds really comforting. Alice still won't go to sleep without either a bf or walking her in her buggy, so I'm now imagining still having to walk her to sleep in a king size buggy when she's 12 at the moment!

borg loved the podium dancer comment grin . Hope you're taking care of yourself.

ponyo grin to man dancing comment. Am I really out of touch to admit I only really found out about this gangham (??) thing is last month and I've still never seen the actual video.

More kitchen planning today, we are nearly there I think, just have to convince DH we need granite worktops.

Grannyapple Thu 10-Jan-13 08:20:03

Morning ladies...ponyo N does the same thing re milk...he's been off the bottle for a while but now pushes it away after about 2oz. I'm thinking if just giving him his milk in a normal cup before we take him upstairs for bath & bed...

Not much to report on 4 days/week since the new year and shattered now...looking forward to bed tonight! Naha been ok-ish at's getting him to go down at night that's a nightmare. I now put him down & leave him to scream for 15 mins...then he collapses & go check in him half an hour later & tuck him in...hopefully he'll get the message soon enough...(tho its been a good month of him being like that hmm )

wigglesrock Fri 11-Jan-13 12:03:10

Grannyapple I might be wrong (that'll be the day grin), but do you have a scan today? Hope all goes well xxx

american oops with all the yoofs grin Mr W was at a post mortem (another joyful day in work) and the medical students were in for a look. He says he felt like he was old enough to be their Dad, I hadn't the heart to remind him that he is old enough to be their Dad grin Of course his age and experience put him much in demand when 3 or 4 of them had to bolt into the room he was waiting in and upchuck into the bin. He was most sympathetic, he just laughed at them later.

reastie I go to my hairdressers every 6 weeks for a colour and need to do my roots inbetween each visits shock My hairdresser tells me I have persistent greys hmm as opposed to the ones that change back to their normal colour if you ask them nicely? My mum has the same type of hair and when Sofia got her haircut last time, the hairdresser told me her hair was the same shock

Sofia was a digit sucker (my dentists words grin) until she went to school, she still does it now when she's really tired but her teeth are ok - purely anecdotal evidence I realise!

Grannyapple Fri 11-Jan-13 13:46:23

Ha ha wiggs indeed you are correct....I did indeed have my scan today. All is well & due date now brought fwd to 19th jul...

My hair is same as yours....costs me a small fortune to hide the grey, tho going blonde has helped disguise it a bit better....

ledkr Fri 11-Jan-13 16:37:13

I've had grey hair since I was fifteen which is great considering it didn't signify ahem ageing for me. My bf is a hairdresser so I get mine coloured reg too. Wiggs are you sure it's not resistant grey?
Been busy battling on the bf thread god there are some nasty women in mn they give bf a bad name.
I had to go for more tests today. I am so wiped out and a bit <whispers> depressed <stiffens up stoically> I need this thyroid sorted out ASAP.
Dh on lates so me and Ella have an asda curry and big brother tonight.
I have two fecking parties to plan too fgs.
We have asked for money for girls towards a new swing set for the garden. They had so much for Xmas I can't face another round of stationary sets make up and hair clips and we could open a lip gloss shop.

reastie Fri 11-Jan-13 18:44:04

Yay, Granny, you must feel like breathing a sign of relief now everything is going well so far. Are you feeling less tired yet?

wiggles persistent greys eh? hmm

Ledkr enjoy curry night - celeb big brother is my current guilty pleasure, is it wrong that I fancy toad fish a bit?! I know what you mean re: birthday toys, we're getting Alice a cuckoo clock (well, actually it's a pig clock as it has a pig in it which oinks on the hour but has a sensor so it doesn't go off all night thank goodness ) and that's pretty much it. I can't really think of anything she needs at all and I'd prefer people to put money in her savings account or give me some money towards her gym classes or some such).

Anyone nosy or good on interior design can I have some help on my kitchen choices please thread here . Am feeling overwhelmed with choies on our kitchen and no idea if this will look OK or not.

tadjennyp Sat 12-Jan-13 02:11:16

Hello lovely Feb thread people - just popped on to see how everyone is getting on.

So sorry about the mc Borg - I hope you have a wonderful holiday. sad

I hope the referral brings you some answers blizy. 2013 will be yours and Borg's year.

Glad the scan went well Granny - hope you get some rest when you are not working too!

New kitchen sounds exciting reastie as does your job expat! Good luck to both of you.

Hope your thyroid gets sorted asap ledkr and sorry to hear about the noro over Christmas.

Glad Mr W is doing ok and I hope all the troubles die down really quickly so he can get some respite.

Have done something to my back and have been in agony all week. Have a referral to a physio next week but struggling to get any childcare in place.

Sammy decided to spend Christmas Eve in A&E as he pulled something hard on his head. That's a nice scar pretty much where his brother has one! Fortunately Santa wrapped the presents the night before! Then he put his teeth through his lips on New Year's Day. Hopefully we can stay away from the docs for a while with him now.

Waves to everyone else and apologies if I have missed any news. wine for a Friday night.

ledkr Sat 12-Jan-13 16:52:56

Ah bless him tad sounds like you had a worse Xmas than we did.
Do you know what's up with your back?

tadjennyp Sat 12-Jan-13 17:37:28

Thanks ledkr. I think vomiting would be worse though. Sammy is a tough little cookie and never had any calpol either. I have done something with one of the vertebrae I think. Hopefully it will be cleared up soon as the drugs make me dizzy! How did it go with your ILs?

reastie Sat 12-Jan-13 18:12:01

Tad that sounds like a bit of a rubbish christmas. Hope you get your back sorted, I'm very sympathetic as I slipped my disc a few years ago and back pain was very troublesome to live with - must be even harder with little ones which want picking up etc

Wiggles every time I see the news on Belfast issues I think of you and MrWs working hard

blizy where have you gone?!

Right, so has anyone had any snow yet?

Grandads funeral was yesterday. Very emotional. Third funeral of my grandparents within just over a year sad . I can't believe I have no gps now. Honestly, my gd was such a lovely person, there aren't many so genuinely lovely, patient, calm, doting and kind as him.

tadjennyp Sat 12-Jan-13 19:03:26

Sorry about your Grandad reastie and that you've lost your gps now. Very sad for you sad thanks Honestly Christmas was fine though, apart from those two brief interludes. I am more homesick at that time of year.

Hoping MrW is fine.

blizy Sun 13-Jan-13 15:06:49

Reastie I'm here, just lots going on this week. I'm back at work too and knackered.

Offers reastie a hug. I have no gp either, my gran died when I was 2 and the others before I was born. Although I do have my step granddad but I'm not close to,,him at all. He is not very nice to me. I hope you are ok. X

Tad yikes to Sammy's escapades. I hope your back is better soon.

Wiggles, hope Mr W is ok and you too of course?

Granny, fantastic news about your scan.

I'm not doing too good at the min, my mindees mum is pg again, she told me yesterday (she is 6 months gone) again, it has hit me hard.
Also starting the run up to Zoe's birthday/anniversary - I hate this time of year.

Big waves to you all, hope you and the little ones are all well.

tadjennyp Sun 13-Jan-13 18:56:51

[hugs] blizy - thinking of you. sad

wigglesrock Sun 13-Jan-13 20:26:07

blizy sending much love xxx

ledkr Sun 13-Jan-13 22:00:30

Sorry blizy. I was thinking about you today. What a cruel fucking hand you've been dealt. You have no choice but to keep going though and striving towards your dreams. You can have this because you nearly did its just so unfair you have to wait so long?
When is your appointment? Did you know you can see the consultant privately and then switch back to NHs? I did it when I had a breast lump.
I wish I was nearer so I could support you. Xx

ILovePonyo Tue 15-Jan-13 20:47:40

Hello lovelies,

blizy hugs xxx how heartbreaking for you, and frustrating, it will happen for you soon but I know it would all feel so much easier if you just knew when angry Have you and dh talked about what/if you are going to do anything for Z's birthday?

tadj S was in the wars over xmas wasn't he?! Hope things are calmer now smile

reastie really sorry about your g'dad. Why is always the kindest, funniest ones that seem to go so early? That is sad that you have no gparents, and a lot to deal with in a year sad Really hope you're ok.

wiggles hope things are ok your way and MrW is not working too hard.

ledkr I read all of your CLASSICS!!! thread the other day, so funny grin

We are all fine here, A has been having a fab time at nursery and settled back in well. We took her to soft hell play at the weekend, she was really confident and off by herself, running around and tackling the massive slide shock It was really nice to see her like that, when we've been before I've had to help (plus be a bit pfb too wink)
MizK soft play made me think of you and Cass and the last time we went, we must try and meet up soon if you're reading!

Night all smile

ledkr Wed 16-Jan-13 09:42:23

Oi ponyo if you do meet up dont forget me. I don't mind a bit of a drive.
D is watching you've been framed. She's obsessed with it. Says uh oh.
Well I'm busy planning two birthdays in one week!!!
Ella has loads of friends coming for make overs, pizzas and DVDs should be fun.
Was going to have a professional pamper party but it was 240 squids. Not exactly short of make up and beauty products here you know!
D will be entertaining several friends at home with a bouncing castle and pepper pig cake. Very naice too.

wigglesrock Thu 17-Jan-13 10:00:34

Hello grin

ledkr Hows the party planning going? grin Saw you on the mad mil thread - bet its not often someone else makes your pils look positively reasonable grin

Am thinking of re-naming Mr W - Mr Who grin, Anna is being shall we say difficult, I don't think even I can get away with spirited anymore grin She is now refusing to eat anything but jelly and fruit, when I say eat fruit, what I really mean is that she gets oranges, grapes etc - sucks the juice out then spits (charming) the skins out in the direction of S and O blush

Although she has now graduated to full sentences containing the words "No Mammy" instead of just guldering it at the top of her lungs.

Back soon

ILovePonyo Thu 17-Jan-13 19:10:09


Wiggles gringrin at A, my A just had a strop and threw her toys then overturned her plastic Dora table and chair because she got frustrated with her peppa pig car shock then she laughed so I had to turn away so she couldn't see me laugh too grin What do you do when A spits fruit? A does a similar thing sometimes (delightful)

Ledkr now then, about this meet up. It would have to be on a weekend for me? Would be fab tho!
Good luck for the party planning, sounds knackering...

A said "love you mummy" last night when we were having a hug. I nearly cried grin it was more "uv ooo mummeee" but I knew what she meant.

WeAreBorg Thu 17-Jan-13 20:31:28

Oh blizy, really hope you get some good news soon. You are amazing to be able to cope with all this.
Granny belated congratulations on your scan, how exciting!
Ponyo oh that's so cute! Nate says I lub my mummy but only because I keep making him practice it, he has no idea what it means grin
Wiggles Anna sounds funny and er spirited. Here our tantrum consists of carefully puts himself on the floor and then, oh wait, that's all he does. It's a rubbish excuse for a tantrum! He's still a pain in the arse otherwise though.

Going on hols on Sunday, skiing, minus the child for the first time ever.

wigglesrock Thu 17-Jan-13 20:35:17

ponyo I tell A not to do it and of course she laughs in the face of my telling off or she runs to the nearest other adult and sobs in their arms [eyeroll] To think I was ever so slightly smug when she first demanded olives, my smugness soon evaporated when I was hit by the skin of a pimento grin She also likes to suck the brine off them, she's probably be happy with a bowl of salt water tbh.

I was lying in bed with A the other day and I said "I really really love you", she replied "I know" shock Think her self esteem is going the right way grin

ledkr How you doing?, saw you on the pram/"spirited" child thread.

reastie Thu 17-Jan-13 21:23:50

wiggles that's so funny the 'I know' comment - just the sort of thing Alice would do grin . They can be so hilarious yet so frustrating. This evening at dinner we were watching pointless DH said to Alice 'Alice, where are the Andes?' and Alice looked all pleased with herself as she pointed to her hands. We were in fits of giggles!

Ohh borg have a lovely time - where abouts are you going skiing? It's something I'd love to try but never have, and, tbh, I think I'd like it if I could ski but I can't be bothered to learn it so would probably get very frustrated with it and if you don't like skiing, I can't imagine there's an awful lot for a teetotaller like me to do en piste.

Ponyo bless Anya with her uvv u mumeee.

Kitchen planning is progressing - we have our worksurface, tiles and units picked out and builders coming to quote for building works tomorrow <tries to hold in excitement>

ledkr Thu 17-Jan-13 21:39:15

Hi all. Yes weekend for me too ponyo <soft play at weekend?>
wiggs don't ask. I'm fit to leave tbh. Why can't she just sleep and frigging stay sleeping. We have a few weeks if calm then tits up again.
I feel terrible cos I've finally found what I have. It's hyperparathyroidism and causes tiredness and depression plus other stuff like headaches. I get every symptom going!
I have to have a title op which should cure all.
Feel sorry for dh cos it all falls to him and he's working too.
So two birthdays in a week and a non sleeping child is a bit much tbh.

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