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Please don't laugh, but I think I may have eaten dd's hamster, I am so upset.

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LaPauvre Thu 09-Nov-06 15:28:16

Please don't laugh at me, I am so upset. She is at school, she will be gutted

I warmed up a pot of chicken casserole left over from yesterday to have for my lunch. I have eaten it, it's too late to do anything, but it was boiling for a good hour before I ate it and now I've just gone to feed dd's hamster and his cage is open and he isn't there . There was no lid on the casserole pot, his cage was on the shelf at the other end of the kitchen and the door was shut so there isn't really anywhere else he could have gone. He must have fallen in and drowned before it got hot, that's the only thing I can think of. I didn't find the hamster in the stew obviously, but there were some hairs in the pot, I just washed it it was full of bones anyway because they were those cheap chicken portions just boiled in from frozen.

Please, don't just laugh at me, I know this sounds silly but he was my daughter's birthday present, she is 6 and I don't think she will ever forgive me

katierocket Thu 09-Nov-06 15:28:43

Is this a joke?

sandyballs Thu 09-Nov-06 15:29:16

Is this for real

Mellowma Thu 09-Nov-06 15:29:17

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula Thu 09-Nov-06 15:29:21

Is it one of these silly threads?

If not then

Koshka1984 Thu 09-Nov-06 15:29:23

just telll her it ran away or something...

Trinityrhino Thu 09-Nov-06 15:29:40

this has to be a joke, you would have seen a dead hamnster in your casserole

morningpaper Thu 09-Nov-06 15:29:47

DizzyBint Thu 09-Nov-06 15:30:02

are you kidding? surely you would have noticed an entire hamster as you ladled the casserole out?! i'm going to assume you're kidding

Mellowma Thu 09-Nov-06 15:30:02

Message withdrawn

mytwopenceworth Thu 09-Nov-06 15:30:07

omg i hope this is a joke.

if not, i would hot foot it to the pet shop. (one to take-away!)

and can i have the recipe?

katierocket Thu 09-Nov-06 15:30:35

Trip trap

sandyballs Thu 09-Nov-06 15:30:36

I really can't believe how you could fail to see a dead boiled hamster in your lunch

Koshka1984 Thu 09-Nov-06 15:30:45

maybe say it helped someone so they didnt starve for the day....he helps other people

nailpolish Thu 09-Nov-06 15:31:06

SORRY but you would have noticed a hamster in the pot

this is like an Only Fools and Horses storyline is it not, but they ahd a budgie?

LaPauvre Thu 09-Nov-06 15:31:14

I really can't stand people laughing at me when I am upset, if you think this is a joke then please could you just not reply. My dd will be home from school in about half an hour (her daddy is collecting her) and she will be devastated, he is her first pet and she loves him. This is just awful, how could I not notice

katierocket Thu 09-Nov-06 15:31:35

SOrry but this is nonsense

oliveoil Thu 09-Nov-06 15:32:02

oh yes, I ate a whole elephant once, it wandered in from the garden, how was I to know it was in my quiche?


Koshka1984 Thu 09-Nov-06 15:32:14

what does your name mean in english?

erm...he sacrificed homself for the good of others?

nailpolish Thu 09-Nov-06 15:32:38

rofl @ quiche

Flamesparrow Thu 09-Nov-06 15:32:38


(If school doesn't finish til 3.30 amd someone else is collecting...)

ilovecaboose Thu 09-Nov-06 15:32:44

you would have noticed. There would have been a whole body with a head and fur on as well as feet.

If this isn't a windup then its probably escaped behind the skirting board or in the furniture or something.

LaPauvre Thu 09-Nov-06 15:32:57

I shouldn't have posted. It isn't funny to me though and my dd won't be laughing either

Koshka1984 Thu 09-Nov-06 15:33:03

Buy her a cat, then you definately wont cook it.

Or a dog.

Or if you get the inclination to eat a pet again, buy a rabbit

JoolsToo Thu 09-Nov-06 15:33:07

are you a hammy boiler?

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