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'd'ya ever wonder how many times you will be asked if they are twins?'

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MarsLady Wed 06-Jun-07 23:44:59

C'mon girls. Got bored of waiting and started the new thread!

lyrabelacqua Wed 06-Jun-07 23:47:10

Mine are nearly 2 years apart and I get asked all the time if they're twins.
Err, no

MarsLady Thu 07-Jun-07 00:15:11


SofiaAmes Thu 07-Jun-07 05:12:24

Mine too. They are 22 months apart and I get asked on a daily basis if they are twins and then when I explain that they are nearly 2 years apart I get looked at like I am lying.

Celia2 Thu 07-Jun-07 07:07:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Leoladyofleisure Thu 07-Jun-07 08:01:46

I was out wiht my sister when she was staying, old couple oogling the dts and then SHE ASKED IF WE WERE TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

** NO, she is 5, I shout 5 years older than me!!!!!!!!GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !

glamourbadger Thu 07-Jun-07 10:14:05

I did get a funny one the other day. A woman asked if mine were twins, then asked if I had HIV. It was only when she walked away I realised she meant IVF. Hilarious.

BrothelSprouts Thu 07-Jun-07 10:16:54

My SIL has twins, a boy and a girl.
My father genuinely asked her if they were identical.
Bless her, she humoured him.

inamuckingfuddle Thu 07-Jun-07 19:13:05

amazingly enough I now get asked how long there is between them - people assume they're not twins and that DT2 was conceived the night DT1 was born although in fact they tend to assume DT2 is the older one I'm rambling, bad day, glass of wine, empty stomach...

Kneehighinnappies Thu 07-Jun-07 19:36:36

Oooooh I've been lurking and couldn't resist joining in with this one.
Love love the title mars

PMSL at did you have HIV that is the type of thing DH would come out with.

Mine are 2 months old and all I get is are they frigging twins, like I have borrowed someone else's baby just to add to my collection.
Then when they see dd1 they all do exactly the same thing which is to suck in their breath through their teeth and then I know what is coming next "Oh I bet you've got your hands full"
Nah it's a breeze

I am really busy with work at the mo, I will be back soon.

CONGRATULATIONS LG&T (I know it's a bit late)

potoroo Thu 07-Jun-07 19:57:35

I got asked the other day if my DS and my vest friend's DD were twins. Fair enough as they are only 8 days apart, but friend's DD is blonde haired blue-eyed and DS is half Chinese and obviously so...

sparklygothkat Thu 07-Jun-07 20:06:25

I have a DS who is 9.5 and a dd1 who is 7 nest week and people ask me all the time if they are twins they are the same height and look similar but no they are not!!

oooggs Thu 07-Jun-07 22:09:41

Hi KHIN - yes I get asked if dt's (also 2 months old) are twins. No we stole one from the hospital

I am now getting very sarky, someone asked if having twins was a hard as everyone says, no its worse.

Re they two boys?? No dd has a pink blanket

Please tell me it gets better, I am starting to get sick of supermarket shopping taking twice as longer while granny poke & prod and stupid people ask are they both yours.

Sorry had to rant

JodieG1 Thu 07-Jun-07 22:12:01

I got asked if dd and ds1 were twins by a woman that worked in Sainsbury's once. Dd was nearly 3 and ds1 was about 8 months. Erm no they're not twins lol.

CarGirl Thu 07-Jun-07 22:15:13

two of my dds are 14 months apart but the eldest one is very tall for her age, blond & blue eyes, the younger more average height, cuddly to look at and dark dark dark.....

................are they twins?????? There is about 7 inches in height difference

no they're sisters............

drives me demented!

SlightlyMadSpider Thu 07-Jun-07 22:17:03

My DTDs are 6 now and they/we still get asked at least once a fortnight.

The best one we had (when they were babies) was

"are they identical?"
"a boy and a girl then?"
"err no they are BLOODY idetical FFS"

The latest one - now they areat school occurs when one of the is off school sick. Walking to school I get bombarded with comments like "have you lost one today?" from people that I never even notice. That one is 10 times worse than "are they twins"

onlyjoking9329 Thu 07-Jun-07 22:22:06

i lost count years ago. my twin girls are 13 today their brother is 10 but the same size as his sisters so we often get asked if they are triplets.

Kneehighinnappies Thu 07-Jun-07 22:24:36

think your on to a winner with this thread title mars

I am getting pissed off with people asking if they are both boys when one is clearly dressed in fucking PINK or people asking which one is which when they always wear BLUE and PINK.

How you doing ooooggs, have you though about doing you supermarket shopping on line?
I do all mine on line takes alot less time plus you can see all the special offers, it gets delivered straight to your door and I have found some rather usefull promo codes for money off extra points and free delivery, you should have a look.

I am off to bed now completly buggered I am just working too hard but it wil all be worth it.

nooka Thu 07-Jun-07 22:31:46

My two are 16mths apart (so I shouldn't really be here) but I have been asked several times if they are twins. dd is very tall for her age, so I guess it's not too surprising, but the other day on me telling someone they were 6 and 8 they then assumed that dd was older. Poor ds! I hope that doesn't get to be a common occurrence as it would mightily annoy him!

flibbertyjibbet Thu 07-Jun-07 23:18:04

My cousins were 11 months apart in age and the same year at school. (Birthdays July and August) After a few years they got so sick of people snickering about their parent's 'active sex life' that when they had to change school aged 13 they just let people assume they were twins!

unknownrebelbang Thu 07-Jun-07 23:50:58

Another one with two 22 months apart (plus an older one).

I'm always getting asked if they're twins.

KristinaM Thu 07-Jun-07 23:56:03

I have 2 boys 18 montsh apart and no one ever asks me if they are twins. what am i doing wrong?

misdee Thu 07-Jun-07 23:59:08

haha i got asked the other day yet again if dd1+2 were twins. there is 2.6years between this. this has been happening since dd2 was under a year old and in a buggy still

i know she is big, but my goodness.

Leoladyofleisure Fri 08-Jun-07 08:18:15

hee hee hee! If only people could hear themselves!

Other annoying things i get asked -

how do I tell them apart?

I am their mother for ffs I spend hours looking at them!

..... and, wait for it, this is probalby the WORST -

You've got 2 so can i have one?!!!

Bleeeeeeeeeeeeurgh, that one makes me sick!

On another subject, ds1 (2 and a bit) rode a camel yesterday all on his own ! I was peeing myself watching him (its bloody high up there), but he sat proud as anything as if he did that kind of thing everyday !

glamourbadger Fri 08-Jun-07 10:15:01

It intrigues me that having twins gives people license to ask really personal questions - "did you give birth naturally?" "did you have IVF?"

You'd never ask a mum of a singleton these things.

Someone also asked if I could tell my twins apart. I said no and she nodded and looked sympathetic .

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