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Recurrent Miscarriage Support Thread 16 - tests, treatment and trying again

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Justonemoretime Sun 18-Jan-15 07:46:50

Information, support, hand holding, tea, sympathy and a hell of a lot of combined knowledge - all welcome as we try to make sense of the RMC roller coaster of tests, NHS admin, heart ache and (hopefully) happy endings!
Please start with a recap of your stats smile

Justonemoretime Sun 18-Jan-15 07:59:57

Here's my stats:
3x mmcs, #1 and #2 at 6 and a half weeks, both discovered on scans following spotting. This was Nov '11 and May '12. Then some local tests, all clear. Prescribed 400mg progesterone from bfp and baby aspirin 'just in case', investigations for thin lining following repeat ERPCs and complications from MMC#2, which needed a course of HRT to 're-set' my cycle, which had pretty much shut down.
Then conceived #3 and got past danger point, saw a good scan at 9.1 weeks only to discover mmc#3 at routine 13 week scan. Turned out baby had Turner Syndrome after genetic testing. That was June '13.
RMC testing at St Mary's, London all clear, but uterine septum removed October '13.
After no joy for 3 months, went for NK testing at Coventry, all normal there, too, well, thin lining and 'lower end of normal', but normal NK cells.
Took another 7 months to conceive again and was prescribed the protocol I'm on 400mg progesterone twice daily (from bfp - was originally 200mg twice daily, but increased due to some light spotting) and daily heparin injections which I started at 5.5 weeks after 'location' scan.
Now 17 weeks, 12 week scan good, risk factor in screening 1:59000. Naturally totally paranoid about everything even though I am assured that I'm 'normal' now. Starting to get a little bump now (but could still be mistaken for having eaten all the pies), and feeling better, especially now I have felt a few flutters and heard the heartbeat at my 16 week midwife appointment. I'm now off both the heparin (stopped at 13 weeks) and progesterone (weaned down and finally stopped at the beginning of 15 weeks).
I'm 38 and DH is 37. We have no DC, and have been trying to start a family for 3.5 years.

Flen Sun 18-Jan-15 08:04:38

First! How exciting!

Morning everyone.

Me 36, OH 34. No children.
Mc1 Dec 2007 - mmc at 12.5 weeks, foetus was 6-7 weeks, D&C (previous relationship)
Mc2 Apr 2014 - natural miscarriage at 11.5 weeks
Mc3 Nov 2014 - mmc at 9.5 weeks, foetus was 6.4, D&C

Genetic testing on the last baby showed it was chromosomally normal and NHS blood tests were all clear.

Back on the TTC wagon as of Friday. Consultant recommended 75g aspirin from BFP and weekly scans.

Wrote this yesterday to process the clear results:

Flen Sun 18-Jan-15 08:06:28

Ha! Cross posting just! I wasn't first after all...

longestlurkerever Sun 18-Jan-15 08:15:39

Hello! Thanks for the new thread, just.

Me 34, dh 34. Dd born Aug 11. Ttc dc2 since march 13. Chm pg Aug 13, mmc Jan 14 (gestation 6 weeks). Mc June 14 at 7 weeks (gestation 5 weeks). Tests at St Mary's clear except for PCOS. Took agnus castus and got bfp Sep 14. Prescribed progesterone and extra folic acid from 8 weeks. Now 21 weeks. 20 week scan clear and showed a girl. Much more positive now. Excited even, but still having wobbles, inc yesterday after baby had a quiet day and I had an upset tum.

Good luck flen! Take it you decided against Coventry then? I did too after getting my all clear. Just wanted to trust my consultant for one more try.

Can't stop thinking about Baby Faith. baking is one of the kindest women around. Why do these things always happen to the nicest people?

tannyLoo Sun 18-Jan-15 08:30:04

Like a cat, I'm marking my place. Back later to cut and paste stats...

Flen Sun 18-Jan-15 08:38:44

longest Yes for next time round, like you, thought we would go with what the consultant suggested and take it from there. One thing at a time...

This morning I am mostly cursing my thermometer which, I have just realised, has given me the same temp reading three days in a row and is actually broken. So much for pinning down ovulation this month!

Justonemoretime Sun 18-Jan-15 08:41:54

After our 'normal' diagnosis, we tried for 3 months and then went to Coventry as I felt that, at the very least, the uterine scratch might improve our chances of conception for the following 3 months. When we took that month off ttc to have the biopsy, it was a blessed relief to have a mental break.

barkingtreefrog Sun 18-Jan-15 08:43:47

That last thread didn't even last a month!

me 35, dh 34 next week.
no DC
Came off the pill dec 2011, been TTC #1 for 3 years.
Unexplained infertility.
Clomid bfp August 2013, scan at 7 weeks showed 6 weeks and no HB. Started bleeding before second scan.
IUI bfp June 2014, 6 week scan showed empty sac.
RMC diagnosed factor V leiden thrombophilia. Consultants disagreed over aspirin, but more experienced one said yes. From next bfp (fingers crossed) I'll be on daily dalteparin (mild heparin) and aspirin until 6 weeks post birth. I'll be on 200 progesterone from trigger shot.
Currently injecting at start of IUI cycle 2.
If this fails we have one iui and one IVF cycle left.

Good luck everyone!!! Last thread was the thread of good scans, let's keep that going!!! grin .

twilightstruggle Sun 18-Jan-15 08:51:48

Morning everyone.

Stats: DH and I both 32. TTC number 1 since 2012. 4 mc. 1st - Feb 2013 at 11 weeks. 2-4 all at 6-7 weeks. Testing at St Mary's was clear, though did get diagnosed with subseptate uterus which was subsequently fixed.

Currently 5+4 and obviously approaching major danger zone next week. Have 6 week scan at St Mary's on Wed. Reasonable pregnancy symptoms and got 3+ on clearblue on time so am trying to be as positive as pos and enjoy my pregnancy.

Also thinking of Baking and Faith. X

Brummiegirl15 Sun 18-Jan-15 09:07:53

Thanks for the new thread Just

Lovely blog Flen - it articulates exactly how I'm feeling. I'm scared my results will come back normal and they'll just whack me on aspirin "just in case"

Well I took aspirin this time and it didn't work so I'm fucked if they offer that...

Right stats. 3 x mc's

Me 38, DP 45 been ttc'ing since April 14 - no dc's
Mc 1 at 5 weeks in May 14
Mc 2 at 8.5 weeks in August 14 ERPC
Mc 3 at 9 weeks January 15 after seeing heartbeat at 7 weeks. ERPC. Took aspirin for that one, didn't work. Currently waiting for negative HPT so I can get bloods drawn for testing.
Awaiting appt regarding RMC at Worcestershire Royal Hospital on 23rd Feb to find out what is going on. Terrified they'll find nothing and I'll be sent on my way....

Admittedly my wait isn't as long as everyone else's - 3 pregnancies in 7 months. But I wonder will we ever have a family?

Floweroct Sun 18-Jan-15 09:13:03

Oh baking sending you positive thoughts xx

My stats:
Ttc no.1 since July 2011
Bfp oct 2012 mmc dec 2012 only showing 5 weeks erpc
Iui bfp march 2014 mc 6 weeks
Natural bfp oct 2014 took progesterone and aspirin, heartbeat seen at 7 weeks, mc at 10 weeks but likely to have not got much further than 7 weeks.
Appt with private consultant on weds, waiting for nhs appt 19th feb. not currently on ttc break but due to problems getting pregnant not expecting it to happen soon.

I didn't post much in last thread it moved so fast! But hugs to those newbies and those finding it difficult. Can't believe some comments from colleagues etc!

twilightstruggle Sun 18-Jan-15 09:30:40

Flen - just working through your blog which I'd never looked at before for some reason. It's bloody brilliant and has made me laugh (sorry, I think we share a similar sense of humour) and cry and nod in understanding in equal measure.

"At least you know you can make friends" - brilliant.

ourdaywillcome1983 Sun 18-Jan-15 10:01:56

Me 32 tomorrow, DH 30 - no DCs
Ectopic pregnancy 2004 - wrong pill prescribed from GP, we weren't ttc and had only been together 6 months.
Decided to ttc end 2013 - bfp December, early scan to check in the right place but only sac seen, my body decided to keep the pregnancy for another 3 weeks before MC on my bday.
MC 2 was April 2014, a chemical, BFP but started bleeding 5 days later.
MC 3 - had taken lining thickening supplements and baby aspirin after GP said it couldn't hurt. HB seen on scan at 7 week scan. MMC, opted for medical management, bled etc so hospital were happy but haemorrhaged 10 days later.

All tests 'normal' consultant said to try again and not do anything special. Eventually got him to agree to cyclogest (200mg x2 per day) and later fragmin too. Also 5mg folic acid. So am currently 6+4 on this and terrified.

Flen Sun 18-Jan-15 10:02:43

Glad you like it twilight, sometimes I worry about it coming across as flippant, but frankly, the dark sense of humour is often what has got me through some of the hardest moments...

And thank you too brummie, I'm feeling your pain about the finding nothing! It really is a double-edged sword: yay, there's nothing wrong! Fuck, what the hell's the matter then?!

ourdaywillcome1983 Sun 18-Jan-15 10:10:53

flen definitely need to read your blog, think I'll start tomorrow.
Agree with being 'normal' I wanted there to be a problem so they could hopefully fix it. I wasn't comfortable with leaving to chance again and just waiting and seeing.

TinyTear Sun 18-Jan-15 10:59:36

Marking place...

Quick history 3mcs in 2010, tests in St Marys normal, DD Jan 2012
Mc4 in 2013
Mc5 early 2014
Went to Coventry and all normal but took progesterone from CD21 and heparin from scan at 5+6 and currently 28w pregnant - eeeeek!

Boozle80 Sun 18-Jan-15 11:43:50

Place marking too!
1 nmc - 4.5 weeks
2mmc - 12 weeks (babies got to 9.5)
Currently 16 weeks and rather nervous!

longestlurkerever Sun 18-Jan-15 13:10:03

Yes I loved the things to say guide, Flen! Exposes the ridiculousness really well, and darkly funny too.

Dd had a last minute invitation to lunch next door so on my way out for rare lunch out with dh. Had pancakes for breakfast so hardly starving but will force something down!

SashaKerr Sun 18-Jan-15 14:03:05

Hi all hope you don't mind me dipping in and out of this.

Me and DH 37
1 DS born March 2013, no probs
Started TTC #2 April 2014
Pregnant May 2014, MMC1 August 2014 (would have been due in 4 weeks)
TTC sept 2014, pregnant oct 2014, MMC2 December 2014

Both muscarriages had ERPC. But after the first I got my period exactly 4 weeks after the ERPC and was preg 2 weeks after that.

This time its 5 weeks after ERPC, no period and I feel really wierd. I've done 4 pregnancy tests as I feel really odd but all negative. Last one 2 days ago. Have aching cervix, feel really horny all the time, hormonal and emotional, metallic taste in mouth. But I guess it's just hormones going Wild and I will get my period at some point.

But how long will I have to wait? My son will be 2 in March and Id love to have a baby by the end of the year.

My problem is not getting pregnant which I srrm to do easily. But I worry my husband and I are not healthy (no exercise, eat and drink too much) so maybe I am Popping out rancid old eggs? All mummy friends I met through my son are having their number 2s now and I just want the same../

Flower29 Sun 18-Jan-15 15:02:26

Bakingtins so sorry you're going through this. You have helped so many women on here, life can be so unfair at times. Thinking of you and your family and hoping for the best for your daughter Faith. flowers

Marchgirl Sun 18-Jan-15 15:10:05

Me 37, dh 44. 1dd born Aug 12, perfectly normal (and very naive!) pregnancy.
them began the year from hell. ..
Mc1: mmc found at 9 weeks but measured 6. Eventually med man ×2 at 12.3wks in Jan 14
Mc2: natural mc at 8.5wks in Jul 14, measured 5 and dodgy shaped sac
Mc3: mmc at 8.1 in oct 14 after hb seen at 7.1, but measured 6 and dodgy sac again. Another failed med man. Foetus couldn't be tested so no idea about chromosomal issues.
Rmc tests for clotting, scan and karyotype of us all came back normal. Prescribed progesterone 400mg twice daily from bfp but decided to take it from 7dpo along with higher dose of folic.
Now in second month of ttc and waiting for ov.
Think I'm going to ask about the possibility of her prescribing heparin as I've just read some very convincing research results including a randomised trial from 2012 which shows heparin given to rmc in the absence of clotting diagnosis significantly increased chances of live birth. Couldn't get the whole article but the results were v positive. I will try to post the link

Sunandrainbow Sun 18-Jan-15 15:12:55

Love the blog flen! Especially - if you wouldn't say it to soneone whose friend has died, don't say it to som
eone whose baby has died. So true!!!!

So, stats:
Me 38 (and feeling 108), dh 37
Mc1 apr 14: 11.5 weeks, baby 7
Mc 2 July 14: bo at 7 weeks
Mc3 jan 15: at 8 weeks, baby measuring 6, having seen hb at 7 weeks
All erpc.
Tests after 2 came back clear. Currently considering testing for nk etc.

Flower29 Sun 18-Jan-15 15:13:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sunandrainbow Sun 18-Jan-15 15:16:19

march - 'the year from hell' sums up perfectly how I feel about last year. Keep questioning if I'm strong enough to potentially go through that again in 2015, but know that I will. Currently trying very hard not to ttc until we get the chromosonal testing of the fetus back, but suspect I might give in. X

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