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Planning a 3 day egg fast from Tuesday...anyone in?

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cathyandclare Sun 04-Sep-16 13:48:11

I've been LC for four years but the carbs, the wine and the weight have snuck up this summer. I need to kick start weight loss again and DH is away for three days so I'm going to try an egg fast to get back into ketosis and reset things.
I KNOW it's mad and I'm not advocating it for anyone else but thought starting a thread may make me more accountable and some other fools may join in!
I'm following Stuntnun's thread from 2014 and this blog from I breathe I'm hungry. The basic rules are :
At least 6 eggs a day, more if you want.,1 tbsp of butter/mayo/coconut oil per egg and an optional 1oz of cheese and buckets of water.
I may also add in a little lettuce and celery if I'm really struggling.
Dairy is my downfall, so I'm going to try out bullet proof coffee for the first time. I'm 10lbs over my lowest weight and 7lbs from where I feel good, so hoping for a few pounds off to get on track.
I've bought eggs, butter, mayo and cheese. I feel like I could live on omelettes and egg mayonnaise but I may feel differently come Friday.

cathyandclare Mon 05-Sep-16 07:09:30

Well, everyone else obviously has more sense grin
A wine and cashew fest in front of Victoria last night seems to have piled on another 3lb, so I'm planning a strict day today before getting eggy tomorrow. I've done couch to 5k and two glasses of water and am sipping my very first BPC. It's not too bad, I put a small tsp of coconut oil and butter in and nutribulleted it up. I'm not sure I could cope with more fat though, my lips feel slimy enough with this.

Missymoo1987 Mon 05-Sep-16 13:33:17

Hi... I've only been LC over the last 2 months and dos well for the first 6 weeks. Lost half a stone And felt great but.... Being home a couple weeks over the summer with the kids it all went a bit wrong!! Have now put on 3.5lbs and am still a stone away from my goal. Not sure I could face the egg diet though... Happy to support and share tips/recipes etc smile

cathyandclare Tue 06-Sep-16 13:06:57

Hello Missypoo! Well done, still down on where you started smile. Thanks for posting and supporting.
Day one here and feeling good so far.
Breakfast: Oopsie rolls toasted with butter and marmite. ( First time and they are delicious) BPC
Lunch: Two fried eggs with bucket loads of mint tea
Snack: Small smoked cheddar chunk
Supper: I think this'll be a three egg cheese omelette

Early days but I feel really full and the meals are hopefully all differently eggy enough to stop me heading off piste.

Saw a cinnamon pancake recipe that I may try tomorrow morning.

Missymoo1987 Tue 06-Sep-16 15:00:34

Well today is good so far...
Breakfast - spinach and berry smoothie
Lunch - tuna and avocado salad
Snack - pepperami
Tea - chicken thighs and salad I think maybe cauli rice
Hoping to take up the couch to 5k challenge too!!

cathyandclare Wed 07-Sep-16 09:12:40

Yours sounds much nicer!!!
Day two here. Slept like a dead person, this morning have 1.5 lb down and not sick of eggs yet.
Breakfast: Oopsie rolls with butter and marmite. Black coffee ( sorry those BPCs make me feel icky)
The plan is:
Lunch: Cinnamon, egg and cream cheese muffins
Supper: egg mayo, probably with a little celery, I think I'll need some crunch.

FailingAtLifeRightNow Wed 07-Sep-16 10:19:47

I know I hate the BPC - I did give it a try but nope not for me!

Well done on sticking to the egg diet plan - I like eggs but I am sure I would cave if I tried!

What is your recipe for Oopsie rolls please if you don't mind sharing?

cathyandclare Wed 07-Sep-16 14:24:28

I used [[ this recipe]] they were genuinely delicious. It felt like having (very light) toast for breakfast again.
Can't say the same about the cinnamon muffins though, still feeling a little queasy after those!
Bit of a headache and carb-fluey feeling now, so mainlining water.

cathyandclare Thu 08-Sep-16 09:00:29

Day 3
I was dead last night, I nearly dozed off during GBBO and went to bed straight after it. But this morning I was weirdly perky, bounced out of bed and did my C25K run (week 7.1) before breakfast!
Another 1.5lb off, so 3lb altogether, which I suppose is just the weekend bloat going. Still 1 day to go and I feel in a more positive frame of mind about eating.
Breakfast: toasted oopsie rolls with butter and marmite, black coffee
Lunch: Egg mayonnaise with some celery (not allowed but who ever hear of celery being banned on any diet anywhere grin )
Supper: Egg fast crustless quiche

Here's another try at the oopsie roll recipe link

FailingAtLifeRightNow Thu 08-Sep-16 13:33:03

Thanks for the links! I do miss bread!!

Well yesterday was good.

No breakfast!!! Just a coffee
Snack - Pepperami
Lunch - Chicken Salad and Avocado
Dinner - Chorizo and Pepper and Pesto Frittata with garlic muchrooms and spinach.
Treat - a square of 85% dark choc - yum!!

cathyandclare Thu 08-Sep-16 18:04:55

That Frittata sounds delicious, I may make it over the weekend.
Still not even a hint of pink on the ketostix, I know that's not everything but I do find it motivating. Hopefully another night will show a difference.
Planning to come down gently after the egg fast with two eggy meals a day for the next few days, or I may just have a coffee with a tsp of cream for breakfast, my hunger has totally disappeared.

cathyandclare Sat 10-Sep-16 07:31:38

Was at a uni open day yesterday and running around/ driving all day so didn't post. I broke the fast but still pretty low in carbs/ nutrients/ anything!

B- coffee with cream
L- scrambled eggs, bacon, mushrooms
Afternoon- coffee with cream
Evening- lump of cheese, glass of cold wine blush-I know, I know, it had been a long day!

Anyway....... Drum roll
I've lost 7lb in total. Which is kind of staggering when you think I'm within a healthy BMI.
I'm looking forward to veggies again but this has been a really good way of rebooting the LCHF way of eating. Good luck to you both. Having the frittata for dinner today, with lots of green stuff can't wait!

Eastpoint Sat 10-Sep-16 07:41:18

Your experience is quite inspiring. My weight is creeping up at the moment (have increased my cardio) and so I need to act before the pounds settle.

StuntNun Thu 15-Sep-16 13:54:28

Glad to hear it went well.

cathyandclare Fri 16-Sep-16 10:22:39

One week later and I've maintained a 6lb loss and its TOTM so pretty pleased with that. I may do it again on a week or so. Three days would be my limit though!
Thanks Stuntnun, your thread was really helpful

Roygrace Sun 25-Sep-16 22:36:48

I love egg fasts. I do two a week Monday and Friday. and kind of eat what I want.

They just fill you up so much! I look be buttery warm eggs then egg mayo!

CousinCharlotte Fri 07-Oct-16 14:36:25

Does anyone have a tried and tested good frittata recipe?

cathyandclare Mon 21-Nov-16 11:25:13

Just signing in again because I'm going to try another 3 day egg fast, starting this morning, as a pre-Xmas push.

I'm at the same weight as I was a week after the last fast, so I've stayed pretty stable, so I'm guessing there won't be the same level of loss.
At the moment I'm 7lb above my feel fab weight and 4lb above my feel good weight, and as I'm hurtling towards 50 all the extra seems to have settled on my middle, which never used to happen <sigh>

Fried eggs for breakfast and planning to do a crustless quiche for lunch and a cheese omelette for supper.

cathyandclare Tue 22-Nov-16 07:29:50

Bit groggy this morning, slept badly and 1lb up. Definitely don't think I drank enough water yesterday.
B: cloud bread toasted with butter and marmite
L: Egg mayo
S: Fettuccini Alfredo- if I can be bothered with all the faffing!

IseeSwansea Tue 22-Nov-16 07:48:27

Hi cathyandclare, that's a really inspiring result from the first egg fast.

I'm very much like you , hurtling towards 50 and carrying at least a stone extra than I'm comfortable with. I generally do really well eating low carb but there has been way, way too much creep of the bad stuff recently. Don't even mention Kettle Crisps. Or wine.

I had resolved to start afresh this week and have five reasonably good weeks before Christmas. I have a few big nights out, but five nights in five weeks can't be that bad, surely? The first big social occasion is this Saturday....and I have a clear week.....and I could start my egg fast today! I'd be over the moon with a half stone loss between now and then.

Thanks for the links, I'll take a look. I've got eggs, butter, mayo and cheese.

You've got company! wink

Lokumotion Tue 22-Nov-16 07:56:50

Previous egg faster here....getting tempted to do another one. Normally 5 days works best for me...will have a think and might pop up to join you later.

cathyandclare Tue 22-Nov-16 08:01:33

i am ridiculously excited to have replies! I would love to do 5 days but away on a girls weekend, I'll be ok food wise but wine/gin will be taken. May get back to the eggs on Monday.

IseeSwansea Wed 23-Nov-16 06:40:03

Well, I managed my first day, just about on form I think.

I had the most manic afternoon, on the run from lunchtime until 8pm so a repetitive lunch and dinner of fried eggs. I'm not keen on cheese and eggs as a combo ..... I could never eat a cheese omelette...... But more than happy to eat them separately. So my day went like this:

B: egg mayo,
L: fried eggs in butter, coffee with coconut oil
S: 3 X mini cheese packs (about 20g each)
D: 2 X fried eggs in butter (Burford Browns, I'd been shopping!)

Another 4 black coffees and approx 3l of water. I was not hungry whatsoever and I had to really push myself to eat the fried eggs in the evening.

Weighed this morning and I'm down 2.4lbs from yesterday smile

How are you all doing? Is it harder this time cathyandclare? I understand how eggs might turn you! I'm going to make cloud bread today. The thought of marmite is driving me on!

cathyandclare Wed 23-Nov-16 07:59:15

Well done! Sounds like a good day and 2.4lbs is incredible.

I'm 2lb off from yesterday, so 1lb from starting weight and feel much better today.
I'm finding the eggs easier this time. Not feeling queasy at all.

Last time I did one pretty strict day before and after, which I think helped with the loss, so not expecting as much this time but another two or three pounds would be good!

Coffee and fried eggs for breakfast. Then I'm not sure, could be egg mayo and oopsie rolls for a change! Or I might see if I can concoct a cheese soufflé with cheddar and marscapone,

cathyandclare Wed 23-Nov-16 21:47:24

I made my soufflé and it was fantastic, please excuse the bragging I was just shocked it was edible!

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