Week 9 - very much hoping this is our last fortnight!

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BIWI Mon 07-Jun-21 00:13:36

I really, really hope that this will be our last two weeks of all the various restrictions of lockdown. Even though it's looking unlikely

So for us, only two more weeks!

Here's the spreadsheet, as usual

Two more weeks left, so a good amount of time to still shed some unwanted pounds.

Possibly also a time to be specifically even more strict, given that it's the last two weeks?!

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cheeseisthebest Mon 07-Jun-21 06:59:34


VeryLittleOwl Mon 07-Jun-21 07:12:33

Up half a pound, which I'm blaming on PMT. Setting off to visit my mum today, which involves an overnight stop at Gatwick and I've just discovered the Gatwick M&S Simply Food is shut sad Boots and WH Smiths are open, but I have no idea what food options they'll be carrying. The hotel restaurant menu has a choice of burgers or pizzas. Might have to see if I can sneak a Just Eat or Deliveroo past reception, but then I'll have a cutlery issue!

Wish me luck, as I have seven days with someone who believes I'm not eating properly unless I have bread, pasta, potatoes or rice at every meal...

Bestbees Mon 07-Jun-21 07:15:50

Hi everyone. Sneaking back after a super busy half-term. First half I kept to plan. Second half not so much. Some lessons learnt and actually only a couple of lbs up which I know will shift once I get back on board. I hope everyone is OK.

Plan for today
L cheese salad, Greek yog and rhubarb
D lamb and spinach curry with cream stirred through
Survive first day back at work!

potas Mon 07-Jun-21 07:22:04

I've been MIA on holiday for the last week. Tried to stick to the plan but hard when eating out at cafes etc. As I result I have put a couple of pounds back on, but trying to stay relaxed about it and get back into the right mindset for the last couple of weeks.

prettybird Mon 07-Jun-21 08:13:46

Just realised that the bathroom work other than dh's dismantling work is due to start on 21st June, the day that Boot Camp finishes smile

Shameless placemark wink

Picture while he was dismantling parts of the ceiling at the weekend. He clears up afterwards and we can still use the bathroom - but all the water will probably be capped off sometime this week so that dh can finish off all the stripping out he is able to do.

Ifeelmuchlessfat Mon 07-Jun-21 08:22:33

Well I’ve had an appalling half term week due to the amount of wine (and therefore crisps and chocolate) consumed. I’ve put on 3.5 kilos which is around 7lbs blush
Will work very hard over next two weeks (and beyond until the end of June) to undo the damage. I just can’t be trusted when I get nt ‘It’s a holiday’ head on.
Lots of water and exercise for me today.


BestIsWest Mon 07-Jun-21 08:22:33


ElasticFirecracker Mon 07-Jun-21 08:44:27


Today the scales tell me I've lost 0.6lb, which gives me a total loss of 10lb and I'm now over half way towards my goal.

I normally only weigh on Mondays, this week I weighed midweek and my weight was a couple of lbs less.

I haven't had my best week - I've been very busy and the half term week presented challenges. The last few days I know I haven't drunk nearly enough water and have not been eating so much veg during the day.

I'm doing lots of exercise 3 x 750 swims per week and 2-3 runs. I have probably added some muscle.

I didn't take any starting measurements so cannot tell how many inches I've lost. I'll take some measurements today so I can tell in the future.

I will be extra strict this week.

I'd got into the habit of drinking my water early in the day, but with a change of routine this has gone out of the window.

LittleDoritt Mon 07-Jun-21 09:00:57

1.8lbs down for me this week which I'm pleased with, especially as we were away for the first half of half term. It puts me 0.2lbs grin under 15 stone too, which is nice - always love to break into a new stone bracket.

MrsBertBibby Mon 07-Jun-21 09:04:01

Morning all!

2 pounds down again, so 16 altogether, and 3 weeks to go for me (assuming I stop, of course.)

I've earned I have a wedding to go to end of October (hopefully) so I really want to be a decent size for that. I was pretty hefty for the last family wedding, and I'd really like to be less so this time.

(Especially as my sisters are both pretty slim, and totally boob-less)

venusandmars Mon 07-Jun-21 09:31:30

After 2 weeks of holiday (one week with dh's family, second week sailing with friends) I am 2 lbs up. That's not too bad considering the challenges of last week with communal eating and limited exercise. However, I'm at up upper end of my maintenance range so there's no room for complacency. Plus it's 7 weeks till my birthday and I really want to be feeling at my best so it's 2 more weeks of bootcamp (including a return to 16:8 I/F) followed by another similar 5 weeks...

BIWI Mon 07-Jun-21 09:49:37

Welcome back @venusandmars! Did you have a good time?

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MilesJuppIsMyBitch Mon 07-Jun-21 09:59:11

Morning! Thanks for the new thread BIWI.

Sorry I was awol last week. I intended to post, but actually decided to just completely switch off for a week.

Had a fab hol, gained a pound and a half, so now am ready to be STRICT.

How was your sailing trip @venusandmars ?

NotwatchingSpooks Mon 07-Jun-21 10:04:01

Morning, waves, please can I slip back in, as I slipped out of bootcamp at about 2 weeks in. I’m up about 4lbs so have the need to pull myself up and am hoping for a really good couple of weeks.

venusandmars Mon 07-Jun-21 10:27:33

My reflections on last week's eating, and how I managed (self-absorbed post but maybe someone might be interested...) grin

All meals were communal for the week. Prior to our trip I had vetoed pasta for the dinners. I cooked 2 dinners which were low carb, the others included potato, quinoa and couscous (interestingly the 2 medics on board didn't realise that couscous was essentially made of the same durum wheat as pasta). I had very small portions of the carbs but didn't avoid them altogether. And I ate whatever else was included in the main - a few apricots in a lamb tagine, carrots and beans in a chilli etc. I turned down all offers of pudding.

For breakfast I took cheese and almond muffins which I ate with butter AND peanut butter. In the first couple of days there were a few blueberries and raspberries too. The only deviation was on the final day (muffins all finished) when I had an activia yogurt. It was of course low fat, no added sugar and I subsequently discovered it has a whopping 8.4g of 'natural' sugar per pot. It tasted horrible and on reflection I should have just gone without.

Lunches were soup and sandwiches. 2 of the soups were veg (I made a green veg one with chicken stock base and lots of butter and cream) the other was butternut squash. Thereafter it was the dreaded cup-a-soups - mainly for ease of preparation and consumption during tricky sailing conditions. They are of course highly processed and have 18-25g carbs per serving. I got round it by not stirring the soup too much eating the more liquid top layer and leaving the sludgy gooey stuff in the bottom of the mug. And a couple of days I missed it out altogether. For the sandwiches I took some Scheider Brot which has 4g carb per slice, or sometimes I just had the sandwich fillings (cheese and salami, egg mayo, tuna mayo) with lots of salad and supplemented with avocado. A couple of times I had an apple but avoided the bananas and grapes

I turned down the homemade tablet, the date and apricot flapjacks, the peanut butter and chocolate brownies (even though the cook was at great pains to tell me that none of them had flour in them) and avoided all the many biscuits on offer.

My main downfall was (not unexpectedly) snacks with pre-dinner drinks (soda in my gin rather than tonic) and wine with dinner.

So overall not disastrous, but I think I'm very lucky to have got away with only 2 additional pounds. And I'm delighted to be back home and back to this way of eating. Plus being able to walk for miles. My average steps last week were less than 2,000 per day, yesterday back on terra firma I clocked up 23,000 steps walking in the lovely sunshine. The exercise on a boat is short and intense, winching in sails etc, plus lots of core stability in a boat that is heeled over in strong wind (of which there was a lot).

It's interesting how reluctant I was to fully share about this woe. 3 of the crew are doctors and I know that 2 of them are particularly supercilious about 'faddy eating'. I did talk about limiting wheat based foods since they can cause an insulin spike and over the long term impact my blood pressure. I didn't say anything about not eating sugar although I would have thought that was obvious, both by what I ate or didn't eat and also the basic biochemistry, but even the GPs seemed oblivious and relentlessly offered sweet treats. In my own body I feel completely confident that this way of eating is good for me, but I didn't fancy an endless discussion with friends whose nutritional knowledge was possibly one lecture in med school 40 years ago! Instead I swapped out what I could for suitable alternatives (almond muffins and schneider brot) and avoided the sweetest and carbiest culprits. I usually find that for one meal with friends my eating preferences will pass unnoticed, but not for a whole week. I'm pretty sure they think I eat an unhealthy diet, what with all the butter and nuts, and no wholegrains, and that I am restrictive (and possibly weight obsessed) in not having puddings or cakes or biscuits.

Apologies for the epistle.

And yes the sailiing was lovely we were around mainland and islands on the west coast of Scotland - Oban, Ardnamurchan, Mull, Skye, Rhum, Eigg, Colonsay, Jura... Beautiful scenery (will post a couple of pictures if I can) some unexpected gale force winds a little bit scary and some lovely sunshine. Good company and lots of laughs.

venusandmars Mon 07-Jun-21 10:29:43

Oh and food today:

B - coffee with cream (realise this will have to go or be delayed for intermittent fasting)
L - green veg soup, cheese and ham and cucumber 'sandwich'
D - chicken, mushrooms, broccoli, asparagus

No wine or pre-dinner snacks!

BIWI Mon 07-Jun-21 10:45:37

Sounds like you did really well there!

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Thinnerlikeachickendinner Mon 07-Jun-21 10:54:44

@venusandmars that is so interesting about the psychology.

Fell off the wagon on sat night but not the worst food (very fresh and healthy and obvs no gluten as I am coeliac).

Yesterday: eggs and bacon, then yogurt, then spag Bol except with courgettes forced and roasted.

I think my boring plateau is possibly from my reliance on dairy and not drinking enough water (and not walking enough).

So having salmon and spinach today with chicken and veg tonight - back to very strict.

Doing some dance workouts which I love and pilates.

Thinnerlikeachickendinner Mon 07-Jun-21 10:55:42

Sorry, the psychology of discussing with friends. Would love to see some pictures.

prettybird Mon 07-Jun-21 11:06:51

I'm impressed @venusandmars - sounds like you navigated it very well and avoided potential squalls I'll get my coat wink

My dad made a pasta dish last night for supper - an old "family" favourite that I was never particularly keen on confused Fortunately, he also did a starter (tomato, mozzarella and basil) so I was able to get away with only having a small amount.

He also did a traditional Danish dessert "cream ring" (in Danish) but which we always knew as "lavvy seat" grin - a vanilla cream and gelatine concoction in a ring mould with the centre filled with red fruits (yesterday strawberries as that was all he could find - raspberries would've been his preference). I fancy experimenting with the recipe to make a low carb version smile One of the versions of the recipe (his mum's) adds some ground almonds but dad prefers the texture of his cousin's recipe which is just scalded cream and milk (and sugar) with the gelatine.

Stokey Mon 07-Jun-21 11:14:25

Sailing sounds amazing @venusandmars, beautiful part of the world. I was at uni in Edinburgh and a friend had a boat on the west coast at Tignabruach we sailed to Eigg one day and had the most delicious scallops. I still remember them 25 years later! Interesting about the Drs, I can imagine not wanting to get into a big discussion with people you're spending the week with. Well done for resisting the brownies etc.

I'm down by just over 2lbs after a lb gain last week so am pleased about that. Navigated MIL and motorway service stations pretty successfully, although did share a pud with DH at a pub lunch one day ( lemon posset mmmmm).

We've got loads of people coming over to watch football this weekend, so that will be a test as will have to get some crisps in.

Rayna37 Mon 07-Jun-21 11:30:47

Interesting to contrast venus' 2lb gain after making every reasonable effort on holiday with my 6lbs gained due to "pressing the fuck-it button" for most of my break! Pretty obvious lesson there.

4 of those lbs off this week and so 9lbs to get to my target of 8 and half. I think really I need my range to be 119-125, and aim to be at the very lower end of that before holidays and the start of December etc. Normally I float at the higher end of that which means increasingly I'm over 9 stone as soon as you say the words "weekend away"! Or indeed, for all of this year until this bootcamp.

Rayna37 Mon 07-Jun-21 11:33:42

Nice food yesterday though had fancy waitrose roasted veg with my chicken which was no doubt higher in carbs than if I'd prepped from scratch as normal. I did fast before a 20 mile bike ride and then had a lovely 3 egg, courgette & cheshire cheese omelette at lunch.

Back to normal Monday's now: Swim, 2 booked eggs mid morning. Chicken Salad and yogurt lunch then harissa salmon and FLGV later.

Andi2020 Mon 07-Jun-21 12:00:27

@venusandmars your sailing sounds great.
See some of you had few treats at half term. Fortunately we only had 3 days off school so didn't go anywhere.
Our school finishes end June so bootcamp is over then but will keep up with most of my changes.
The easiest way I get all my water is a pint of water at breakfast pint at lunch pint at dinner 2 pints at desk during work and fill a litre bottle for evening probably over drinking for my weight but would rather be over than under
Have a nice day

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