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Maggie9000 Tue 11-Jun-19 15:10:19

Hi all, new to mumsnet but not to IVF or supporting forums!
I have a 7yr old son through ICSI, after 3 cycles. DP has a 3yr old daughter through ICSI and now we've decided we want one of our own....!

So short protocol is the order of the day, due to polycystic ovaries (not the syndrome) and AF is due next week so imminent.

Would love to chat to others in similar positions right now if there's anyone about?

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IVFusername Tue 11-Jun-19 16:41:03

Hi Maggie, I'll be a bit behind you as I've just started my period today and will start a short protocol on my next, so stims will start around the 9th July. This will be my 3rd cycle of ICSI having had x2 fresh and x2 FET fall in the last 12 months.
I've got an older son but would love another if we manage to get 3rd time lucky.

How do you feel about getting on the rollercoaster again?

IVFusername Tue 11-Jun-19 16:41:32

*fail not fall!

ivf2019 Tue 11-Jun-19 16:50:14

Oh can I join please? Might be a bit behind you both timings wise.

Waiting on start date info from the clinic but due to have first cycle of IVF with ICSI and PGD soon. On short protocol with Bemfola but that's all I know so far... embryo biopsy for the PGD is provisionally scheduled for 19th August so I'm thinking stims will start late July.

How are you both feeling about starting treatment again?
Sorry to hear about your failed transfers @IVFusername - fingers crossed it's 3rd time lucky.

Maggie9000 Tue 11-Jun-19 17:48:32

Hi both, glad to have some company grin

Sorry to hear of your failed cycles IVFusername (I don't know how to tag people on this app...I did @ and nothing happened!!!) Fingers crossed for your July cycle. How old is your LO?

IVF2019, what's PGD?

We're at BCRM, we have our planning appt next Tuesday and then it'll be a case of waiting for AF. I'm excited, anxious, not too stressed about it yet...that could change!!

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IVFusername Tue 11-Jun-19 18:02:10

Hi @ivf2019 hope you get your start date soon, the waiting around is the worst! I know timings cause my cycles have all had the same protocol so it's easy to work out once the next one's agreed.

I'm trying to change my mindset about this next one, I'm obviously terrified as it's awful to put yourself through all of the hope, heartache and pain for a negative test but going into this knowing that it's going to fail isn't going to help. I'm naturally a spiritual person, and the number 3 is important to me so hopefully it will be 3rd fresh lucky cycle!

Do you mind me asking why you're having PGD and if you know when you'll have the transfer?

IVFusername Tue 11-Jun-19 18:04:30

@Maggie9000 I just use the @ and then select the name out of the options that pop up - I'm no tech wizard though!

My "LO" is 11, a giant thing that's starting high school in sept 😂


MLP123 Tue 11-Jun-19 19:01:30

Hi All, I'm 6dp5dt on my first cycle of ICSI. Am currently mid 2ww. OTD is Sunday. Have had a few complications but may have got a faint positive today, not sure! Was hoping for opinions but as I'm a new user it won't let me post photos yet! Has anyone else had their transfer and is currently on the 2ww?smile

HavelockVetinari Wed 12-Jun-19 09:02:09

Fingers crossed for you all!

@MLP123 congratulations! A positive test is great news! I hope it sticks, when's your scan?

I'm en route to Guys ACU right now for embryo transfer, we only got 4 eggs but they all fertilised so I'm hoping the quality is good.

We had DS (who will be 2 in July) through ICSI, and this is our third round since he was born to try for a sibling. This time I've given up breastfeeding sad to give me a better chance of pregnancy.

ivf2019 Wed 12-Jun-19 12:14:48

Hello all! Nice that there are a few of us at similar stages smile

@Maggie9000 PGD is preimplantation genetic diagnosis so they basically test an embryos before they put them back in for a specific condition. Hope all went well with your planning appointment and you don't have to wait long for AF to turn up! Fingers crossed for a smooth cycle! Are you using the same drug regime as your previous cycles?

@IVFusername not at all! I have a translocation so there's a 50% chance of any embryos being "unbalanced". They'd be likely to either be early miscarriages or if any pregnancies did make it to term the baby would have severe problems and likely die quite soon after birth sad. It's all a bit shit but we're in a very privileged position to know about it and be able to take this route.

Not sure when we'll get the transfer but we should have results on how many (if any confused) embryos are health in September, so I guess it'll just be waiting for a slot to come up for transfer. In an ideal world I'd love to have our first transfer attempt done before Christmas but I think that might be optimistic!

I hope the Magic Number 3 does come through for you!

@MLP123 faint positive sounds very promising! Was it a fresh or frozen transfer? Fingers crossed for you.

@HavelockVetinari good luck with your transfer! We're also being treated at Guy's. I was really apprehensive having heard horror stories about the communication but touch wood it's been okay so far.... how have you found them?

Hope everyone has a positive few days xx

HavelockVetinari Wed 12-Jun-19 13:25:54

@ivf2019 Guys are brilliant, we're under Prof. Khalaf, we have his personal mobile number and can call or text any time. His private nurse also emails regularly. He's even responded to messages from his holiday abroad! The only downside is if you have to ring the switchboard expect to be on hold FOREVER. It's easier to drop in in person (well it would be but I live in Derbyshire so not really an option any more).

We conceived DS at Guys, and the embryologist who handled DS as a blastocyst was the one who transferred my blasts today! Low quality (4CC and 1 early blast) but a 1 in 3 chance so fingers crossed.

Maggie9000 Wed 12-Jun-19 15:34:33

Hi all,

@IVFusername gosh 11! Fingers crossed for 3rd time lucky for you, it's truly tough on us and remaining positive is hard. Really really hope this one works for you. How come you're waiting until your next AF? Was there a reason you didn't start on this one? Without wanting to impose too much, have you given yourself a limit on how many cycles you're prepared to go through? I've told myself we're only trying this once and if it doesn't happen that's what is meant to be, but seeing what you've been through I wonder if my mindset will change...

@ivf2019 really keeping my fingers crossed for you, sounds very complicated but you're right, it's amazing to even have the facility available to give you the best chance. I'm on the same protocol as my successful cycles (one live birth, one late mc) as the long protocol doesn't suit someone with polycystic ovaries. I don't have the syndrome, just the over-reactive ovaries - I normally get around 18-20 follicles each side (agony) but because of this we're limited to crappy embyro quality.

@MLP123 Have you tested again??? Sounds like a positive which is very exciting!!

@HavelockVetinari fingers crossed for you, i'd give anything to get to blast stage - really hope it's good news for you. Are you doing anything to try and help implantation etc?

We booked our PPA for next Tuesday, so the drugs will be ordered then and we'll be broke (why isn't there a laughy emoji?!) we had bloods taken this morning at our GP's which DS found hilarious as my other half was squirming in pain grin

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IVFusername Wed 12-Jun-19 18:06:36

@ivf2019 I hope this works for you - how many attempts do you have (if NHS)? My clinic prioritises FETs Nov/Dec due to the Xmas closures as they don't need the anaesthetist for the ECs so hopefully you should manage your transfer before then.

@HavelockVetinari How lovely that you know it was the same embryologist - what are the chances of that!

@Maggie9000 We're waiting because the last fail was only in April and I need time. I've had the first fresh fail in sept 18 and then 2 FETS fail in Nov and Dec so I've found it really tough getting myself back together to go again if I'm honest. We tried for 3 years before starting IVF last summer too so it's now been 4 years of negative tests and I guess I naively thought that as the problem was with my husband and I had no issues with my son, that IVF would just work for me. Anyway, the universe has taught me a lesson! and I'm not going to be negative on this thread because I have such an amazing life anyway that if it doesn't happen then it's not meant to be and I will accept that with good grace and not allow it to affect EVERYTHING else that I do have.

This is our last go. Except as I'm not 36 till next year and still have very good AMH and AFC I may do one more round after this as egg sharing with Care. Arrrgh I can't decide!

MLP123 Wed 12-Jun-19 20:33:18

Good luck everyone, hope everybody gets positive results! I am also at BCRM and it was my first fresh transfer! I was sure it was going to be negative as had a few complications following transfer and had to increase progesterone. I have tested again this morning - faint positive on a cheap test and then again this evening on a FRER, it's still faint but was visible within 5 mins of testing so I just hope it gets stronger now! Fingers crossed!

MLP123 Wed 12-Jun-19 20:33:49

Good luck everyone, hope everybody gets positive results! I am also at BCRM and it was my first fresh transfer! I was sure it was going to be negative as had a few complications following transfer and had to increase progesterone. I have tested again this morning - faint positive on a cheap test and then again this evening on a FRER, it's still faint but was visible within 5 mins of testing so I just hope it gets stronger now! Fingers crossed!

HavelockVetinari Fri 14-Jun-19 06:46:37

Oh wow, @MLP123 that's fantastic! Sounds like you're definitely up the duff grin

I'm having terrible wind, my tummy is really bloated - can't remember it being this awful any of the other times (this is my 6th cycle). I hope it gets better soon, I'm in a 4 hour long meeting later blush

MLP123 Fri 14-Jun-19 07:29:30

Thankyou! I was advised to drink Dioralyte when I had bloating and it actually really helped! Maybe worth a try!?

ivf2019 Fri 14-Jun-19 10:10:59

Congratulations @MLP123! Lovely news - fingers crossed for a smooth 9 months for you from now.

@HavelockVetinari thank you, that's so good to hear about Guy's... I've sent them a neurotic-but-polite email asking for a rough start date as just knowing which cycle we're likely to start on would be a huge help. I hope your bloating settles soon! Are you planning to hold out until OTD or will you test earlier? Will keep everything crossed for you.

@Maggie9000 thank you, that's so kind. Frustrating about your embyro quality... I hope this cycle brings out some lovely, juicy mature eggs and excellent qualtity embryos!
I don't have polycystic ovaries but have a relatively high AMH so they're putting me on short protocol too. We'll see how it goes!

@IVFusername thank you! We get 3 cycles because of the genetic element, which is very fortunate. I hate that we have to do this when everyone else I know has managed to get knocked up with healthy pregnancies in about 5 minutes flat, but will forever be so grateful for the fact that we have this option.
Sounds like you've really been through the mill with all this, I really hope this one works out for you. We "only" tried naturally for 2 years before moving to IVF and have been lucky not to have any losses but I empathise with how shitty it is only ever looking down at negative tests.

Hope everyone has nice plans for this rainy weekend? Gentle celebrations for some and relaxing distractions for others! xx

FFOXGLOVE Fri 14-Jun-19 16:07:18

Hi can I join?
I'm new to mumsnet and to Icsi.
We have just had the go ahead after 2.5 years ttc. I'm a bit confused as to what happens next ik the process...

IVFusername Sat 15-Jun-19 15:44:59

Hey @FFOXGLOVE how do you feel about finally starting? Do you know when you'll start or anything about your protocol?

I've had a call from the clinic yesterday so now have the pre op booked in for the 27th June ready for the EC next month and will sign all of the HFEA paperwork and order the meds then. They've also booked me in for an endometrial scratch with the next period so have to go in for that on the 1st July - has anyone else had a scratch, any advice? Not had one before but my consultant has asked for it this time. Feel a bit bad with work as it's busy July/August and now I've got all this booked in confused fortunately I think my boss understands!

Jackieadam1980 Sat 15-Jun-19 18:05:08

Drink plenty of mint tea that really helps

BlueSarah Sat 15-Jun-19 18:47:33

Hi everyone

I am on my 3rd cycle (2nd FET); First cycle resulted in a pregnancy of unknown location, second didn't implant so...third time lucky?!

Having a medicated cycle, nearly finished a week of norethisterone and busy squirting Buserelin up my nose 5 times a day. If all goes to plan I should be transferring mid July.

A couple of people mentioned BCRM - I am with them too!
Currently have a stinking cold and been off work all week but at least it has distracted me from the IVF!

Looking forward to hearing all of your updates xxx

MLP123 Sat 15-Jun-19 19:13:41

Unfortunately I have had a chemical pregnancy. Such a devastating blow to see the positives and get our hopes up to then have to watch them fade sad Best wishes to everyone.

Jackieadam1980 Sat 15-Jun-19 19:35:41

Girls if I have any advice I remember thinking don’t tempt faint and test early and I never did I always tested on the day they told me to, first ended in quads but misscarried and 2nd I got my twin boys I might be going again soon so good luck girls xx

Namechangerextraordinaire1 Sat 15-Jun-19 23:24:01

Hi all can I join please? I'm just awaiting af and then I can start stims for our first cycle of icsi. Brief history is I have a dd conceived naturally and turning 10 this month 😱😱😱 and then split with her dad. Met someone knew 6 years ago and we have been ttc for 4 years. Found out we both have fertility problems, so icsi it is. We've paid for 2 cycles upfront at our clinic.

I've had some spotting today so could be af arrives tomorrow and we get started on stims on Monday, but really depends when af shows up. I'm nervous, excited and terrified in equal measures!!

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