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The decluttering on thing a day thread - part 11

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StealthNinjaMum Sun 19-Jan-20 15:12:29

We’re still here.

After 10 threads my house still isn't tidy!

So join me and a lovely group of mumsnetters who simply get rid of one thing a day and report back. Gradually we’re developing good habits, reorganising ourselves, often improving our mental health and having friendly chatter along the way.

So newbies are welcome, just check in with your news and join in the general chat about recycling, organisation and housework.

Previous thread here.

ALSO many of us have set a target to get rid of 2020 items this year and will report on that.

StealthNinjaMum Sun 19-Jan-20 15:14:12

Some information on how to get rid of the items we’re most often asked about.

If anyone has anything to add to this list could you please highlight it like this and hopefully I can update this post for the next thread.

Facebook sales sites
Gumtree (for CDs, DVDs, Games, Books, iPhones, Games Consoles and LEGO)

Freecyle has a good app called trashnothing

Charity shops. Some will collect which really helps if you’re just starting to declutter and have a lot of stuff to go.

Animal shelters like towels and carpet squares and sometimes bedding and duvet covers.

Homeless charities will often take warm clothes and coats, especially in the winter.

Some council tips have a place to drop off quality stuff to be sold.

Some charity shops will take rags if you label them as ‘rags’, this could be materials or clothes that are too scruffy or dirty to sell or donate to someone. Also some councils will collect rags (but you’ll need to contact your council)

Supermarkets are getting better at recycling. My local Tesco has recycling points for batteries, toner cartridges, glass bottles, books and and light bulbs

Bras. Oxfam shops take bras and so do some smaller lingeries shops. Bravissimo do a scheme whereby they send good bras to Africa and strip down those that are too old for parts as well as donating 70p per kilo of bras to MIND. Also take brand new knickers and good condition bras and send to Africa

Nurseries and preschools will often take old toys, games, books, craft sets and/ or stationery. They might also take clean (obviously) underwear and clothes to keep as spares for when children have accidents.

Foodbanks take all sorts of food (if it is within date) and sometimes half open packets of nappies.

Aroundtheworldin80moves Sun 19-Jan-20 15:15:44

I think it's time I return to this. Having a major clear out of outgrown toys and books at the moment

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 19-Jan-20 15:24:07

I sent DH round to the Charity Shop with two bags (household , not clothing)

I took foodstuff to the Supermarket collection point
Need to go through the pantry again but it was cleared before Christmas so should be ok.

I have a skirt that is over 10 years old, I've worn it twice but I still really like it and it fits . Everytime I've done a wardrobe clear out I've thought should I /shouldn't I ?

DH has booked a holiday (cruise) and it will be ideal grin so it stays .

Reastie Sun 19-Jan-20 16:30:00

70 if it fits and you’ll wear it and like it I say keep it. Where are you off to on the cruise?

Thanks for new thread stealth. That is a seriously impressive book sorting week end.mi recommend the app ziffit to sell books (especially children’s books). They seem to offer more than music magpie ime. We’ve sold some of our old books this year and made nearly £40!

More magazines out today where I’ve finally been reading the interesting articles I bookmarked but hadn’t got around to reading for months. I also organised the apps on my phone.

PickledLilly Sun 19-Jan-20 17:11:11

Didn’t get any decluttering done but I did a first coat of varnish on a few doors so it’s all progress towards living in a normal tidy house in my eyes

Alkaloise Sun 19-Jan-20 17:14:14

Placemarking. A few dozen sheets shredded and cast out - mostly old work stuff I don't need anymore. Things are finding a place to stay and it is looking a lot tidier already.

gassylady Sun 19-Jan-20 17:16:46

Hello all I have two bags waiting to go to charity shop. Two pairs of school shoes in but did drop the three trashed pairs into unicef collection bin. Three more lots will sell on eBay today so that will also get rid of some of the packaging stash.
We recently had a rejig of some kitchen cupboards. Can anyone point me towards some organisers for tins. I would want a tub 2 or 3 tins wide and the depth of the cupboard with a handle so I can pull it forward to reach tins from the back

gassylady Sun 19-Jan-20 17:18:31

Reastie is that you from the Christmas threads? If so thanks for the bargain tips that have been very useful

Vinorosso74 Sun 19-Jan-20 17:24:53

New thread should help keep me motivated.
DD and I have sorted some books out for charity shop. Also have a few items of clothing so will drop those off this week.

Keiki Sun 19-Jan-20 17:35:19

Out, one butterfly hair clip thing that broke. More clothes in the charity pile as I've discovered they are outgrown by DC.

Medwaymumoffour Sun 19-Jan-20 18:41:32

Me and dh just tied up today. I find tidying up regularly and keeping on top of housework really helps with decluttering. Putting things in their own home highlights how much of certain stuff there is.

My main goal this week is finishing dd room. She my youngest of four sleath I’m going to declutter then tidy it this week. Next week I’m going to get all her clothes out ( excluding summer wear) and doing a mini KonMarie on it. As it’s the most difficult area for me I will only do that task and just general housework for the next two weeks I think

RoseReally Sun 19-Jan-20 18:49:18

Hello, newbie here!

Really want to declutter this year. I get so stressed when trying to tidy up as there's just nowhere to put some things (looking at you, DH overstuffed drawers). I almost find it harder to figure out how to get rid of stuff than anything else! Anyone know what to do with old electricals (sat nav/ ipods etc)?

Reastie Sun 19-Jan-20 19:47:45

Yes, ‘‘tis me gassy grin

SheepSocks Sun 19-Jan-20 20:05:48

Dropping in to make sure I don't miss out! I will update in a bit.

StealthNinjaMum Sun 19-Jan-20 20:19:55

medwaymum that sounds like such a good idea to do your dds room and actually Finish it. That’s how I feel about my bedroom, in a fortnight we’ll both feel like we’ve really achieved something. Let’s raise a virtual glass wine at the end of the month.

reastie I need to add that app to the second post - perhaps they’ll buy my children’s books.

gassylady I think reastie is responsible for nearly all the toy clutter in my house!

Welcome rose are any of your electrical items working? If so you could advertise them on a eBay / Facebook or a second hand or CEX shop if you have one. If they’re not working you could advertise them for free or see if there’s a market for them not working. Some old electronics sell for parts even when broken. (I have a broken sega that I might sell on eBay). Recently I gave an old desktop computer to a lady on Facebook for her teenagers to play with. I had taken the hard drive out so there were no confidential files.

pickledlily that sounds fantastic, having a nicer house will motivate you to declutter.

SydneyCarton Sun 19-Jan-20 21:53:24

gassylady I saw containers like that in Wilko yesterday in a few different sizes. They also did a fizzy drink can organiser that might fit tin cans

GinisLife Sun 19-Jan-20 22:01:16

From a great start at the beginning of the year I then stalled waiting for new kitchen to arrive and be fitted. It's half in. Currently got no hob,oven, extractor, water, working washing machine. There are boxes everywhere. Feel like I'm living in the local tip. I'm keeping myself going by thinking of the end result and all the stuff that will be going in the skip that's currently occupying my driveway rather than into my new cupboards.
I have managed to go through a pile of clothes in my bedroom that won't fit in the wardrobe and pulled some out for the charity bag. Just need to go through the wardrobe and find more stuff now !
A towel with a big hole in went into the bin this morning (after I'd used it from the shower). There was life in it but it had a hole in it fgs!!! I'm not that desperate for a towel 😂.

HungryHazelEyes Mon 20-Jan-20 06:52:29

I've had a few outs the last couple of days - DH actually went through the fridge Friday and tossed a bunch of iffy and unknown food.

Yesterday I came across a few things in the pantry, like bread we got for Christmas Eve and stale tortillas, reduced packaging on bulk items to make more room. I still need to spend more time in there sorting more out, as I know things can go or be organised better.

Today I threw away a pair of fluffy socks that had seen better days, forgot to throw them away when I took them off, so they had been washed. Not comfortable enough to wear again, so out they went.

Reastie Mon 20-Jan-20 09:09:07

I have a lot of baking stuff I rarely use but when I do I’m glad of it iykwim. Takes up lots of space though and not sure whether to get rid. Things like pretty cupcake stands, cake pop maker, slow cooker.... I feel I ‘should’ get rid but don’t really feel ready to.

We went through dds room between Christmas and new year. Every. Single. Thing. It feels great to have done it and we got rid of a ton!

I’m sorry for all the clutter in people’s houses! I’m trying very hard to change my way of thinking from ‘it’s a bargain so I’ll get it’ to ‘ do we really really need it’. I cut back a lot on Father Christmas presents for dd this year but what I did get I knew she would really like and she didn’t seem to notice. I really think if children have too many toys they play with nothing properly whereas they play with toys a lot more if they have less, which I know seems counterintuitive.

Dh back to work today after a month off so I’m flying solo with baby for first time since before Christmas so the best I can hope for this week is to maintain the clutter I have and not let things get too messy. A good start to the day as I’ve tidied and cleaned the table which is a constant dumping ground.

Suzie0003 Mon 20-Jan-20 11:38:22

Outs today, a bin bag of clothes my son has outgrown, a pair of boots I've returned (would usually have just kept them), some books, carrier bag of clothes for clothes recycling. Feel a bit better after all the stuff I brought into the house over the weekend. Have also won 5x boys shorts and 4x girls shorts on ebay but we need those when we go to Turkey soon (that's what I'm telling myself anyway!)

StealthNinjaMum Mon 20-Jan-20 13:27:08

Well done ginislife it must be frustrating living like that but at least you’ve been able to focus on other things.

reastie I have had four books valued on soffit for £6 so I am chuffed. Another dozen weren’t so i’m Putting them in my car for the charity shop.

A good day. I have found two bags of my clothes to go. That’s about 15 items.

Reastie Mon 20-Jan-20 13:45:11

Stealth that’s great! £6 more than you would’ve had. I’m adding up everything I sell and have now made about £120 from little bits and bobs! A couple of my maternity bits I put on eBay in Saturday already have bids on, I’m finding it quite exciting! Wonder how long before I get to £200 grin. Actually, I wonder if I can get enough for a mini holiday for us, that would be pretty exciting to have sold old junk (to me) and use it for something like that. I’m getting carried away, at this rate I’ll have nothing left grin .

The amount Ds is sleeping in his cot I’m thinking I may as well de clutter that as it’s becoming more ornamental than functional hmm .

Susie turkey sounds fab, just what you need to look forward to in this cold weather.

SandAndSea Mon 20-Jan-20 14:15:54

Hi everyone! I'm just stopping by quickly to catch up but I will be back.

Suzie0003 Mon 20-Jan-20 14:43:35

Thanks reastie I'm really looking forward to it smile bought 4x designer baseball caps for a fiver off ebay for my 2 boys to argue over so even though its stuff I don't need right now it'll be welcomed when we go to Turkey. That's where I get stuck--thinking oh this will be useful. I'm terrible haha

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