Cherry waves hello to November 2019. Fledgling Flylady thread for all.[smile]

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Ghoulette1740 Wed 30-Oct-19 14:42:30

Welcome to the November Flylady thread Fledglings! All are welcome here. A few of us have been around a while but everyone, newbie and lurking, is welcome to join in.

This is my first time running the thread so I hope other fledglings will alert me when I’ve got things confused or if I’ve left something out!! A busy month for us all with the holiday season looming next month…

Very simply Flylady is a zone-based cleaning system which we loosely follow. Everyone is different and has different rooms and life demands. There are five zones and at the beginning and the end of the month we usually straddle Zone 1 and zone 5.
(amend rooms to suit your house – I do the living and dining room together as it’s all one room in my house)
Zone 1 Hall, entrance/dining room (Fri 1 – Sat 2)
Zone 2 Kitchen (Sun 3- Sat 9)
Zone 3 Bathroom and another room (Sun 10- Sat 16)
Zone 4 Master bedroom/closet (Sun 17 – sat 23)
Zone 5 Living room (Sun 24 – Sat 30)

Pop onto the Flylady website to have a closer look but signing up for emails will probably lead to very many landing in your inbox. Also there has been some concern about securely downloading pdfs from the site. here

Flylady has an introductory scheme for newbies called Babysteps which is a light 31 day introduction to the system – dressing to shoes, shining your sink etc. What I like about Flylady is her emphasis on self care, her abhorrence of perfectionism and her adage that you’re never being behind in the system - just jump in. No need to completely clean your house before you start – phew! here

There is a morning routine and an evening routine to keep things ticking over and a weekly home cleaning hour to change bed sheets, mop, hoover, take out rubbish etc. The system isn’t brilliant for major decluttering so you might want to supplement with Kondo or another decluttering system. Flylady doesn’t want us cleaning all day so she is very keen on using a timer. Clean then stop!
In addition each day has a purpose: see the daily focus here

Monday: Weekly home cleaning hour (can be split into ten minute sections and spread over week) here
Tuesday: Plan and play (Menu planning, family event planning)
Wednesday: Anti-procrastination day
Thursday: Errand day
Friday: Clear out bags, fill car with petrol, date night
Saturday: Family fun
Sunday: Lift your spirit

Launch pad for guidance every day! launch pad

Habit of the month of November is meal planning. This is my Achilles heel! here

We have a lovely virtual naughty corner where we can all retreat – there are all manner of lovely things left there by thread members including fluffy pillows, warm blankets, tea, coffee, wine, delicious foods. This month there are plenty of candles to brighten the darker days.
There may be mention of Ned who started life as an autocorrection on the thread but who has now morphed into a virtual helper with a specialism in putting away laundry. Ned is borrowed by thread members from time to time when the going gets tough on Mount Washmore.
Most days we pop on to post our ta da list of what we’ve managed to do and have a bit of a natter.

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ChicCauldron Wed 30-Oct-19 15:58:59

Thanks for the shiny new thread, just booking my place for November early grin

PsychoSmirk Wed 30-Oct-19 17:58:34

<leaves broomstick in corner>

Thanks for new thread Ghoulette - fab intro - glad Ned coming with us! grin

Stilllivinginazoo Wed 30-Oct-19 19:34:02

<contemplates sweeping up with the broomstick>
<Opts to pull up a comfy chair instead and warm hands by fire>

ExpletiveDEVILighted Wed 30-Oct-19 23:27:59

Thank you Ghoulette, and SC for last month. I am going to be increasing my hours at work from next week so need to take the Flying up a gear.

Ghoulette1740 Thu 31-Oct-19 14:19:47


Baby-step 1st November: here
Launch pad link: here

Mission for Friday is to spend 15 minutes in the entrance way of your home. We are now in Zone 1 which is hallway, entrance and diningroom. In my house I just do hallway/stairs, entrance and cloakroom (I have a living/dining room)

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Tidyhomewannabe Thu 31-Oct-19 14:56:45



LivingInLaputa Thu 31-Oct-19 20:34:16

Hi hi

I’ll try and keep up a little better. But that depends on November being a lot less shit than October.

<hollow laugh>

Happy Halloween and all that jazz

idontdance Thu 31-Oct-19 20:36:09

Hi! I’ll try and keep up with you all now we have a new thread

Ghoulette1740 Thu 31-Oct-19 20:52:40

Laputa we live in hope. And for everything else there's MasterCard. < Weeps at the thought of October>

idontdance I'll post links to baby steps every day and give some pointers.

wine and Gershwin on the radio. Not a bad mix.

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MercuryRising Thu 31-Oct-19 22:25:13

I would like to join you if I may. I followed the thread several years ago when I had 2 dc, I now have 4dc (the youngest turns a year on bonfire night) and I am in need of a routine now more than ever. I have followed the organised mum method and Mrs Hinch on instagram but I just get drawn in to spending time watching their stories instead of actually sorting my house 🙄 so I am ready to try flying again. I would love to have greater control of my house by Christmas.

ExpletiveDEVILighted Thu 31-Oct-19 22:50:03

Mercury! Welcome back (I was WhoKnows etc). I think you were on the thread when you had DC3? Congrats on DC4.

Well, tomorrow is a new month and I have the day off work so I will be rolling up my sleeves and cleaning. I have got someone coming to pick up a large bag of stuff I've offered free on FB to re-kick-start decluttering.

ChicCauldron Thu 31-Oct-19 22:56:59

Waves to Mercury

ChicCauldron Thu 31-Oct-19 23:03:15

<throws leftover sweets into corner, bit of rain here slowed the trick or treaters this year>

I have a scan first thing Friday morning, thankfully not as invasive as the last one! Will catch you late morning. Eat all the sweets in the meantime. grin

IVEgotthePUMPKINS Thu 31-Oct-19 23:23:26

I remember you too mercury which is funny as i am struggling to remember my own past usernames to tell you who i am confused

<brain dead due to essay writing/sleepless nights with newborn/school hols with 5 dc under 12 at home>

Stilllivinginazoo Fri 01-Nov-19 06:28:21

<waves to mercury>welcome back lovely!

PsychoSmirk Fri 01-Nov-19 07:18:03

Hi all! Thanks for the thanks smile!
Great to have you back Mercury!
Good luck with appt Chic
Happy cleaning today Expletive and good luck with your increased hours!
Hope November is better for you Laputa flowers
Waves to everyone else!

Well last night went well and the grub was appreciated. Sadly, I have left all the clearing up until this morning confused

LivingInLaputa Fri 01-Nov-19 07:24:33

Morning all!

Hi mercury! Welcome back! smile My name change must be since you were last here but if it helps my youngest is still known as Cagletini grin

Hi idont smile

Thank you for the old thread sc and for the new one ghoul

I totally can’t remember what your name was before you did your first IVE name, IVE - but I know you were here long before that! confused

I’ve given up on sleep, I’m going to draw instead grin I’ve got three more drawings to complete and then I will have finished the whole of Inktober! I’m really pleased I’ve managed it even if I’m a bit behind (normally falling even a day behind would mean I gave up).

Need to put the drying on later and also ask DH to go round looking at the radiators as the heating is on but I’m freezing. He’s got to go get nappies first though, as he forgot when he took Cagletini home yesterday (I don’t blame him, we were all distracted by her epic tantrum and newfound ability to wriggle out of the buggy straps hmm

Benefits advisor is visiting at 11. I’m far too tired to work on DLA but I need to dig out a letter to show her (not sure if it’ll be good evidence or not) but DH needs to apply for universal credit as apparently we should have been moved onto that as soon as DH’s sick pay ran out. Yaaaaay. hmm

LivingInLaputa Fri 01-Nov-19 07:25:36

Ooh yes and good luck with the scan today chic thanks

Hello and hugs to everyone else!

BeanBag7 Fri 01-Nov-19 07:45:47

Hi all, I would love to join in if possible!

I'm 20 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 (DD is 2 and a half) and this pregnancy I've become super aware of just how bad our house is getting. We definitely have a bad case of "chaos" as I run round like a mad woman shoving things into drawers or the spare room whenever someone tells me they're visiting.

This week we have made a real effort to get rid of clutter and have the rooms back to basics. I can see the floor and hoover without moving 20 random items! I would love to keep it that way!

PsychoSmirk Fri 01-Nov-19 08:02:58

Oh yes Mercury sorry - should have said - it's SC here (confusingly!). Will name change again on Monday to something more recognisable! thlgrin

Also meant to say below I've you did bloody well - seriously - hitting essay deadline with everything else you have going on + newborn , so don't be so hard on yourself! brew cake. And now I am trying to think of your previous nn too! It's just on the edge of my memory! thlgrin

Good luck with benefits advisor visit Laputa and bloomin' well done for banishing perfectionist mentality and completing Inktober!

I have just been visited by two energetic furries who desperately need a walk. Had better get my aching knees up and out!

Very happy to have DH and DD back in the nest - they had a great time - and guest will be leaving after weekend... .But loads more happening there which I can't talk about, either potentially amazingly good or or gob-smackingly worrying - either way I have a feeling it is going to be me and dh who mop up emotional and financial angst again. Bit horrible of me to feel that way though because I should be happy about news's just ...I'm sure you all know....repeating family patterns etc etc ... .

Have a good day everyone! [waves] Ready to tackle more proper Flying today!

Of all the things about Flylady that has helped me the most it's (a) that everything is so much easier to clean with less clutter (still working on that one!!! thlgrin) and (b) it's so true that doing "something" - however small - inspires you to go on and do the next thing. You get energy that goes from doing one to the other ifyswim. The worst thing one can possibly do is sit there and wait for inspiration/momentum to just "arrive" out of the blue. (For me, where cleaning is concerned, it never does!). I think I'm at the point now (finally) where I have accepted and learned that, and (finally, finally) overcome it! Yay!

PsychoSmirk Fri 01-Nov-19 08:04:49

A warm welcome to Beanbag! Congrats on your pregnancy! Sounds like you have made a great Flying start!

Onthebrink67 Fri 01-Nov-19 08:37:35

After lurking for the last few months I have decided that this month I really must actually do something so need to post to keep myself accountable. Working full time at the moment so by the time I’m home put a load of washing in and cooked dinner I seem to have lost any enthusiasm so the house is getting very cluttered and grubby round the edges. Today I will sort the bookcase in the dining room of all the paper clutter. Good luck to all I am amazed how much those of you do with small children I remember those days as a blur of chaos and sleepless nights

IVEgotthePUMPKINS Fri 01-Nov-19 08:43:16

Ok i have had a look

For a long time i was Afteshstartplease, i then became Afreshcupoftea and then Ivegotfamilyanddrinkcupsoftea. That started the run of IVE names smile

Please someone restrain me from smothering my man child because he is pissing me right off

ExpletiveDEVILighted Fri 01-Nov-19 08:50:58

Oh, I never realised afreshstart was you Ive, blush. Sometimes I have drifted off the thread for a few months and lost track a bit.

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