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How much does your cleaner do in two hours?

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Longtalljosie Sat 27-Nov-10 14:33:51

I've always been one for not having unrealistic expectations of what a cleaner can do, you pay for two hours of cleaning, you're not paying for a spotless house...

But I'm beginning to think my cleaner's doing far less than I should reasonably expect. And I'm not sure that buying extra hours would actually make any difference. I have tried talking to her about this but nothing changes.

Do your cleaners clean the toilet (I mean, actually clean it, not just squirt it with Domestos)? And do they put things away? Clutter is generally just put in a pile in the room it was in. I keep seeing things - eg the skirting, behind radiators, behind the loo where I assumed she was cleaning, and being mortified at the state of it. I've spent two hours scrubbing at the bathrooms this morning. Grime / limescale which has survived her efforts week after week came off with a bit of patience. I'd been assured it was impossible to get off but seemingly not...

She's paid £10/hour and is really, really nice. Which makes it hard to raise the issue with her, although I've tried.

Gay40 Sun 28-Nov-10 11:54:32

She needs the sack, frankly @ LTJ

northerngirl41 Sun 28-Nov-10 12:07:10

You are paying her for two hours but that depends a lot on the state of your house. How long does it take you to clean it to your standards? Do you know what goes into it? Can you time yourself doing the whole house and see how long it takes?

I usually just let our cleaning lady pick what needs doing most, and if I want something deep cleaned or a room to have a bit more time spent, I leave a note saying what I'd rather she skipped and she has time to do the extra cleaning.

It's a lot about your standards and communicating them to her. I don't necessarily want to eat my dinner off the kitchen floor but I do want everything to be shipshape. Other people would rather have everything done perfectly and then do the other rooms themselves.

MitchyInge Sun 28-Nov-10 12:11:04

My cleaner comes in a team of three people and between them in an hour they muck the kitchen, dining and sitting rooms out, clean all the floors and sort of wipe everything and sometimes clean the bathroom too.

Longtalljosie Sun 28-Nov-10 16:37:59

@northerngirl - in terms of how long things take me, that depends on what I do. If you read my OP you'll see I make it clear I don't expect the whole house to be sparkling on two hours. But I don't expect areas crying out for a clean to be ignored. From my OP you'll see I tackled inbuilt grime / limescale yesterday on the kitchen taps / shower door / shower / three loos and two sinks - that took about an hour (thanks to the power of Viakal!). I have talked to her about deep cleaning, and have made it clear I'd actually like it if she spent - say - one hour deep cleaning one room that needed it.

But I sort of gave up the day we had decorators upstairs (so that whole area was out) and I suggested rather than upstairs she spent the time she'd have spent doing that deep cleaning the fridge. Five minutes later she said "that's done" - she'd just given the shelves a quick wipe with the dishcloth.

notcitrus Sun 28-Nov-10 17:23:47

We have a cleaner for 3-4 hours once a fortnight. I tell her to make sure she does the kitchen and bathroom thoroughly, and hoover the halls and whatever else she can, and then what else is both accessible and needing doing (often MrNC who works at home the day she comes is running tidying ahead of her so she can clean!)

It's taken a while to get across the message that I can tidy, but I physically can't scrub/sweep etc, and so I need that - if stuff's in the way just pile it up somewhere obvious and I'll sort it. I think lots of people who get cleaners must want the semblance of civilisation each week rather than stuff in depth, as that's what new cleaners always seem to do the first time.

mollymole Sun 28-Nov-10 17:45:03

i have a team of 3 that come once every 4 weeks and they do an hour and 20 mins each = 4 hours cleaning - Cost £60 - in this time they
clean 2 bathrooms - including wall tiles and floors
all indoor windows 15 of them
kitchen cooker, sink , work tops and floor and tiles
clean down wooden stairs
hoover all carpets up and down
damp dust all other surfaces
they provide all their own materials, bring their own hoover etc
they do not tidy as i don't expect them to do this and leave it tidy so that they can get on with their work
they are very good

northerngirl41 Sun 28-Nov-10 19:03:14

Okay - so clearly she has no idea what you mean by deep clean. So you actually need to specify it e.g.
I'd like you to deep clean the fridge, I want all the food taking out and everything wiped over with bleach spray whilst the shelves soak in sterilising liquid.
Today please can you spend an hour in the sitting room - I need the cornice dusting, the skirting boards wiping, all the furniture moved and cleaned underneath.

I know it seems obvious to you but really people have different levels of cleanliness so it's not immediately obvious whether you'd rather the kitchen went with an unwashed floor or the kids toys can be left unpicked up...

NAHS Fri 12-Aug-11 14:48:02

nannyl - would you mind sharing her contact information? any chance your cleaner would clean a home in the west london / turnham green area? we've just moved and we are looking for a cleaner. many thanks!

BerylStreep Fri 12-Aug-11 16:32:36

In 3 hours, mine hoovers, mops, cooker hob and kitchen surfaces, dusts, does bathrooms (although not great job tbh) and will tidy any clutter into piles for me to put away after.

When we go on holiday, I ask her to deep clean - inside windows, wipe down skirtings and doors, high dusting.

There are some things she just doesn't like doing (shower, for example) and it can irritate a bit, but I have to remember that she generally does a great job, is reliable and trustworthy, which means a lot.

Fizzylemonade Sun 14-Aug-11 10:58:36

I think you need to be very specific with her, are you usually in or out when she comes?

A cleaner is meant to make your life easier.

maryscleaningservice Tue 05-Feb-13 23:09:14

When i first started to clean peoples house's i charge £7:50 p/h The first house i ever cleaned the lady said she'd only like just general cleaning done like dusting and tiyding up, and i cleaned from windows, skerting, glass cabinets, floors, toilets, showers, tiles kitchen doors what i had to wash with soapy water, i moved things to clean undreneth ,from the front door to the back door i cleaned or polished she evan asked me to wash her rug on the floor wich i did do. then i went on to do her ironing, so some of us realy do try to do a good job

KatyTheCleaningLady Wed 06-Feb-13 00:06:17

Well, since someone has resurrected this zombie thread, I'll go ahead and post in it! grin

When I first read the OP, I thought "She wants too much in two hours. Skirting boards AND decluttering on top of regular wiping down..." But then I read above where she said she has spoken to the cleaner, requesting that she spend more time focusing on one thing and doing it deeply. So, I would say that that particular cleaner is probably a bit hopeless. (Or was. that was three years ago.)

I don't charge by the hour, but I may change that as I have a hard time doing anything other than a deep clean. If someone was happy to say "You know, I'd rather you focused on X and Y, and I'll take care of Z" then it would be OK. Otherwise, I have a hard time leaving Z.

BoffinMum Wed 06-Feb-13 12:02:33

Wipes a duster around sitting room, dining room, study, hallway and our bedroom, avoiding corners and behind things.

Hoovers same rooms plus our bedroom, avoiding edges.

Cleans kitchen and bathroom, downstairs loo to 80% of my standards. Squirts in bleach to loos and wipes them round with the toilet brush, wipes seat a bit. Will do it more thoroughly if I tease him about being scared of toilets, and stand nearby.

Mops floor to bathroom, downstairs loo, kitchen, utility.

On request will get hard core cleaning machine out of van and clean bits of carpet to remove stains, or use professional buffing machine on kitchen floor.

Will also clean out wheelie bins from time to time.

Is also a pest controller so will deal with moths, mice etc as he goes along!

KatyTheCleaningLady Thu 07-Feb-13 21:35:42

OK, I cleaned three houses today.

House 1: three bedroom with two baths, two kitchens (!), two sitting rooms and a conservatory. In two hours I managed to clean both baths (including a deep clean of master bath's shower with toothbrush and descaler) and both kitchens. I dusted the whole house (although really only looked at conservatory to confirm that it wasn't dusty), and hoovered it all. I polished the brass thingy/grate in front of the "fire" with Brasso. I mopped hard floors (baths and kitchen) and got on my hands and knees to clean kitchen floor.

House 2: Two beds, one bath, kitchen, dining, and living room - all rather large. In 2.5 hours I cleaned all the rooms, including a deep clean of the shower (toothbrush and descaler). I spent a lot of time dusting the master bedroom - climbed up to dust top of wardrobes and then used a long brush to dust the radiators. Dusted all other rooms, and polished glass dining room table. Cleaned the kitchen including the ceramic hob. Hoovered upstairs and down, and then flat-mopped the downstairs laminate floors.

House 3: Two beds, but only one used. Living room, large kitchen, and conservatory and bathroom. In just under two hours I got the whole house quite clean. Including hoovering in the "tracks" of the conservatory doors. Washed kitchen floors, bathroom floor, and high-traffic areas by hand. Flat-mopped the rest. Cleaned inside fridge and threw out out-of-date food. Deep-cleaned shower with a toothbrush and bleach. Dusted throughout.

All three homes are generally tidy (first one has a dog and they're a little less tidy.) No children in any of them.

mafaldajess Fri 07-Jun-13 22:31:35

I have had quite a few cleaners over the years and the very best one just scoured the place. BUT she made it absolutely clear that if she had to spend time clearing up clutter that took time from her cleaning time. She made up charts for the children and gave them stars if their bedrooms were tidy when she came. She was brilliant. If it takes you more than two hours to 'deep clean' your home then it's totally unreasonable to expect your cleaner to do it. Best thing is to get your home professionally 'Deep Cleaned' every six months (making sure that the house is tidy of course first); then explain to the cleaner exactly what you expect her to do in the time that she has got. The best thing is to have a rota of rooms to be thoroughly cleaned and to write it down.
I did have one cleaner who was also very lovely but totally ineffective so I had to let her go and employed my two teenage girls instead!

sudointellectual Sun 09-Jun-13 19:11:19

Your cleaner sounds rubbish, tbh. It took me a while to communicate to my cleaner what was and wasn't important to me, housewise, but we've got it hashed out now and she is great.

I have mine for an hour a week. It's a two bed, so not huge. She does 20 minutes on the wetroom and that's to scrub the toilet, sink, shower, floor and walls so it's gleaming. Then in the kitchen another 20 minutes to load or unload the dishwasher, wipe down the surfaces, bleach the sink, empty the bins and steam mop the floor. The last third she sweeps and steam mops downstairs and then normally one little job she sees. She occasionally hoovers the stairs. She takes anything for the charity shop or postbox on her way out and I have her on bin day so she takes out all the bins and does the recycling as well. She never tidies or does the bedrooms but the house is tidy anyway. She does occasionally fold laundry if there's time.

Er, reading that back I think maybe she is secretly a superhero. I pay her £10/hr.

sudointellectual Sun 09-Jun-13 19:14:55

Sorry, didn't realise this was such an old thread.

MoppUK Mon 28-Oct-13 03:33:09

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sonotfunny Mon 28-Oct-13 06:24:45

I'm a cleaner in Berkshire and mostly I am asked to do 3hrs a week for my clients who have 3 or 4 bedroomed homes. For this amount of time I expect to get around the house and do a thorough job (bathrooms and kitchens are always done thoroughly regardless of time).

For clients like yourself who have 2hr visits each week I still cover the high priority areas (thorough bathroom/kitchen cleans and cleaning high traffic areas, emptying bins etc) but some of the other deep clean tasks I will do on rotation. For example: week 1 Move all sofas/occasional tables etc to vac underneath. week 2 wash out/disinfect bins etc etc.

Perhaps a list for your cleaner to work through on rotation might be useful? I always ask my clients to comment in a cleaners book aswell ... it enables them to note down any areas they feel need attention and allows me to comment on what I've done and any other points to note (most of my clients are out when I attend so this kind of communication is essential).

sonotfunny Mon 28-Oct-13 06:26:44

apologies - I didn't realise the person before me had resurrected an old thread!

PauloZ Thu 31-Oct-13 10:36:14

Hi guys, I was trying to figure out how long things take to clean and what should I expect within 2 hours and then I came across this post on the internet - It's very good actually and probable more accurate than we think ;-)

animalia Thu 22-May-14 06:41:55

Sorry for coming late to this thread. I have a cleaner and pay her to clean my two bedroom flat for 3 hours. she does a reasonable job (surfaces are cleaned as is the bathroom but I have to remind her to remove cobwebs, clean the windows etc).

CleanerQuotes Wed 03-Feb-16 10:13:39

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beatka2014 Fri 29-Apr-16 18:58:55

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Cuddlymeerkat Thu 21-Dec-17 23:19:10

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