Oxbridge applicants 2018 part 3

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OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 07-Mar-18 13:43:16

Looks like we need a new thread.

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OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 07-Mar-18 13:43:38

old thread

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HesMyLobster Wed 07-Mar-18 13:51:50

Oh well spotted, thank you for starting the new one Kitten.

Our lovely offer holder day on Saturday was cancelled because of the weather.
Completely understandable but very disappointing, I was so looking forward to it.

The cancellation email said it would be rescheduled, but DD had another email today saying that it probably won't be until after June, so as not to interfere with exams.

Which means DD will probably miss it as she seems to have planned her entire summer starting from the second her last exam is over!

Lucycat Wed 07-Mar-18 17:09:37

Thank you for the new thread OYBBK.

Still not pressed The Button yet as DD has to liaise with their Oxbridge/Vet/Medic tutor first and when there are so many of them it's difficult to get an appointment.

She is currently burning the candle at both ends - working LOTS at college and going to LOTS of gigs, March is gig season doncha know 🙄

jaguar67 Wed 07-Mar-18 18:19:39

Thank you OYBBK!

DD FINALLY pressed The Button yesterday after, frankly, a few weeks of crisis of confidence. No reason to be, mocks were fine etc., but that imposter syndrome is a so-'n-so... Anyway, onwards & she's more content having made the decision. Manchester is a very firm & happy insurance - also made decision harder.

Now into the last weeks of A2 prep - and Prom drama (obvs, we are talking 18/17 year olds here...). Looking forward to sharing plenty of virtual wine with you all over next weeks/ months xx

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 07-Mar-18 18:48:05

That's a relief Jaguar! must be very nice to have that bit done.

Lucy dd has to talk to her tutor too after all of her exam results are in. I'm looking forward to her doing it, just for one more thing to tick off the list.

It doesn't seem as though A levels are that close. I know they are intellectually, but I'm in some sort of denial zone I think.

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voilets Wed 07-Mar-18 19:27:39

Had parents eve tonight and teachers were so positive and nice about DD. Felt so proud. Was my last parents eve as a parent ever! New era coming.

Feels nice button pressed. Just fingers crossed. Insurance want high grades too! Eek!
Will be happy to hear all news of DC and their mums as we ride towards results day 🤔smile


OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 07-Mar-18 22:25:02

that's lovely Voilets, I'm not surprised that you are proud!

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alittlechampagne Wed 07-Mar-18 23:06:58

We don't have parents' evening in sixth form unless cause for concern so did my last one a couple of years ago. It does feel like you're letting go which is hard.

voilets Thu 08-Mar-18 17:38:50

It is hard letting go but also lovely. Free time to try new things and such pride to see them mostly blossom.
No doubt I'll feel a host of things when she leaves home for uni - won't be care free for a while then. grin

alittlechampagne Sat 17-Mar-18 13:25:29

Mocks behind us. Tring to keep calm amongst the mountain of revision cards which have invaded every room in the house. Doesn't look highly organised to me but what do I know??

alittlechampagne Sat 17-Mar-18 13:26:06


alittlechampagne Sat 17-Mar-18 15:37:07

How is everyone else bearing up?

alittlechampagne Sat 17-Mar-18 15:42:02

We finish June 19th here. I absolutely completely and utterly can not wait. Sure DS feels same way!

Lucycat Sat 17-Mar-18 17:54:26

The Button has now actually been pressed after much deliberation. Oxford is firmed and Leeds as insurance. Just the 3 A grades to nail now! DD's EPQ is finished and the presentation is pretty much completed too.

Student finance will be done tomorrow.
DD appears to be quite calm at the moment, they don't have mocks before Easter which I think helps but I have no doubt that nerves will kick in later. She's very pragmatic about what will be and tbh would be happy at either institution.

alittlechampagne Sat 17-Mar-18 19:00:09

Well done *Lucycat *DD. Oxford will be good.

Risotto301 Sun 18-Mar-18 09:06:58

DS finished round 1 mocks 2 weeks ago, mixed results. He carelessly missed a question in F. Math paper and therefore just got a B while did very well (A*) in Phy and Chem (scored among highest in year group), is fulfilling conditions of Oxford offer indeed (as only required to continue F. Math and no special grade to meet). Fingers crossed given he being cautious in the real ones!
He is now struggling to organise a graduation trip with friends but seems others not keen shock
Then will be the logistics for physical and mental transition from high school to uni!

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 18-Mar-18 09:45:11

He won't miss a question again Risotto grin That must be a relief Lucycat!

dds mocks went well, she's on target to meet her offer. I don't think she wants to leave college, she's loved it so much (though not the current coursework)

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alittlechampagne Sun 18-Mar-18 15:12:34

Just what mocks are for Risotto.
Of course we have to allow for the extra nerves in the real thing but also will have done a lot more revision I am hoping!

ErrolTheDragon Sun 18-Mar-18 18:42:32

Hello all, and congratulations to so many DC! I was on the first thread a bit, as the proud owner of one of last years crop, just catching up a little after a break from MN -anyway, I saw on the last thread a couple have been pooled to Murray Edwards - my DD was last year. She'd been very much against the idea of going to an all-women's college...until about 30seconds after she got the offer. grinShe's loving it!

I'm going to try not to get too re-addicted to MN so may not follow the thread much, but if anyone has questions feel free to PM me.

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 18-Mar-18 20:33:26

Thanks for popping on here Errol, that's a very kind offer smile

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Risotto301 Mon 19-Mar-18 08:23:29

Thanks Kitten and Champagne. DH exactly gave the same comment, "that's what mocks are for!" and good that it gave an alarm to DS and now he seems very alert and working very hard on the revisions! Round2 is coming after Easter. I am pretty sure he will have a busy Easter holiday when back home !

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 23-Mar-18 08:00:17

I just looked up grade boundaries last year for further maths. In dds board for fp2. They need 69/72 for an a*
That means one tiny little slip up in one paper and the a* and cambridge are gone. 4 marks lost and that's it.

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OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 23-Mar-18 08:02:21

oh no, it's not that bad! Phew!! they need 90% in three further maths modules, it doesn't specify which.

ok, I can breathe grin

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user150463 Fri 23-Mar-18 08:37:46

Kitten, it is very rare for somebody holding a Cambridge Maths offer to miss their A stars in Maths and FM.

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