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Anxiety support thread anyone :)

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YommyMommy Wed 24-Oct-12 12:51:34

Was wondering of anyone was interested in a anxiety support thread :D

X x

MummyVicky18 Sun 28-Oct-12 19:05:40

Thanks guys, I'm thinking of taking a deep breath and going with the friends/ old work colleagues DH & DF have given me get out plans.

If baby J isn't settled by 10.30 then DH will come and pick me up - this will stop me worrying about baby J & DH. Or if all is well at home & I just want to leave early DF has said he will pick me up.

I've got a prescription for meds but have not taken any yet. I'm thinking it might be time though

MummyVicky18 Sun 28-Oct-12 19:09:46

Has anyone been on sertraline? What effects did it have on you?

AppleCrumples Sun 28-Oct-12 19:12:04

mummyvicky I would second going to where you feel
most comfortable.

I have social anxiety so any kind of night out makes me anxious! Even having my mun up yesterday left me feeling nervous in the morning and I couldn't eat properly til she'd gone!

My current anxieties are mostly around getting sick. I am pregnant with dc 4 and have already been hospitalised once after being very sick. Am still on anti sickness meds and gen feel ok but the worry is always there, I am constantly checking myself to see if I feel sick!

Hope everyone else is feeling ok. henners hope you are feeling better

Henners1 Sun 28-Oct-12 20:26:15

Yommymummy-I started sertraline nearly 3 weeks ago. I was on citralopram before that and it worked for about 6 years so not sure why it stopped doing the job. Not sure how long I give the sertraline before deciding it's not working. The doctor also gave me diazepam, I took 4 the other day though and it didn't make any difference.

Ive been to 2 private counselling sessions so far. I've also been invited to an anxiety support group tomorrow on the NHs.

I think a lot of my issues are to to do with having my son, it seems to have triggered something. We went through a lot to get him. I don't overly worry about him though on a day to day basis. I think if I knew why this had all flared up it would make it a bit easier to deal with.

It's also frustrating because we were trying for another baby but if this is what it does to me it might not be such a great idea.

sweetkitty Mon 29-Oct-12 06:27:55

Sorry to hear so many are struggling.

I'm about to go back to the GP, don't know why she's pretty useless TBH I was on citalopram for a while but it did nothing, the GP said I had to sort out the underlying cause sad

I did manage to drive DD1 & 3 yo their dance show yesterday, was a bit stressed in the car going home but got there.

The builders are back today, I keep thinking this extension is going to bankrupt us and well be starving and homeless at the end (crazy)

alwaysworriedtoo Mon 29-Oct-12 10:11:35

I thought I was doing so well,coming up with diferent stratgies to bannish the 'baddy' But last night. sad
I woke up to go to the toilet, had that low level dread. and straight away my mind clicked to something that happened five years ago. that everyso often I will go into a sweat about.Most of the time I actually (sensibly) forget about this...
A tree came down in our garden and when we were getting rid of the rubble and stuff that it unearthed there was some pieces of wavy roof that I thought looked like the old fashioned asbestos roof. but I wasn't sure. Anyway we cleared the erea and whilst clearing it we had a dry spell and dd (2 at the time) helped sweep it afterwards I wondered if there had been asbestos in the ground could tiny minute particles have gone into the soil? Could they have dreid out? could dd or any of us breathed it in? Mainly dd as she was closer to the ground. I did go to the doctors about it and he said it was unlikely to have happened. The only test they could do was an invasive lung bi-opsy. he also offered counseling (now I know why!) (I only remembered this again last night as well.) Later we got chickens on the land and I worried about them and the eggs hmm
I had restlessness, hot, trembly = That Panick Feeling.
I lay awake for an hour. I tried my x tables. Diversion techniques. I ended up doing word problems, how many words can I find in January february etc I got up to June July then was so tired I went to sleep.
This morning I feel a lot better again. At the time every one I spoke to was affermative in the unlikelyness of 'poison dust' And I 'thought' I wouldn't get as panicky about this again. But obviously I havn't totally bannished it.
I sometimes wonder if we moved house I would be a ble to totally get rid of it. As I realise that I very rearely go down to the bottom of the garden. Also dh grows veg down there. Grrr the reality is you never know what is in any soil.
I wish I was rich enough to buy some field somewhere and have a self build!

YommyMommy Mon 29-Oct-12 10:22:24

Morning always worried,

Isn't it funny the things anxiety can make us think about. I was having a freak out moment this morning thinking about something that happened to me as a kid sad stupid bloody brains of ours!!

Well done on distracting itself and getting back over to sleep!

Is there still an option for you to go to counselling now? I started last week, but it was just the initial session and my first proper one is on the 9th November. I'm going private as god knows when I'll get so see someone on NHS angry

X x

TomsBentPinky Mon 29-Oct-12 10:27:12

I've been on sertraline for a while, they upped my dose from 50mg to 100, but it made me ill, so I just take 50.

Some workman just knocked on the door and I didn't answer it blush

I hate not knowing what someone wants from me, lol.

I've not been sleeping well either so maybe thats why I'm feeling so crap?

GPs do tend to be shit with MH issues ... but the waiting list to see a specialist are ridiculously long sad

alwaysworriedtoo Mon 29-Oct-12 16:12:47

I think I might have to admit defeat and seek counceling...sad

MummyVicky18 Mon 29-Oct-12 19:13:48

I think I'm with you there alwaysworriedtoo sad how do you go about getting private counselling?

I ended up changing my mind about the night out & I'm now going on the one that is only a few hours & with my mum. I just got too panicked about the other one and its not until December!!!

Salbertina Mon 29-Oct-12 19:21:26

Its honestly not admitting defeat if you get someone good. Best way is by recommendation- i went originally to BACP website and not a happy experience- more big sister chat, rather unprofessional and bloody expensive angry . Current one was recommended by a friend and is SO much better.

MummyVicky18 Mon 29-Oct-12 21:11:14

Had a bit of a melt down after last post & decided to call Samaritans. Had a good chat & calmed down a bit. Just feel like my support is being cut away piece by piece.

Flumpyflumps Mon 29-Oct-12 21:25:52

Hi, I'd like to join this too. Came off AD and since had ishoos with tightness in my gut, I'm not depressed or sad just uptight. A lot.
Have read with interest thread about alternatives to med and am trying to learn meditation.
Will report back if it might help others.
I have a feeling it's going to take a while to de uptight me iykwim!

Henners1 Tue 30-Oct-12 07:24:53

Morning everyone, it makes me really Sad to read that so many people are struggling. I don't think there is enough support on the NHs for people suffering with anxiety, had my fist support group yesterday and told them this, they said they are trying to make changes. The group went well, I was quite proud for making it in the first place although nearly had a minor breakdown before going in. The best thing for me was that I met a really nice girl there who was experiencing similar things to me and it was so good to just talk to someone that really understands.

Course I've woken up this morning feeling anxious as usual and wondering how I'm going to leave the house today.

Hope everyone has a good day x

jubblywubbly Tue 30-Oct-12 09:00:11

Hey All

I'm new to this forum but need to talk to people in a similar position I think. I have suffered from Anxiety and Depression since I was 19, now 35 and 28 wks pregnant. I had to come off Efexor last year so I could get pregnant and whilst it took me a long time, I got there. Sadly after 3 months, I had a relapse and we worked out that SSRIs do not do me any good at all (they make me worse). I was put on an old tricyclic, amitryptiline which was a God Send. When we found out I was pregnant, we all (GP, psychiatrist, psychotherapist) all agreed to try and wean me off the 100 mg so I could breast feed when baby is born.....this is where the problem has arisen.

I've been really good about taking my time as withdrawal symptoms can be tough, about a month ago on a low dose, I had my first panic attack but I kept pushing through and got to 25mg until a couple of weeks ago when I had a really bad night of panic attacks and general anxiety. We all agreed that I stay on the ADs and go back up and stabilise me....I reconciled that I wouldn't be able to breastfeed but what I'm struggling with is getting stable....I feel like I am getting worse and am continuously anxious...they have said to go back up to 75mg and I've been on this for 10 days but I feel like I'm getting worse - this is hell....I just want to feel calm - will I ever get back to feeling ok? is it just that it is simply taking time to get me stabilised, hold on and it will turn? or speak to the docs and mention that it is taking longer than we thought, do I need something to calm me whilst we wait for the ADs to kick in or is it that I'm weirdly on the wrong medecine and it's stopped working - can that happen?

All very strange and confusing, I'm off to see the psychiatrist today and hope I can get some help.....just reading your messages has made me realise that I'm not on my own - thank you. I have felt so guilty about not being able to be AD free and that I'm a is nice to know that others are fighting this dreadful disease too....

Thanks for listening

Henners1 Tue 30-Oct-12 12:28:46

Hi jubblywubbly, i was on citralopram on and off for 7 years and a month ago was swapped to sertraline as it appeared to have stopped working. I know it's probably not much comfort at the moment but being pregnant can do weird things to your mind. When I was about 3months pregnant I had the most horrific depression. Although I suffer with anxiety I'd never actually had depression. I just woke up one morning and it was there, they wouldn't give me any medication for it but exactly a month later I woke up and it was like a huge cloud had lifted. You might just have accept that the pregnancy is playing a part in this little slump but then it will all fall into place eventually x

Henners1 Tue 30-Oct-12 15:18:32

Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any advice. I feel really light headed what seems like all of the time and a bit unbalanced when I walk if that makes sense. I also get a constant whooshing feeling in my chest (thats the only way I can think to describe it). Do you think It could be my medication. I was changed from citralopram to 100mg of sertraline 3 weeks ago.

I've got, yet another, doctors appointment at 5 today and I know she's just going to say its my anxiety and to give it time. I've dealt with anxiety for 7 years though and never had this before and don't get health anxiety.


AppleCrumples Tue 30-Oct-12 15:32:32

Hi jubbly snap am also 28 weeks pregnant! Am pretty sure that simply being pregnant can really affect your mental health it's such a vulnerable time anyway. I have really struggled with the anxiety earlier on but am in a much better place now. Helps to think there are only 12 weeks left! Is it your first?

henners have never had that feeling but also never taken ads either! I really hope your feeling better. As you have recently changed meds I would think the 2 things are realated!

Have been a bit more anxious these last few days just when I wake up but it is half term so I have no time to myself right now!

jubblywubbly Tue 30-Oct-12 16:05:59

Thanks Henners for your message - hope the 5pm appt goes well, hopefully she will surprise you?

Hello Apple - yep first baby and as I'm a control freak, I like to know how to do everything - there's no manual for a baby so it has resulted in my anxiety growing! My mum and sister (to whom I'm very close to) are both going away at Xmas for 3 weeks and return 2.5 weeks before the birth so of course I'm worried that I will go into labour whilst they're away and this has stressed me further - I think this is what caused the relapse... I'm trying to apply all the CBT, relaxation and mindfulness techniques I've been taught - it is a hard one to implement though but I am trying control the thoughts and recognise them as thoughts and not facts...seeing the psychotherapist and psychiatrist helps and I'm lucky, I have a very supportive family and husband as well. I hope I begin to stabilise soon, get some proper sleep and can then be more of a support for others...

I think you're both right - acknowledging that pregnancy is playing around with my emotions is something contributing towards my feelings, once I acknowledge this, it will help.

thanks again

AppleCrumples Tue 30-Oct-12 16:51:42

I hope you do too jubbly!

This one was a massive surprise and around 20 weeks after the morning sickness stopped I completly freaked out! Couldn't eat or sleep as so anxious and I realised it was all down to feeling out of control and trapped by preg and bloody terrified at how I would cope with 4! Like you I've been using mindfulness and CBT techniques to get me through.

If you feel like it come and join us on the jan ante natal thread. Lots of first timers! It would be nice if babies came with instructions but mn comes close x

Henners1 Tue 30-Oct-12 18:24:37

So the doctor had changed me to fluoxetine, she said if these don't work then they will have to seek additional help. Not sure what she means by this seen as I am already having counselling so this has worried me a tad.

Has anybody else ever taken fluoxetine?

jubblywubbly Wed 31-Oct-12 08:00:29

Hey Henners

Yep - been on fluoxetine (common name Prozac). It is another SSRI (you were on two others previously - Sertraline and Cetrolopam or something like that?)
It is the same type of AD and they're trying to see if this will help - if not, there are other choices, e.g. tricyclic ADs (which is what I'm on for example.)

I think the reason why your GP has said they will need to seek additional help is because SSRIs are the most common and latest ADs to prescribe. Tricylcic ADs are older and not usually prescribed by GPs just because the newer SSRIs are typically. For example, when we worked out that SSRIs don't suit me, I had to see a psychiatrist to find an alternative and he is the one who prescribed the Tricyclic AD and has been monitoring me since I've been pregnant. I am more suited to the tricyclic because it has a good sedative effect (ideal for me and my anxiety) and whilst SSRIs are just as good, they can sometimes be difficult to get on because the side effects mimic anxiety.

Easy for me to say, but try not to worry too much, give the fluoxetine a go and see how you feel. If it doesn't help then it sounds encouraging that the GP knows to seek help from others. Really hope you feel better soon, nothing worse than when you don't.

I had a better night's sleep with some help - still anxious and trying to get stable again - hope it does soon


jubblywubbly Wed 31-Oct-12 08:01:30

Hey Apples

Can I join the jan ante natal thread before the baby has arrived?

TomsBentPinky Wed 31-Oct-12 09:08:34

DH is pissed off at me.

We have shopping coming and i hate answering the door for it.

He wants to go gym and i ssked him to stay until shopping comes. another hour.

He said no and i got upset and he stormed off upstairs until delivery comes.

It makes me feel so stupid and child like. makes me feel like a complere idiot... the situation not DH.

Now i feel really down and wish he could just go and id be normal.

I know i would be ok in reality but its the waiting and build up. i sound so stupid sad

Henners1 Wed 31-Oct-12 11:54:07

It doesn't sound stupid at all toms. I've just had to take my car for an mot and worked myself up into such a panic before going. In reality it was fine, it's often the waiting that is worse. I've got to go and pick it up later and know that I will work myself up into a panic again.

Hope you're feeling better x

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