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dragonflyinthelillies Sat 30-May-15 18:14:31

I just wanted to give my experience of the jaydess coil as I couldn't much info about it at all before I had it fitted.

It is the new coil, made by the same people as the merina but its a quarter of the dose (eqiv of one pill a month) and smaller so is mostly aimed at women who haven't had children. It is only effective for 3 years vs. 5 years for the merina.

It has only been available for a short time in this country and my clinic don't stock it but i was able to get it on prescription for them to fit.

I had a baby three months ago and had the coil fitted six weeks ago. I am ebf.

I choose to have the jaydess as I'm usually rubbish with hormones (have tried many different pills unsuccessfully and was using condoms before ttc) but was put off by the side effects of the copper coil, and the dose of hormones is so small i thought it was worth a try.

Insertion was fine, I didn't actually feel it but I'm told that is normal of you've just had a baby. And I got the usual cramps expected from coil insertion but they eased off after the few days. I have had breakthrough bleeding but only a small amount (this could have been reduced as I'm breastfeeding).

In terms of side effects since insertion, the only thing i have noticed is occasional bloating which has eased as quickly as it appeared.

I know that different people have different experiences but I just wanted to share mine.

It may be useful to know that there is an alternative to the merina and copper coils.

sksk Tue 02-Jun-15 22:58:50

Mirena a did not suit me and I have heard of this but was not sure due to most things not agreeing with me. Might be worth asking the GP about this, though. I had daily bleeing like a period with Mirena, the main reason for having it removed after 2 months. Had a few other side effects by the bleeding was the main problem. Thanks for sharing a positive story!

MushroomTree Wed 03-Jun-15 21:54:20

I've had the Jaydess for three weeks.

Insertion was quite painful, but I have very painful periods and I wouldn't say it was any worse than that.

Side effects since have been some cramping, but again nothing I can't deal with.

I've had a period in this time (still ongoing) and it's longer than usual but not heavier or anything else.

The biggest problem I've got is that it's bought me out in cystic acne on my face, chest, and back. I had the same problem with the implant so I was half expecting it, but it's quite painful and embarrassing.

I've got my check up appointment in 4 weeks so I'll see what my doctor says but if this carries on I'll be having it taken out as my skin was great before.

In the mean time if anyone knows what I can do to get rid of the acne I'd be eternally grateful!

sksk Thu 04-Jun-15 10:28:05

There are some posts on here about savlon hydro colloid dressing being great for cystic acne. Maybe try some good salicylic acid products? I use a Paula's Choice one. I don't think I could cope with the coil giving me acne- that's one reason I came off micronor. Good luck with it and I hope things settle down for you.

MushroomTree Thu 04-Jun-15 12:54:40

Thanks for the product advice.

Acne was exactly the reason I had the implant removed. The Dr said Jaydess had a far lower dose of progesterone but obviously my body just can't cope with it.

I'll hang on in there for a bit to see if it calms down but I think I'll end up having it removed early.

sksk Fri 05-Jun-15 09:37:52

Ugh, I'm still trying to figure out a method that works for me, think I'll be ready to try for another baby when I finally do figure it out! I want to see if a Nuva ring works-maybe fewer side effects if it acts locally, but, then again, so was the Mirena! I did not get on with progesterone only pills for various reasons (same for combined pill). Such a shame they can't give Dianette anymore!

Lillamyy1 Mon 15-Jun-15 21:07:30

Interested to hear more about this!

MushroomTree Mon 22-Jun-15 17:24:26

Well I've had mine in for over a month now and aside from not needing to remember to take the pill every day I can't see any benefits.

My periods are normal and just as painful as they've always been rather than not having a period at all.

My skin is awful! Not only have I got cystic acne on my face but I've also got it on my chest and my back.

I've got my checkup appointment on the 6th July so I'll definitely be bringing this up and asking what they can do about it.

sksk Mon 22-Jun-15 21:44:06

Doesn't sound like something I'll be asking for, given that I've had no luck with anything else. Must be something that suits people who react well to progesterone only?

MushroomTree Thu 25-Jun-15 14:20:02

I'm not sure I've made the right choice but it was pretty painful to put in so I'm not sure I was to have it taken out again so quickly!

Trojka08 Fri 24-Jul-15 18:29:26

I got Jaydess fitted today. Doc tried to fit the Mirena but said my womb was too narrow for it so she suggested Jaydess instead as it is smaller and has a narrower tube for insertion. I found it to be quite sore but I think the pain mostly came from doc trying unsuccessfully to fit the Mirena. I've had no cramps since just a little bleeding. I'm hoping it will ease my periods, the contraception part is just a bonus. I already get bad acne at times so fingers crossed it won't make it worse.

BellaAldama Tue 20-Oct-15 23:52:26

I just want to begin by saying I have decided to take out the Jaydess coil ive had after only 3 months. This message is not to deter anyone who intends to use it. Just to give you info about my experience as it is a relatively new coil (as of Apr 2015 as I was informed).

It hurt to insert: I had a Caesarian wt my twins, so am probably not as loose as was expected and it did hurt to insert.

Pelvic Pain: This was really bad. I couldn't sleep properly. No position was comfortable for a while. I was so convinced something was wrong, that maybe it wasnt in the right place so much that I went to the hospital. The nurse checked and said it seemed in place. Well I rode it out, and pain went away after some days.

Severe Acne and black spots. You can grate cheese on my face. I have tried all sorts of creams, scrubs and toners. Nothing has worked so far.

Hair Loss: I dont have good hair to start with, so losing the little I am trying to work with... (no words).

Vagina discharge: This was just disgusting. I don't know if I should describe it in detail as someone might be eating while reading this post. Suffice to say, its almost like I could visibly see some of the contents from my uterus!

Breast was tender: This was a good one for me though, as boy was it exciting when know...dwelled on it. But I constantly had to say "Gently honey, gently". And he'd go "Really? Thats a first!!"

Overeating: My most hated symptom. Its the type you just cant control. The type of constant hunger/eating when you are pregnant or probably worse. I ate a huge size (2L) onken yoghurt in one go. And thats after I just had a huge dinner. I only realised how bad it was when Hubby was like, "why are you eating so much? Every time I turn around or see you, you are always eating something. You even ate the boys crips for school which is normally something I do and you would bite my head off!!" Felt soo bad, while still on.

Bloating all month long and WEIGHT GAIN!! Not surprising, seeing as I was eating like a cow pregnant with quads. I put on a stone in these 3 months and am only 5ft 3, so trust me thats not cute!! Ive been struggling to lose weight for 2 yrs now having managed to lose 30lbs. So gaining about 12lbs back after all that sweating in the gym/dieting and logging on food on Myfitness Pal is not funny.

Period change: The first month I had irregular bleeding. Then by the 3rd month, it had really reduced. I used to bleed for 5-7 days, very heavily for the first 2. So this was a welcome change, if only the other side effects didnt exist. What a shame.

Depression: By the second month, I was a bag of tears. As I write this post, I have been crying for the past 2 nights. No reason whatsoever (or maybe coz I havent been jammed for a while? hihihi. Cant blame the guy though? who would want to be straffing someone who is constantly miserable and in tears?) Every movie I watched, I cried at every scene that I would normally not even deem sorrowful. As usual, I became a laughing stock for my hubby. Good thing is, it won me several hugs, though mockery came along with it.

Anyways to be fair, I am 28yrs old and was diagnosed with PMDD. Some of the side effects are similar to the above; Bloating and overeating. The difference is, with PMDD I experience its symptoms only for a week before my period and I was back to normal after wards. I never put on any weight and I was just bloated for that week alone. Whereas after I had the Jaydess inserted, all the above happened. Am sure some might say, its been only 3 months, give it a few more months and see how it goes coz maybe these symptoms might dissappear. In my opinion the only thing which might disappear is my period. If I continue, I would definitely be obesed, depressed, not much hair left, pimples, spots everywhere and disgusting discharge. No thank you. I would rather make do with condoms and ride the PMDD and if you know its symptoms, and think that I prefer them to this, then you know how bad Jaydess was for me. But hey, give it a try and see how it goes for you as people are different. Mine's coming off though. Cheers

Feary73 Sun 01-Nov-15 09:36:33

After nearly a year of having the Jaydess coil fitted, I had it removed on Tuesday. I was advised to have this as I suffer from menstrual migraines. Thankfully they stopped and so did my periods but the side affects have made my year very unpleasant. I would rather take the migraine medication and suffer the migraine!

I have been fortunate to have pretty good almost perfect skin, never even having teenage spots, good genes I think and taking car of it. Since having the coil I have been suffering from sever acne, on my face and chest and so bad in my head. This really got me down.......

I also have recently lost a lot of weight and have been battling with the weight gain and bloating. I exercise three times a week and follow SW and I have gained 10lbs!

Hopefully the hormone wont take long to get out of my system but beware of the side effects. I know not everyone will suffer but I thought I would share my experience too.

Greengrass1982 Sun 29-Nov-15 14:54:43

Hi I'm going to the family planning clinic Tuesday. I didn't get on at all with the mirena but interested in the Jaydess just wondering if the GP supplies Jaydess or family planning clinic

trucknroll Mon 14-Dec-15 22:20:29

I got Jaydess fitted three weeks ago and have never used any hormonal contraception before. The first time they tried to fit it, they have to measure your womb and that part was the most painful thing I've ever experienced. I nearly fainted. Then my cervix clamped shut and refused to let the actual Jaydess in so I had to go back two weeks later and 'surprise' my cervix. They successfully fitted it when I was on my period. That was quite painful but not as bad as the womb measuring.

Then I had period pains constantly for the following week. I had to take the maximum allowed daily dose of ibuprofen and paracetamol every day for a week. In the past two weeks I have only had 4 days when I have not had to take multiple painkillers to cope with the cramps. The last week it is only in the afternoons and evenings but when it comes on I cannot stand up and I feel like I am dying.

I used to get terrible period pains anyway but this is like the worst that I ever got, but for three weeks.

I don't know if I'll be able to keep it in but I am going to try as everyone says the cramps go away eventually.

I have also noticed hunger, bloating and weight gain. I have never gained too much weight in my life before.

I am also bleeding all day every day. Not loads, but enough to have to wear a pantyliner.

I called the doctor after one full week of cramps and he said if it continues consistently for another week then to come in - but it is now not consistent, just on and off in the afternoons.

Got my checkup on the 22 Dec - will report back if this is normal!

Noodles12388 Thu 28-Jan-16 20:53:32

I had the Jaydess fitting in the first few days of December (almost 2 months).
I went for the mirena originally but after trying for what seemed a life time, being in tears, bleeding and so much pain they finally decided they couldn't do it. A scan showed I have a tilted womb so they suggested the Jaydess as it was smaller.

That was fitted within about 20 seconds thank god!

Anyway, so far everything has seemed fine but the last 4 weeks I have felt dreadful, I feel so down and low and keep having the most ridiculous mood swings and snapping at my partner and son for the most silly reasons. I've also started to get painful under the skin spots on my chin and I know we had Christmas and I expected to gain weight, but I gained 12 lbs in 3 weeks! 😮shock
Now I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the Jaydess, or wether it's just a coincidence. But I've only just clicked tonight that all of this could be the coil... So wanted to know if anyone else has had the same kind of symptoms?

In regards to periods, I've had one so far exactly a month after getting it fitted, and my next would usually be due in a few days so all has seemed normal so far in regards to that. Xx

Emmashadenough Thu 04-Feb-16 18:05:13

I felt I needed to join and comment on my experience with Jaydess. I had it fitted 6 mths ago and I had just joined SW 2 weeks prior. Up until then my weight dropped off and I was feeling positive. Since the insertion, the only time I managed to lose weight was through stress and literally starving myself because of stress. My moods have been mental and I seriously was beginning to think I was going crazy. I've suffered with anxiety for months now and I don't know why my other half has stuck around if I'm honest, as I've been vile. I've struggled and have gained a stone since September and now can't actually stand the sight of myself, and want to cry when I see photos. Looked online and realised that it appears so many people who have mirena or this have had the same problems so I booked in to get it removed today. Thankfully the nurse was understanding and carried out the procedure immediately. I just hope now that without hormones I can go back to the happy outgoing person I was before, oh and lose this weight too

loz25 Sun 27-Mar-16 15:35:30

Hi! Here's my experience with the Jaydess so far. I had it fitted mid November by my GP after being recommended it by a friend who felt her experience had been very positive.
It did hurt when being fitted, just like an intense period cramp, and then carried on like a numb small pain through the day. However the second day I was back to my normal self.
About a week later, I started a period which lasted for about 3 weeks. It wasn't painful, but it appeared to gradually get heavier and heavier throughout those weeks. After it finished, I noticed some spotting - like old blood. But this has completely stopped now.
I still get very regular periods, about every 29 days which are light/medium and last about 4 days. Which is much better for me as they were previously lasting 6/7 days.
I haven't really experienced any side effects! My skin is very clear as it has always been, and I haven't gained weight.
I do notice having up and down days through my cycle, and I do get mood swings, but I think this is quite normal for me and i'm reluctant to blame the Jaydess for those hormones!
I'm 25 and have never had children. I would recommend the Jaydess if asked as i love not having to remember a pill every day! smile xx

Gummie Sun 27-Mar-16 17:19:08

I am 46 and decided for the coil for the first time. Doctor has recommended Jaydess but I am a little worried after reading some not want weight gain, I stopped the pill because of this and do not want any acne. I have had two children csection so wandering is this better for those with no kids? Its so 50-50 with the reviews....lost to what to do next confused. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you

XxxxxC Sat 09-Apr-16 17:30:33

I had mine fitted a few days ago and found that I had so much to say about the experience that I've written a blog about the insertion and how it felt after! I'll keep posting with regular updates about side effects or observations so have a look if you're interested in the P.O.V of someone who's adjusting to it grin

The blog is:

DragonLady78 Wed 18-May-16 00:03:18

I've been looking for info on the jaydess as I've been a bit disappointed tbh.
I had the jaydess inserted in March to address my anaemia. I had a10 year copper IUD inserted in 2012 after my 5th baby but had such heavy bleeding that for 3 of my 10 period days (in a 23 day cycle) I had to use a mooncup, night pads and take spare trousers to work. Tried to insert the mirena but my tilted cervix wasn't having it. Anyway, I've now had two periods since it went in and although much lighter, I seem to have gone to 12 days on, 12 days off. Better but not great. My main issue seems to be weight gain. I recently bought a fitness tracker and was logging all my food and activity. Before jaydess I was looking and feeling great and lost 3kg. Since then even with 1000 calorie deficit and increasing my activity I'm still gaining weigh (4kg so far) I feel bloated and wobbly in places that didn't wobble before.
My question is does the weight gain level off or is this only going to get worse? Like many of us I struggle with self image and am getting worried about what's in the mirror. Is it worth it?

MushroomTree Sat 28-May-16 14:42:25

I had mine removed on Monday. Already my cystic acne has started to clear up and although my period was heavier, it was certainly fair less painful than it been with the Jaydess.

I've decided to take a break from hormonal contraception for a while. Obviously my body doesn't like it.

leolynntino Thu 02-Jun-16 12:56:38

Hey guys. So I had my Jaydess inserted on May 26, a day after my 8 day heavy period. The first period after I gave birth April 2nd. However, I noticed yesterday that I have what appears to be a period again and it's heavy bleeding as well. Is it normal for a period to return within 5 days after the last one due to the Jaydess or is this another kind of bleeding? Please advise coz am freaking out.

thealmond Tue 14-Jun-16 13:32:31

I just had my Jaydess inserted yesterday. Insertion was quite painful, and I had dull cramps that left me pretty much useless the rest of the day. Today, I still have cramps and some aching in my lower back, but I'm actually able to go about my daily activities.
It took less than 30 minutes for my appointment and insertion. The doctor said I was one of the easiest and must have a very high pain threshold as most people faint or scream... I was mostly shocked by the pain and just laid there in horror. I was still in shock when I left and forgot to ask a few questions like can I wear a tampon, any certain sports/yoga poses I should avoid, etc. Therefore, I've been reading through online forums and they just freak me out even more.
I got Jaydess so I could finally come off the pill after 6 years of being on it (I'm 23) because my acne never really cleared up from it (as many doctors promised me it would), and I'd like to see how my mood is naturally without all the hormones. The doctor assured me the hormones in Jaydess are much less than the pill and typically don't enter the bloodstream, but now I've read side effects like hair loss and bad acne from Jaydess, so I'm kind of rethinking it, but I don't want to go back on the pill.
Finally, it's only been a day, but I'm really paranoid about it moving around and perforating my uterus. I'm an avid runner and yogi, and I'm afraid to continue my activities. Last night I was even worried about turning over when sleeping because the cramps were horrible. Anyone else feel paranoid about having an iud?

ciaram123 Sat 18-Jun-16 16:48:03

hi everyone just need some advice. i got the jaydess fitted in january (put me through a lot of pain especially since the doctor could barely insert it to begin with) and i have been getting pain since then.. i started bleeding which is normal but it carried on for over a week so i just got on with my life and moved to spain. when i got here i was still bleeding for over a week and most times it was a brown colour (dont know if thats normal) i was getting immense pain in my belly, back and hips just like the day i got it fitted and my partner could feel the strings (couldnt feel them before) so we went to a&e. they found an ovarian cyst which was 5cm and twisted and just gave me painkillers and sent me home. a few days later i had to return to a&e as the pain was not getting better and my bloating was out of this world! i looked about 6 months pregnant! they ruled out pregnancy but once again gave me painkillers and sent me home... the strings are really sticking out and i cant feel the end of the coil but its still scary because i dont know if its coming out slowly or if it has done damage yet and im still getting pain in my belly, back and hips, i can still bloat sometimes but not as bad as what i have been, im getting headaches which i thought could be dehydration but they rarely go no matter how much water i drink and my breasts are quite tender and sore. im starting to get a bit of acne (dont know if its due to stress) and i never used to get spots... im only 24 and afraid that the cyst will do damage especially since its twisted! i dont know whether i should get it removed or not and they cant give me an ultrasound until 22nd june... can someone please help me on this? i dont want it to do any long term damage as i havent had children yet and myself and my partner want to have kids in the future... it would mean a lot if someone could give even the slightest bit of info as my doctor never even told me a cyst is a side effect... thanks very much smile

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