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The running thread continues into Spring

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sfxmum Mon 06-Apr-09 10:17:34

just to house the runners

giraffesCantRunA10k Mon 06-Apr-09 11:51:09

Thanks for new thread.

Thanks wallace it didnt seem quite as real until I saw my payment had gone through!

themandm feet are a bit better thanks, still sore in places but not agony, hands and mouth are fine now but feet seem to be taking longer to heal.

Hello racmac go for it and join sounds good. Not sure about the trainers but I am sure someone else on here will.

peachsmuggler Tue 07-Apr-09 08:49:12

racmac - If you can find a running shop, it would be much better. They will be able to check your running style to see what type of shoes you need and are usually pretty helpful. Are you near a town that might have one of these?

maygirl - i just did the Reading half too and it was my first one! I, like you, am having problems with motivation but have signed up for a 10k in July and am going to use the training to do something about my speed, or lack of it grin

Have only done one 2 mile run since the race as had really sore leg which came on a couple of days ago, but which now seems to be getting a bit better so hoping to get out at the weekend.

themaster - I have an ipod video and use one of these which is great

fishie Tue 07-Apr-09 09:22:10

whoopeee new spring thread.

themaster dh got me a cheapy arm thing from his electrical wholesaler. but now i have new shorts with a pocket.

now runners, where on earth can i get a nice short sleeved top which isn't skin tight or bright orange? i am gigantic and running shops only sell things for tiny little elves.

don't really want a bloke top if i can help it, the arm holes are too big. even john lewis has failed me. something navy around size 16 would be ideal.

sfxmum Tue 07-Apr-09 11:07:43

hello all

this has been a good few days running wise I have been running every other day and ding between 3-4 miles each time
very nice easy going stuff and touch wood no aches or pains

about harmbads I have a simple velcro strap with pocket where I can put my mobile and ipod

fishie believe it or not M&S might be your answer or Tchibo a few years back I got some nice v-neck ones from Uniqlo but they don't seem to do them anymore

OrmIrian Tue 07-Apr-09 15:04:24

fishie - I hate to state the bleedin' obvious but could you just get a close-fitting t-shirt? grin I have running tights and a running jacket thing but just wear t-shirts otherwise.

fishie Tue 07-Apr-09 15:53:24

i got a tchibo windproof top for winter and was dead impressed with the wicking thing. also have rather hated long sleeve nike top and it is much better than cotton.

i went to nike shop at lunchtime and tried several things on, oh horrors it was worse than swimming costume fittings.

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Tue 07-Apr-09 17:00:34

Ooo a new thread.

I've run a little more over the last two weeks and have noted that the gym just doesn't cut it as far as hills are concerned. My bum aches.

Aldi have their running stuff in on Thursday this week - the ladies top on sale will be white or quite a nice blue I think. Is there an Aldi near you fishie? The stuff is fairly cheap and not bad quality - you need to get there early though smile They have a waterproof, shorts and leggings on sale too.

OrmIrian Tue 07-Apr-09 17:15:14

Thanks for that saggar. Aldi is my corner shop. Very select neighbourhood grin

Clure Tue 07-Apr-09 17:27:40

How exciting a running thread! I've just done my second half marathon (paddock wood) and was chuffed to have taken 13 mins off my time from last year. Last year I didn't train sensibly and ended up in agony 8miles into the run with bad knees. Then had to have physio for a month after!

fishie have you tried these websites?

giraffesCantRunA10k Tue 07-Apr-09 19:14:19

well done clure am impressed! I went for a run after work today, just a short one as was shattered, and gym yesterday. My legs have that lovely feeling after exercising, you can feel it but it isnt sore as such. Used to love that feeling when I was younger and I danced a lot.

Wallace Tue 07-Apr-09 19:30:22

My aldi gear has been in constant use for over a year now and still going strong.

Amazing that we reached 1000 posts on the other thread - first time a thread I've started got too big!

popsycal Tue 07-Apr-09 19:31:29

aldi gear on thurs this week

popsycal Tue 07-Apr-09 19:32:44

Wallace Tue 07-Apr-09 21:55:16

fishie - try tesco! I got my top from teco and they come in lots of sizes.

Clure Tue 07-Apr-09 22:22:02

oooh just looked at the aldi link - thanks popsycal. Have my eye on the sports watch. I bought a pair of cycling shorts from there about 6 years ago and did a whole holiday of cycle touring in them, they still going strong

Twink Tue 07-Apr-09 22:28:28

Found you! Belated congrats to the racers last week.

Just back from skiing, fantastic time had by all, Mr T improved hugely and miniTwink was in her element - only problem is that she seems to think poles are something to use to maintain/increase speed...

Hamstring was fine all holiday so ventured out tonight and managed 5 miles Suspect I'll pay for it tomorrow but am chuffed to bits now!

maygirl Wed 08-Apr-09 00:11:13

Have not run since the Reading half, been very lazy! It's not my first half, I've run Reading 5 times now, plus some GNRS and Robin Hoods. I'm always the same, train for the race, then let the longer runs slip instead of keeping up the good work! I need to enter a 10km, will enter one asap!

fishie Wed 08-Apr-09 08:22:36

thanks all, the aldi stuff looks great i will try to get there and will scour the websites. there is def a gap in the market for non-clingy tops.

glad skiing was fun twink. i seem to have slowed down now the weather is warmer, i do prefer cold air in my lungs.

inthemistsoftime Wed 08-Apr-09 08:42:49

good morning ladies, can I join in?

I have been looking for a running thread here on mn and here it is.

I did a 10 km Sunday last and am hoping to keep motivated by working up to a half marathon any time soon.

racmac Wed 08-Apr-09 08:46:44

Well i joined the beginners running group last night and found last nights pretty easy but guess wont be saying that in a couple weeks time!

Clure Wed 08-Apr-09 08:50:43

I think 10k's are a brilliant way to work up to a half marathon. Do it gradually though, last year I worked up too quickly and ended up having to have physio on my knees!

giraffesCantRunA10k Wed 08-Apr-09 19:30:27

racmac thats good you found it easy, did you enjoy it?

clure what was too quickly for you? are your knees ok now?

I went swimming after work tonight, had a stressy day at work and REALLY enjoyed the release of swimming had so much tension before I went in and felt great afterwards. Did some breast stroke and some on my back - just using legs. Anyone know how to learn how to do front crawl?! I really love swimming and would like to do it on days I am not running but I have back issues some times and I have been told doing breast stroke isnt the best stroke.

giraffesCantRunA10k Wed 08-Apr-09 19:31:18

welcome inthemistsoftime

Clure Wed 08-Apr-09 19:52:11

Hi giraffescantrun10k
I ran too long a distance too quickly in my training last year. Physio said I had "runners knee" but apparently I also had a misaligned pelvis and she gave me lots of excercises for hamstrings and abs (a bit like pilates) I felt the effects in my knees for about 8 weeks after the half marathon last year. They fine now although sometimes get the odd twinge
I'd agree front crawl is better for back than breast stroke. I had lessons last year to improve my dreadful front crawl stroke in preparation for Windsor and London triathlon. I'd say look out for swimming instructor at local pool - I think I had a short course of 5 or 6 lessons

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