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muikuls Sat 04-Dec-21 22:28:55

How have you managed to avoid contracting covid?

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jerometheturnipking Sat 04-Dec-21 22:30:36

No idea. I teach 30 kids, 4 of whom are currently off with covid, and 5 more are awaiting PCR results as of Friday afternoon.

dementedpixie Sat 04-Dec-21 22:31:05

Don't know
I have a child at secondary school and go to fitness classes at the gym. Dh is still going in to work too. Dd is doing a uni course but is only on campus 1 day per fortnight

User2638483 Sat 04-Dec-21 22:32:13

There’s still a % majority of the population that have not had it surely.::

Icantremembermyusername Sat 04-Dec-21 22:32:45

Apparently so! Fingers crossed. I was really ill cough etc, just as it hit the news, so I think I might have had it then. One of the first schools to be closed pre Lockdown where I am!

nordica Sat 04-Dec-21 22:34:03

Working from home (was doing this full time even before covid times) and not having kids probably are the main reason in my case. I do use public transport in London a couple of times a week but always wear FFP2 masks that offer me protection too.

Muchtoomuchtodo Sat 04-Dec-21 22:35:06

Who knows!
I work in the NHS and was redeployed to what (inadvertently) turned into covid wards during the first wave.
We have 2 secondary school aged kids whose school has had a huge amount of cases since September.
Kids have been doing everything that’s allowed including sleepovers.
we’ve all been to international sports matches and travelled home on packed trains.

It’s beyond me how we’ve avoided it but since we have I’m now getting increasingly anxious that our dc stay clear until they get their second jabs - simply to avoid having to delay them.


Sprostongreen21 Sat 04-Dec-21 22:35:10

No idea. Worked on a ward. Close contact with covid positive patients regularly ( basic ppe). Been out and about between lockdowns.including U.K. holidays. Have been careful and worn masks as needed. Socialised more so this year than last year. Vaccinated and boosted.

Bedsheets4knickers Sat 04-Dec-21 22:36:25

I ask myself this every day , supermarket worker so haven't stayed at home . 2 kids In primary which currently is riddled. Partner wfh still (😩) i just think we are in the auto immune band 🤷🏻‍♀️

Justcannotbearsed Sat 04-Dec-21 22:36:26

No kids, small office with people who don’t go out much and we all have always wfh a lot. But they do have kids and it’s rife in our schools at the moment. Husband works from home mostly.

Step kids have had it, one twice, but they were at university at time.

I walk to work, do a lot of walking for exercise.

But also Go to pub about once a week, eat out once or twice a week, gigs once a month….

Just chance I think.

AppleKatie Sat 04-Dec-21 22:37:20


Loads of colleagues and pupils have had it. DH and DC had it and I didn’t isolate from them (although I did isolate from rest of the world for 10 days).

ColettesEarrings Sat 04-Dec-21 22:37:33

Only 15% of the population have had it, over 5x times as many haven't had it as have. So most of us have 'avoided' it so far.

Whatdoyawannado Sat 04-Dec-21 22:37:55

I think anyone who doesn't have kids has an advantage - eldest DC brought it home from secondary school, passed it onto primary school aged DC (we isolated him after DC1 tested positive so he didn't go to school and spread it) DH just tested positive. I've escaped so far...... ! I never used to get ill before I had kids.

Sprostongreen21 Sat 04-Dec-21 22:38:13

Oh I’ve regularly lft and have had antibody tests. I’ve not had it.

Railk Sat 04-Dec-21 22:38:19

I also work in a school and have kids at various different schools. None of us are vaccinated. Not sure how we've all avoided it. Covid has been doing the rounds - but we've escaped, so far.

Eslteacher06 Sat 04-Dec-21 22:38:28

I'm expecting to get it but I've been in public facing situations, my kids in school/nursery and my husband in people's houses. I was even teaching a lady who didn't know she had Covid. I've no idea how I've avoided it.

Saying that, I had a very bad cold Dec 19 and the whole family came down with it. We could have had it then 🤷 although I know immunity reduces over time.

We will all get it eventually.

123feraverto Sat 04-Dec-21 22:41:53

No idea ,
nhs nurse albeit mental health ward we had several cases within the unit in both patients and staff

Small child at nursery

Was pregnant so I was working from home from March 2021
had both jabs after birth July and September

nixso29 Sat 04-Dec-21 22:42:04

I have been back in the office since June 2020, travelled to four different European countries, been out to bars and restaurants socialising, done my weekly shop in store throughout and visited/had family visit indoors regularly (when allowed). Managed to avoid it completely...makes you wonder

521Jeanie Sat 04-Dec-21 22:44:00

There have been around 10.5 million cases in this country to date, which leaves presumably something like 57 million who haven't had it. I am one. But I've been pretty careful, worked from home (my own office if in work) always masked indoors and haven't been to hospitality venues much. But I do have teenagers so some luck too!

ToooOldForThis Sat 04-Dec-21 22:45:24

No clue - both DH and I have worked throughout as "essential workers" and have 2 DC in school. 1 DC has had it, the rest of us all dodged it.
I was extremely ill in the Feb/ March just as it was allegedy reaching the UK, I do wonder if I had it then and have some immunity

Blurp Sat 04-Dec-21 22:49:06


No clue - both DH and I have worked throughout as "essential workers" and have 2 DC in school. 1 DC has had it, the rest of us all dodged it.
I was extremely ill in the Feb/ March just as it was allegedy reaching the UK, I do wonder if I had it then and have some immunity

Same here - I had a really really awful cold/flu thing just before the whole Covid "thing" began, and I wonder whether that's what it was.

No one apart from 1 cousin in my family or DH's has knowingly had it (although my family mostly live rurally, so aren't in contact with many people). I guess some of us could have had an asymptomatic dose.

XenoBitch Sat 04-Dec-21 22:49:47

Luck I guess. I have had some weird symptoms though that I have gone on to read could have been Covid. I can't afford one of those antibody tests to know either way.

neveradullmoment99 Sat 04-Dec-21 22:58:21

My sibling had it. I was in his company, same room. My mum helped him when the ambulance came so was in very close contact with him as was my brother. Both did not catch it. Half my class had it recently. My dd has had friends with it as has my ds. My youngest dd class have had it too. Ive not caught it. None of us have so far. Weird.

RandomUsernameHere Sat 04-Dec-21 23:02:05

I've never tested positive for it, but may well have had it without realising. Presumably that's the case for most people?

Scarby9 Sat 04-Dec-21 23:02:32

No idea.
In my personal life I am very careful - only visiting inside two houses, with two similarly careful couples.
But I am in and out of schools and classrooms, mixing at close proximity with children and people who work with children.
Just lucky.
So far.

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