Change in heartbeat after second Pfizer jab

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BasinHaircut Tue 14-Sep-21 09:43:59

Had my second jab about 5 weeks ago.

I am usually a regular gym goer and yogi. Throughout the summer I haven’t been working out much, a session here and there rather than 4-5 times per week.

On the rare occasions that I’ve done some exercise, I have had a significantly harder heartbeat. I can feel it, I don’t know whether it’s beating faster than normal but it’s deffo pumping harder as I can feel it when I’d never noticed it previously.

Last night was the third time I have noticed it (I’ve probably only worked out 4-5 times). Just wondered if anyone else has had this and if they have been seen about it and what’s happening now etc.


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Geamhradh Tue 14-Sep-21 09:44:49

What did your doctor say?

BasinHaircut Tue 14-Sep-21 09:48:22

I have been offered a telephone appointment on the 24th September. Between then and now I will just have to call each morning and try to get an appointment on the day. There seems to be no middle ground for non-emergency but urgent things!

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whitershadeofpale Tue 14-Sep-21 09:51:16

It seems more likely that you’re not as fit as you were due to exercising less, rather than being anything to do with the vaccine.

BasinHaircut Tue 14-Sep-21 09:55:01

Yes that is possible but I have never in my life felt my heart beat as hard as it has been.

There is an element of being aware of my heartbeat on a day to day basis that I’ve never had before though so I do want to be checked out.

I am hoping it’s all in my head though

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BasinHaircut Wed 15-Sep-21 11:42:16

Managed to get a GP appointment this morning - suspected myocarditis and referred for urgent cardiology appt later this week.

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ThisMammaCat Wed 15-Sep-21 14:00:49

I had this after first jab, and some extreme cramps. I'm not getting the 2nd jab until I feel safe doing so, which sucks because I like vaccines and was excited to have it 😩

The nurse who did my daughter's jabs suggested investigating it but my local surgery is so useless I can't even face making the attempt! They absolutely specialise in fobbing people off.


SweetBabyCheeses99 Wed 15-Sep-21 14:17:52

Good God, please make an appointment. Myocarditis is serious - heart muscle does not have the ability to repair itself! so it’s important you get checked out.
And please both report this on the Yellow Card website.

BooseysMom Wed 15-Sep-21 14:57:10

My blood pressure has got higher since the Phyzer jab and I often feel my heart beat which does seem faster. I was put on bp medication and my bp is now higher than before I started taking it! I don't get it!

Biscoffee Wed 15-Sep-21 15:12:50

My daughter in laws mum was left with palpitations for a few weeks afterwards.

Confused10101 Wed 15-Sep-21 15:30:50

@BasinHaircut I’m due my second one and this is a worry if old are you if you don’t mind me asking?

SonnetForSpring Wed 15-Sep-21 15:36:13

I had palpitations after my second moderna jab. They did stop after a few days. Definitely best to get it checked out.. good luck flowers

BasinHaircut Wed 15-Sep-21 17:19:52

@Confused10101 I’m 38.

@ThisMammaCat please get checked out!

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Confused10101 Wed 15-Sep-21 17:36:40

@BasinHaircut thank you- I’m 40. So it’s not just the below 30s who are at risk with this as it is claimed…it’s worrying and I hope they are able to diagnose you properly soon.

As I said I’ve had my first after a massive mental battle but feel between a rock and a hard place with the second….hate the pressure we all are under

Confused10101 Wed 15-Sep-21 18:42:44

@ThisMammaCat I missed your post, you mention you mean cramps in the chest?

As others have said please do get it checked..

BobaTea Wed 15-Sep-21 22:29:29

@SonnetForSpring, did you get your palpitations checked? Was it a pounding heart?

SonnetForSpring Wed 15-Sep-21 22:36:35

I didn't get them checked as they stopped after a few days and I haven't had them since. Made me feel a bit breathless too.

Pootle40 Wed 15-Sep-21 22:40:37

It could also be overthinking it and anxiety.

Confused10101 Wed 15-Sep-21 23:14:54

Wondering if it’s best to check your gear function before having the second dose…if something is not right better to catch it before the second dose does more damage…

I’m pro vax but never before have I been more scared/nervous around a vaccine…

Confused10101 Wed 15-Sep-21 23:49:42

*heart function not gear!

BunnytheFriendlyDragon Wed 15-Sep-21 23:55:59

I had palpitations once after first and second Pfizer jab. I mentioned it to gp who said bit to worry if it came and went but I think it is slightly worrying.

However I have a 3 month old baby and had palpitations at some stages of my pregnancy

Sweetpeasaremadeofcheese Thu 16-Sep-21 00:51:03

My 60yo mother had her first ever heart attack after hers. But the doctors said heart issues can't be related to the jab and shrugged it off.

Confused10101 Thu 16-Sep-21 08:40:34

@Sweetpeasaremadeofcheese sorry to hear that… was she given Pfizer?

Confused10101 Thu 16-Sep-21 08:41:36

I’ve dug out my Fitbit - I’ll wear it to monitor my heart rate etc so if things go wrong after the second dose I’ve got some data to get a health professional to look into

BobaTea Thu 16-Sep-21 09:02:56

@Confused10101, are you having your second dose? I've spoken to my GP he said he had palpitations himself too after the vaccine.

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