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Cantstandsmugness Thu 10-Jun-21 20:21:49

Really keen to get a true idea of what you can and cannot do all over the world. For examples can you attend
Eating out
Sporting fixtures
Is there compulsory Mask wearing
Are we all getting there? Please mention the country.

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newstart1234 Thu 10-Jun-21 20:55:21

Everything is open in Denmark but here is a 10pm closing time for pubs. Assembly ban is at 100 outdoors and 50 indoors I think. There is another big easing on Monday when masks are scrapped. Another one on the 1st July where all assembly bans are lifted. We have a corona pass to access places but that is going in September. And then nightlife fully open and all remaining restrictions gone 1st October. Wedding a are very much on as are the traditional ‘graduation ceremonies’ (piss ups) for high schools. These are raucous beer fuelled parties in lorries (!) where the kids are driven around partying for some reason. But they’re on. Travel is open to the Eu from 1st July and hopefully to vaccinated visitors to and from OECD countries soon after. Currently there are extra restrictions on travelling to the U.K. because of the delta variant.

PineappleAce Thu 10-Jun-21 21:02:45

Thank you for this. It's set to be an interesting post to follow. I was shocked to hear from elderly relatives in South Africa that they have not been offered even a first jab yet.

TheNinjaWife Thu 10-Jun-21 22:11:33

My brother lives in SA. He seems to be living a much normal life to us in the U.K, although he is 50 and not yet had a vaccination.
My cousin in Long Island is in her late 50’s. Now double vaccinated and no longer needs to wear a mask.

TheNinjaWife Thu 10-Jun-21 22:14:44

Oh and my DH has several team members in the Far East. Many have had holidays in the Maldives. One went twice! While my DH spent his annual leave stuck at home in the midst of winter.

PuffinShop Thu 10-Jun-21 22:37:52

Iceland -

Gatherings limited to 150 people in general. But with lots of exceptions, e.g. theatres, cinemas, church services/ceremonies, sporting competitions etc. which are all 300 in audience plus 150 on stage for theatres. Children born 2015 or later don't count.

Everything is open. Restaurants, bars, clubs and arcades have to close at 23.00.

Masks are required in some situations: haircuts, buses, in the audience of a seated event, beauty treatments, certain medical settings. Not required in shops or schools or workplaces generally. Children born in 2005 or later never required to wear a mask.

Travelling abroad - obviously you can leave as you please, that just depends on what the conditions are for entering your destination. Incoming travellers are sorted into vaccinated or previously infected and otherwise. The first group must take 1 test at the border and quarantine for a few hours to get the results. The second group must present a negative test, take another test at the border, quarantine for 5 days, then take one more test.

Definitely getting there!

ZZTopGuitarSolo Thu 10-Jun-21 23:00:10

Maine, USA.

Schools now are mostly open 4-5 days a week with most students attending. Everyone wears masks and stays 3' apart. Or 6' apart while eating and not wearing masks. Pretty much all teachers are vaccinated. Something like 40% of 12-18 are vaccinated.

Other than that, everything back open and no masks required generally. Eating out (inside), cinemas, weddings, sports fixtures all happening. No capacity limits.

Masks are recommended if you're unvaccinated but it's each person's decision (after all, at this point they're the ones at risk).

You do have to wear masks on public transport, in health settings, and anywhere the owner/occupier asks you to.

Covid rates are dropping. 7-day average currently just below 40 and falling.

50% of the whole population has had one or two vaccines. The only people who have not are either under 12 or have chosen not to receive them.

Travel allowed around the country and internationally.


ZZTopGuitarSolo Thu 10-Jun-21 23:01:37

Also we're at the stage of having Covid buses that go to places like breweries and diners and baseball games and beaches and offer people the single J&J shot, to make it as easy as possible to get vaccinated.

fiveminutebreak Thu 10-Jun-21 23:31:34

US west coast. Vaccines available to anyone who wants it 12 and up. Walk ins available!
Most places are open but there are capacity limits depending on the country's vaccination rate.
If we hit 70% of adult population vaccinated then all restrictions including masks will go.
Currently, most people are wearing masks in shops but we no longer have to wear them outside if in close contact if we've been vaccinated.
People have been travelling around the US and to Hawaii, Mexico / central America for holidays for months.

BrilloSolar Thu 10-Jun-21 23:46:35

Ireland - over 40s able to book vaccinations now (think for appointments towards the end of June).

Pubs have just been allowed to open (Monday) for outdoor drinking/ dining, although they've been allowed to do takeaway for a while which has lead to a lot of issues, especially in Dublin, over the last month with people getting take away pints and filling the streets.

To be honest, I'd have to look up all the restriction (which I can't be bothered to do right now) as I've completely lost interest because it's been so harshly locked down for so long. Hairdressers, etc have been open about a month now. And we've been allowed to travel outside our county for a month. Still no indoor dining. 25 allowed to attend a wedding. Mask wearing everywhere. Can travel to UK (only for permitted reasons) without having to test or isolate, but have to test before returning and isolate for 14 days, or 5 days if test again. Zoos and outdoor attractions open.

Mandalay246 Fri 11-Jun-21 02:34:06

New Zealand.

Able to do everything in the original post, and have been (mostly) for a year now, other than overseas travel, although we do have a travel bubble with Australia and the Cook Islands. The vaccine rollout is progressing and should ramp up a lot from next month. We never really had to wear masks except in a few cases, and at the moment only on public transport. No covid cases except those returning travellers in quarantine.

Inthetropics Fri 11-Jun-21 02:55:41


We can't go to the cinema

Weddings not happening or people just fucking up and having celebrations even though it's not allowed. I got married on May 5th and just went to city hall. We were only allowed to have our 2 witnesses there.

Mask wearing is compulsory everywhere even for autistic people.

In my town people who are 57 were vaccinated today. I've been vaccinated with CORONAVAC in march (am a worker on SUS - our public health system - so had it earlier than most people).

We have an awful president who is a big negationist and says people who are self-isolating are "dumb". Some of us fear for our democracy.

Each estate has the autonomy to legislate accordingly to the situation it's facing regarding COVID so there are diferent rules and scenarious across the country. Where i live we can't go to the gym, schools have been closed since march of the last year. BUT we can go to restaurants (operating with 40% capacity) and the streets are full of people.

About 50 million people have received the first dose of the vaccine and 23,4 have received the two doses; Brazil has a population of 221 million people (last measured in 2019). My DP has had the Pfizer jab, me and my dad both had CORONAVAC, my mum has had Astazeneca.

FromEden Fri 11-Jun-21 03:11:00

West coast US. Absolutely normal. Masks required if not vaccinated but no one is asking for proof. I just came back from vacation and no one was wearing them there, except when crossing the border to another state where they were required. I highly doubt everyone going maskless was fully vaccinated given that the number for the US is around 40%, same as my state.

Vaccines available to anyone 12 and up who wants them, free and no appointment necessary.

Everything went back to full capacity recently, including sports. Tonight there is a hockey game on with a full arena and few masks. Certainly looks and feels like like pandemic is over in the US

Rainbowqueeen Fri 11-Jun-21 03:45:43

Restriction vary by state but generally no masks, everything open, sports, theatres etc. we all use track and trace apps everywhere we go.
Masks required on planes. Travel bubble with NZ.
Over 40s all eligible to be vaccinated. I’ve had first dose.
Hotspots are facing restrictions.
Holiday spots all round the country seem to be busy and economy going well.

stopgap Fri 11-Jun-21 04:00:15

Connecticut, USA.

My children have been back in school full-time since February, still in masks, but other restrictions dropped. Played sports last fall, and just finished the spring sdason

All else is normal. No capacity limits any longer in gyms, restaurants etc. Haven’t worn a mask in stores in a couple of weeks. Went to the Bahamas in April, and flying domestically in a couple of weeks. Vaccination rate for the state is 57 percent.

backatschool Fri 11-Jun-21 04:18:54


Since last April mask on always outside your property no exceptions for ages 2 and over (changed to 6 years old at Xmas).

Borders are shut and remain so even for residents. If you leave you need government permission to re-enter. This is not currently available so basically no leaving the island which is about 30km wide. 3 weeks strict quarantine in dedicated facility for anyone who does get in. I have many friends who haven't seen their kids, spouses etc for many many months.

If you test positive, even if asymptomatic, you are taken to an isolation facility as are all your household members until you get three negative PCR tests.

Since last April group sizes have fluctuated between groups of 5-8 people, never more than this. Restaurants and gyms etc have been open at reduced capacity until May 2021.

Weddings, cinemas etc all max 50 people. Reduced capacity in gyms etc. Work from home is the default.

Just about to come out this weekend of another month lockdown due to a small outbreak of 20-30 (mostly asymptomatic) cases per day a few weeks ago. During the semi-lockdown we've been allowed out in groups of 2 only and most things have been shut. Schools closed.

This Sunday we are allowed back out in groups of 5, hopefully restaurants and schools will reopen on 21st June but still under discussion.

Vaccination is going fairly well, about 40-50% of population is done. In terms of Asia/Far East we are way ahead.

We've had greater freedoms day to day over the past year than the U.K. (schools mostly open, restaurants mostly open) but even at our most open we have more restrictions than you do currently (always limited group sizes, always masks even outdoors alone in 40 degree heat, absolutely no travel). I'm not sure which is the best approach.

StartupRepair Fri 11-Jun-21 04:19:31

Melbourne Australia. Just coming out of 2 week snap lockdown. Still wearing masks outside and no visitors to homes. Not allowed to enter other Australian states.

Mayaingam Fri 11-Jun-21 04:29:51

You have to wear mask to do everthing

DownUdderer Fri 11-Jun-21 04:51:16

I've just this minute booked my vaccine. I'm in nsw, Australia. I'd been waiting to get notified of when I'm eligible for the jab, but I went online to check. Anyway I'm eligible, so thanks for getting me thinking.

We've hardly any restrictions. I feel grateful for that.

Manaskingforadvice Fri 11-Jun-21 05:00:10

Dubai in the UAE here.
Second highest rate of vaccination in the world after Israel. Everyone I know has been jabbed twice many months ago. Some are already being offered a third booster. Teenage family members now being offered appointments.
Testing is widespread and on demand, 1/6th the price of in the UK. Many offices are organising weekly tests for staff. I've had 20 tests, my brother more than 60.
Mask wearing compulsory outside the home. People just accept it without much complaint.
Schools open with masks.
Cinemas open with reduced capacity
Restaurants open with fewer tables
Life feels pretty normal here, and safe. Has done since about last summer.
Travel is fine. Loads of people have been on holiday. In recent weeks they stopped flights from the Indian subcontinent.
The only real problem is we are still on the UK Government's red list. People here can't understand why. A major problem for the huge number of British people living here and missing family back home.

Rainbowqueeen Fri 11-Jun-21 05:16:14

@DownUdderer hello slight thread derailment here! Thanks so much for checking online that you were eligible and booking. There seems to be a massive problem in Australia where people are waiting to be notified. The only place giving personal notifications are GPs. And my GP clinic, decent size 9 GPs only gets 50 vaccines a week for patients. I went to see my GP about something else and she told me everyone is better off going to a hub.

Yes partly the governments fault for maybe not having better messaging on this although I think it’s been ok. But I think the general public also need to help out by letting friends, family, colleagues know their options.
Sorry rant over. As you were

tulipsaremyfave Fri 11-Jun-21 05:23:39

Ontario, Canada

We're just coming out of our 3rd wave. Schools have been closed since March and will not reopen until September. Universities have been online for the whole academic year.
Shops are about to reopen tomorrow at 15% capacity along with outdoor dining, campsites and outdoor gatherings of up to 10 will be allowed. (YAY)

71% of population over 12 have had at least one vaccination and 10% have had two.

DownUdderer Fri 11-Jun-21 06:39:20

@Rainbowqueeen I'd checked my eligibility a few weeks ago and was told I was not eligible, but that I could sign up to be informed when my group could come forward and book a jab. I'm surprised by the lack of awareness campaigns over here. I was on the dot gov website.

NotBot Fri 11-Jun-21 07:18:21

Some I follow on Insta posted this at a Hockey match in Vegas last night.. looks normal.. I’m jealous.

QuentininQuarantino Fri 11-Jun-21 07:25:45


Mostly back to normal except nightclubs and buoy can only book tables for up to 4 people. BUT still mask wearing everywhere, even outside,m. There’s talk of it being only indoor places within a couple of weeks though, fx!

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