So angry at the Government this evening

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Moonme Fri 14-May-21 19:08:45

I’m SO mad. I haven’t been on this board for months and I was feeling really optimistic about life feeling like it was returning to normal.
It is criminal that they have let this variant in. It’s literally ground hog day. Playing politics with public health to do trade deals (because of bloody Brexit) with India.
I know there is hope that the vaccines will do there jobs but we shouldn’t be in this position. This wasn’t inevitable. Arggh so cross

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Manzanilla55 Fri 14-May-21 19:11:54

I think Boris and crew really need to keep enforcing masks.

SonnetForSpring Fri 14-May-21 19:13:08

Yes, it's extremely frustrating.

bookworm1632 Fri 14-May-21 19:18:31

Agreed - the government once again lost the plot, insisting on PROOF of a risk from the variant, before taking measures to prevent it - of course by the time such proof arrived, it was too late to do anything about it.

AbsoluteCasserole Fri 14-May-21 19:19:27

Other people love it though, they keep voting for more of the same incompetence. I don't get it. People are thick. He's just doing his best, my bum. It's disgusting. Makes me laugh how many people voted for Brexit to keep control of our borders, yet they'll happily absolve that giant blond tit of any blame when he leaves them wide open to any old variant. Idiots.

MarshaBradyo Fri 14-May-21 19:20:28

I’m relieved that all the posts about reversal etc weren’t correct

whymewhyme Fri 14-May-21 19:21:03

Lieing fuckers!!!!!


MummaPI Fri 14-May-21 19:21:55

I agree, disappointing but not surprising at all.

Akire Fri 14-May-21 19:22:07

I thought for months now if you fly in you went to hotel for two weeks? I don’t understand how it can get in if people have been in isolation. Or was it on no need isolate countries when it’s billions of people!

Moonme Fri 14-May-21 19:27:25

@Akire only ‘red zone’ countries but Indian wasn’t added when Pakistan was.

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Moonme Fri 14-May-21 19:31:02


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MarshaBradyo Fri 14-May-21 19:31:42

I missed the response to why it wasn’t added earlier

What did they say?

Moonme Fri 14-May-21 19:33:40

@MarshaBradyo Spaff, waffle, look the other way, ate my homework

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SlipperyDippery Fri 14-May-21 19:35:10


I missed the response to why it wasn’t added earlier

What did they say?

The excuse was because at the time, the variant was not a variant of concern.

(Don’t shoot the messenger grin )

Moonme Fri 14-May-21 19:35:11

But mainly that they’d deemed it ‘not of concern’ which is odd as India had huge cases and they added Pakistan to red zone at that time

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3asAbird Fri 14-May-21 19:38:51

We were too late putting India on the red list.

Issue is its here initially via international travel.
But I assume lot high increased cases are now community transmission they not all come back from India.
So further restrictions now is closing stable door when horse has bolted.
India varient there's actually 3 is in the UK.
Its not in any specific area its a few areas a fair distance apart.
We know localised lockdowns failed in the UK in the past unlike Australia which truly do heavy localised state or city lockdowns even sealing off flats.

Another things is some reports say India varient 60% more transmissible than the Kent varient which overtook the original covid varient.
We know last year international travel let Spanish varient in and made autumn winter really bad.
That annoyed me.

How many days does India travel have quarantine.
As I'm sure I read reports from Australia that the Kent varient b117 escaped as the quarantine period was not long enough think they reduced to 10 days then increased back up to 14.
Maybe that's case with India varient the quarantine period is bit sufficient.

Lucidas Fri 14-May-21 19:40:20


But mainly that they’d deemed it ‘not of concern’ which is odd as India had huge cases and they added Pakistan to red zone at that time

It was shocking and embarrassing tbh. We commented about it on here.

Moonme Fri 14-May-21 19:43:02

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Whatafool123 Fri 14-May-21 19:43:42

So, basically, we spend five months (at least) in lockdown, putting our lives on hold or worse, and the f**ckers in charge can't even be arsed to shut the borders properly. I share your fury. We will be back in lockdown in no time. Soooo infuriating!

itsgettingwierd Fri 14-May-21 19:44:40

The fact he just waffles when asked a direct question shows me he has no idea what he's doing or why he's done what he did.

The Indian variant for in because they didn't red list it soon enough and people are still queuing next to non red list people for hours.

Their incompetence over the most simple things is astonishing

itsgettingwierd Fri 14-May-21 19:45:20


*@MarshaBradyo* Spaff, waffle, look the other way, ate my homework


Scarily accurate

Moonme Fri 14-May-21 19:47:28

@Whatafool123 that’s what I feel like. WE all sacrificed so much and we had pretty much levelled it off.
Johnson is incompetent, never on his brief, doesn’t care about details and isn’t a leader. This is what we get because of that and so we are potentially back to where we started.

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JamesAnderson Fri 14-May-21 19:48:49

So op, you don't fancy centre parks then? 😉😂😂😂

Moonme Fri 14-May-21 19:49:14

@itsgettingwierd he waffles when he lies. It’s a classic tell

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Moonme Fri 14-May-21 19:49:48

@JamesAnderson 😆

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