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Woud you go to the cinema yet?

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Divoc2020 Sat 22-Aug-20 22:05:54

DH has just announced he and DS are going to the cinema to see the movie Tenet.

I'm unhappy about it to be honest. Last week DH was lecturing DS about not going inside pubs and now he does this. Mixed messages!

DH has a 90+ year old father he visits and for that reason we've been very cautious so far.

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1940s Sat 22-Aug-20 22:07:37

Yes I would. I'd wash my hands on entrance and exit and that's it. Life can't shut down completely I don't think it's any different from entering a supermarket or a shop.

Divoc2020 Sat 22-Aug-20 22:10:26

I wouldn't spend 2 hours sitting in a shop breathing recycled air though.

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CountFosco Sat 22-Aug-20 22:11:49

We've been to a drive-in but actually no, I don't think I would go to the cinema proper. Which considering I'm happily eating out is a bit mad and not actually based on anything. Eating out is generally supporting a small local business though.

GunsAndShips Sat 22-Aug-20 22:13:08

I went last week. There were 3 members of staff behind screens, wearing masks and guards and 4 other members of the public. I was 4m from other people minimum at all times. Sanitiser required on entering the main doors and on entering the screens and masks only removed once seated. It felt v safe.

Divoc2020 Sat 22-Aug-20 22:15:05

We have eaten out, both outside and in pubs next to big open french windows. Have also been in shops.

There's something about the enclosed nature of a cinema which makes me feel uncomfortable.
Also I guess I'm annoyed at DH's double standards. He has constantly said we can't take the risk because of his Dad, but now he seems to flount his own rules when it suits him!

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loulouljh Sat 22-Aug-20 22:15:40

No because of the mask requirement. Miserable.

narcdad45 Sat 22-Aug-20 22:17:12

I wouldn't go as you have to wear a mask, I couldn't sit there for up to 90 minutes with a mask on.
If they want to go let them, if they wash hands, keep a distance and happy to wear a mask let them enjoy the film.

Ellsbells12 Sat 22-Aug-20 22:34:22

Yep I have had enough like most people I am not living in fear anymore just being careful

Toastycornflakes Sat 22-Aug-20 22:37:48

I went with my DH and our 2 kids last week. There were 2 others in the screening beside ourselves and it was so clean there. I felt pretty safe although I think it helps that it was so quiet there. Much safer than a shop for example

ThisIsNotARealAvo Sat 22-Aug-20 22:38:30

I went this week. It was very quiet, only six people in a screen that has about 120 seats. We wore masks until in seats and were far away from other people. I've been working throughout in a school so I don't feel that this is any different and I love going to the cinema.

Not sure if I'd go off I had to keep the mask on though.

Immigrantsong Sat 22-Aug-20 22:39:53

No because of how overpriced they are and the fact that noise from eating and people on mobiles makes me murderous.

Twattergy Sat 22-Aug-20 22:44:42

Yes have been. Masks worn only outside of screens area. It was fine.

thatplaceinjordan Sat 22-Aug-20 22:47:00

I would if there was anything decent showing!
Missing my solo trips.

RandomUsernameHere Sat 22-Aug-20 22:56:53

Ours isn't open yet so not an option. I probably would if it was open

BatShite Sat 22-Aug-20 22:59:13

Yes I would.

However we have not been the most cautious of people at all about this and have done a few 'high risk' things, DH is at the gym nightly too which is apparently high risk.

OnlyFoolsnMothers Sat 22-Aug-20 22:59:40

Went last Sunday- the Vue- the cleanliness and organisation was impeccable, I was so impressed. Only a few people- no issues for me.

BatShite Sat 22-Aug-20 23:00:11

Usually at the cinema, unless seeing something popular on launch day..its really really easy to avoid other people too. From my experience anyway

chubbyhotchoc Sat 22-Aug-20 23:02:28

Been today. It was literally just me and dd in there. Very strange

BeeTrees Sat 22-Aug-20 23:02:46

Nope. Not when it’s shown air circulation/aircon is a form of spreading it.

1940s Sat 22-Aug-20 23:04:43

@beestrees are you high risk? Are you avoiding everywhere with aircon?

FunorFitness Sat 22-Aug-20 23:47:19

I took DD last week, very few people in there, I would be surprised if they stay open for long with so few customers.

Hophop26 Sun 23-Aug-20 08:57:56

There are lots of people back in offices and workspaces now etc, I don’t see how it’s any different to spending lengthy amounts of time with others in those circumstances - when comparing to a supermarket checkout assistant sat inside at their till for an 8 hour shift with random members of the public approaching them closely every few minutes worrying about it seems disproportionate, except of course it’s for leisure rather than wages so those that do feel comfortable can do and those that don’t can avoid

Waxonwaxoff0 Sun 23-Aug-20 09:39:30

I've been twice with DS. Cinemas are big and easy to distance. My office is more of a risk than the cinema and I don't even wear PPE at work. DS's classroom will be more of a risk when he goes back to school in less than 2 weeks.

Layladylay234 Sun 23-Aug-20 09:50:41

I've been with my 11 year old. His choice of 3 options. I was a bit anxious about going but we love going to the cinema together and I really don't want them to close so I took him. Like many people said,it was nearly empty and easy to socially distance. However after about 5 mins,a family of 4 came in,sat right behind us and then one started coughing! So we moved away.

Overall,had that not happened,I prob would have been a bit more relaxed. I did put my mask on after eating my popcorn just to see how long I could have it on for and actually,I forgot it was there. Was much more comfortable than waking round shops in it.

Overall,I'd love to start going again,but there's not a whole lot on ATM. However,when they release the new Bill and Ted and Wonderwoman,I'll be there!

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